Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The music selection is because I basically was hearten to hear what I heard in this morning’s meetings. It put me in a good mood. I am not confident any of these people will really act, but my money was put on the table - it is now up to them to act. I am being told I need to let the TEA make the first step. I am told it is being worked on as we speak. We shall see. They want the TEA to act first so the removal action will have more meat to it. I get it - so we wait.

It saddens me as I review the list of companies following the BV. ING, Linebarger, and The Parker Group - they are all waiting to pick up the spoils - this is Brownsville’s reputation.

The good news is my meetings went well this morning and after my VA lab appointment. Yea they were ready or me the VA lab with special containers and all for the PTH test.

Anyway, I think a fundamental problem is found in this statement “P.S. Springston doesn't have the balls to stand up. He said nothing to support Tony Fuller at the emergency meeting. When the leader is gutless it is hard for the rank and file to show their true feelings”. This came to me in an email.

This is correct - we have Aguilar, Peña, and Colunga refusing to meet their fiduciary duties to BISD and Springston constantly leaving Fuller hanging by himself. Fuller has done more to protect this school district than Springston, Aguilar, Peña and Colunga. The four can learn something about integrity from Fuller. He is clearly putting the district ahead of his job security.

As I said this battle belongs to the community. If the community refuses to fight then they deserve to be conquered. I will help with resources, money, and time - but I will not lead.

Without experience in these matters I would have walked away from this morning’s meetings with a sense of success. But I know for sure half or more of the people were just venting and will never act.

I hope they keep their commitments - if they do they will be taking the lead sooner than later and this nightmare of the four will end. If they do not act, I will be done with blogging on BISD. Let’s see what happens.

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