Sunday, January 16, 2011


I would submit the people are less free today than the day Dr. King gave his speech. Ignorance and fear has this country moving in a direction which is significantly backward from the days of Dr. King. It is inconceivable to me that Obama effectively turned away from the leaders of this movement under the guise it was a necessary evil if a mixed race man was to be elected president. Dr. King never would have made such a choice. He was a man of extraordinary conviction.

I cannot remember when I was not fighting for civil rights, including for the rights of the unborn. I will never forget that day in NBC studios at Radio City when my client and I were invited to appear on the Phil Donahue show. I had just finished filming a segment with my client for the "Today Show" who was being discharged from the Air Force as a lesbian. She was a Latina.

We were excited - Then as we were walking over to the Donahue studio we were told Mr. Donahue had decided a Latina was not the face he wanted to show America. We were point blank told it would be better for the cause if all of his guests were Anglo.

The insult did not end there. When the NBC piece aired my client was removed from the piece. Again all Anglo - If that was not enough of an insult they gave her time to an Anglo who spent several hours with us trying to get the producers to allow him to argue in favor of man/boy love. They gave my Latina client's time to a child molesting piece of shit because he was Anglo.

Black soldiers were forced to stand on American trains during WWII to allow Anglo German soldiers to sit.

Bigotry is ingrained in our society.  BISD with no shame continues that tradition.  BISD has yet to produce a Trustee with the conviction needed to stand and up say - it its time we acknowledge MLK's holiday.

Brownsville today must hang its head in shame that it still cannot acknowledge the accomplishments of this great man of faith and humanity.

BISD knows no shame and never will - is is any shocker it is a bastion of corruption.

BV will be back on Tuesday with insight on BISD and what is about to happen - why is it that both Escobedo and Springston are in the dog house.  Dean Martin will be providing the background music.

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One of the greatest human beings to ever breath....period.