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Before this morning's article on BISD's decision to cover Presas-Garcia's attorneys fees, she went haywire through her convicted drunk mouth piece and attacked the Herald for the crime of covering the events at the Board meeting. This desperate woman is so convinced of sense of delusional power she actually believes she gets to decide what the people are allowed to know and not know.

In reality the Herald, true to form, did not cover the story. They had no room Hammes taking the Board to task - they had no room for the deductible on the insurance policy, they had no room to explain Joe Rod in his lawsuit alleged she was being sued as a private citizen, they had no room to tell the people the amount of the insurance deductible.

BUT they had space to tell the people of Brownsville the holiday schedule at BISD is changing. I do not know who is more pathetic Daniel Cavasos as the publisher of the Herald or Presas-Garcia having a tyrannical breakdown because the Herald sough to report the event regarding her attorneys fees.

Now, let's ask who is the spokesperson for these desperate corrupt 4?

A convicted con-man felon - Carlos Quintanilla - has multiple judgments against him in Dallas- twice held in contempt of court for failing to pay child support, and is currently being sued on a claim he bounced multiple $3,000 checks in 2010.

A convicted drunk who in the course just over a year was arrested 3 times for DUI and went to jail for it.

A promoter of pornography, racism and homophobia  who depicts elected officials with pictures of excrement and performing sexual acts on one another.

This is the best these desperate corrupt 4 can do. Saavedra has either fabricated her credentials or she completely lacks a moral compass.


This is the argument being urged by the mouth pieces of the corrupt four. If the lawyer who helped BISD put the case together against Rendon and Gonzales appears to have problems then the evidence is bad. No - the evidence is bad if it is not supported by reality. Rendon's lawsuit is bizarre - in Dallas a federal judge would have already tossed it and sanctioned the lawyer - but Brownsville is stuck with the radical judicial activist Hanen, so until the Court of Appeals get the case Brownsville is screwed.


So this is what we know, Navarro was recorded saying to the effect "I know what you want and I can get you there." So what did they want? We do not know. And every idiot falling for this deserves to be victims.

Under the convicted drunk's reasoning because Navarro's words can be manipulated Rendon and Gonzales were screwed. This drunk is so far gone he cannot see that under his own standard he is less credible because he himself just got out of jail.


The TEA reviewed the facts and found just cause for the dismissal of Gonzales. Gonzales' refusal to denounce the convict or drunk has sealed his fate in education. He could not get a job in education training mobsters, because even they question his poor judgment in failing ot denounce the convict and drunk.

How about Rendon, Juarez, and Gonzales do this - have their mouthpieces - the convict and drunk print the evidence they claim support their allegations. Never is going to happen - why? Because it does not exist.

Again I provide you the TEA report. Why not have Rendon, Juarez, and Gonzales go through every factual finding by the TEA and state why the real evidence shows the factual findings to be false. Answer: They cannot - so they use distractions and manipulation of words to dupe ignorant people.

Page 20 - a survey of campus principals had 44 of 48 principals having no confidence in Art Rendon - in fact Gonzales himself verified Rendon would self destruct. According to the drunk Montoya this does not form evidence for dismissal of Rendon

Page 13 ¶ 48 of the TEA findings prove that the only reason BISD hired Navarro to investigate Rendon was as a response to his grievance and lawsuit What, BISD was to just fold and not respond? - again the con artist convict fails to disclose essential facts.

Page 13 ¶ 52 of the report verifies Rendon's resistance to the Board doing an oversight of his department by forcing his supervisor to turn over the documents being requested by the Board

Pages 16-20 to learn how Gonzales gave Lehmann the political payoff and appointment of Rendon with the removal of Susan Fox. When Rendon failed to qualify for the position because he did not have the proper certification Gonzales removed the requirement and appointed Rendon as Interim Administrator. When the corrupt 4 are willing to denounce Gonzales for this, then they might have credibility.

The real kicker is the findings in ¶¶ 82-84 - The Board simply ignored these findings and turned around as a political favor to Escobedo and gave the job to Kathleen Jimenez. Nothing changed - just another political appointment which leaves the employees and principals feeling hopeless.

The corrupt four will live with the legacy they have created in recruiting a convict and drunk as their publicists. Again I must ask - did Saavedra actually graduate the university or are her credentials fabricated? Because if she did graduate the university she is living proof our universities are now graduating any complete idiot with money to pay for the diploma.


Anonymous said...

Surveys of the principals don't matter. He is realted to an area adiminstrator by law. The one you were asking about what her role was in all this. Easy to verify.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what the first comment is about, if whoever wrote the first comment comes back, please explain what you are trying to say.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what the first comment is about, if whoever wrote the first comment comes back, please explain what you are trying to say.

Anonymous said...

I think they are referring to this:

"a survey of campus principals had 44 of 48 principals having no confidence in Art Rendon -"

His nephew is married to Ayala's daughter.

Anonymous said...

Don't know if it's just me but I cannot find the article about BISD reimbursing the legal fees of Presas-Garcia on the Herald's website from this morning's paper. I've searched by the exact title of the article but I cannot find it. Can anyone else find it?

BobbyWC said...

they may have taken it down - I did a search and cannot find it

I found it with a google search -

If enough people click on it it will pop back up on the main page - also comments will make it pop up again

Bobby WC

Chris davis has put it on youtube

Anonymous said...

Watch it here:

BobbyWC said...

Sorry I forgot to post it - i am just real tired

Anonymous said...

Bobby thank you for your postings on BISD. It takes a great deal of time and patience to keep us informed. People now have access ro the facts- just wish critical thinking were more common.

Anonymous said...

Do not judge everyone by one person's actions. Be Fair!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did they settle those TEA pending lawsuits Tuesday night?

BobbyWC said...

I am fair - but I do appreciate your comment because it allows me to extend the discussion.

Your argument is I am judging each of the four as one and this is unfair.

No, what is unfair is you are asking they be allowed to say nothing - benefit from the lies - and then not be judged.

I understand and appreciate your concern - there is an element of fairness to it.

But what you need to do is email the trustee you think I am unjustly including and tell her/him to formally denounce these three - he/she does not have to oppose the other three -

this trustee you want to protect can denounce these three con-artists without denouncing the other corrupt board members

Any of the four willing to denounce these three con-artists will get my praise

I think that is fair - but remaining silent and being a beneficiary of the three con-artists is not evidence of good character

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

not that I know of - I think someone would have told me had they settled -

Chris Davis said...

Actually I left out the equal sign, so:

"#t=[HOURS]h[MINUTES]m[SECONDS]s" the correct format for direct timecode linking.

Anonymous said...

You know what I think I will Tell Them......

Anonymous said...

I was told that the district had no choice but to cover Presas' attorney fees because somewhere in policy it states that because she was using documents from the district, the district was involved whether she claimed it was district business or she claimed it was on her own.

I don't know if this is correct and I have no idea what part of policy this may reference.

That might explain why Aguilar voted in favor of paying rather than voting no or abstaining.

Anonymous said...

It's times like these that I wish I had a pet bird.

At least I could enlarge that picture of Presas and use it to line the bottom of the cage.

BobbyWC said...

I discussed this several meetings ago on the first vote - in texas the duty to defend exists even if the policy may not provide coverage of the liability.

Once the insurance company agree to provide a defense the Board really had no choice but to vote for her defense.

Now, the other side is, while I may understand this the voters will not - she will be toast in 2012 - assuming she is not removed before then

Bobby WC