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(UPDATE:  It has just been verified for me Montoya took Al Barbosa to task for refusing to violate the rights of the involved children and disclosing their names and the details of the event.  Now he wants us to believe he is a  friend of Al Barbosa - here is a newsflash for you idiots - Al's brother is a successful lawyer - proceed with caution.  Given what Montoya did to Joe Colunga's disabled son and got sued for it it should shock no one he attacked Al Barbosa for refusing to disclose the details of the event in violation of the rights of the subject students.)

The case of Al Barbosa, former principal at Oliveira, is a case Escobedo and Montoya do not want told.  But they have the conman convict ask the question to make it appear Springston conspired against Barbosa so Ruben Cortez's wife could become a principal. 

Every year principals are fired and hired.  The argument is what happens when you have a delusional con artist felon as your voice.

FACTS:   Montoya made false claims about an event at Oliveira.  He got the story wrong - albeit the basic problem was real.  Montoya used Barbosa as a scape goat to make Springston look bad, while covering for Kathleen Jimenez, wife to Escobedo's boss.

FACTS:   Al Barbosa was thrown under the bus in part at Escobedo's request to cover for the wife of his boss Kathleen Jimenez.

I say let's investigate and expose how Escobedo ran cover for Jimenez to protect his job with Joe Jimenez.

I say let's talk about the disinformation put out by Montoya which came to be used against Al Barbosa.


I will not deny my first experiences with Al Barbosa were not good. In fact they were only indirect.  In fact I called for his dismissal.  But then I met him.  Our first encounter was very good.  He was 100% the professional.  I learned that not only his campus, but campuses all over BISD were the victim to the nightmare which is special services,  first under Rendon and now under Jimenez.  If you want to know the truth, why did Hector Gonzales' own investigation show the super majority of principals had no confidence in Art Rendon?  - I can assure you Al Barbosa can tell you the truth.  Art Rendon was a nightmare, such as is Kathleen Jimenez, the latter being a political appointee at the request of Enrique Escobedo.

Page 20 - a survey of campus principals had 44 of 48 principals having no confidence in Art Rendon - in fact Gonzales himself verified Rendon would self destruct.  According to the drunk Montoya this does not form evidence for dismissal of Rendon

The drunk Montoya calls all of this no evidence and therefore the corrupt 4 should not have to prove their claims.  Let's not forget Escobedo voted to fire Gonzales and hired Springston conditioned on the wife of his boss becoming the new Adminstrator over Special Services.  See ¶¶ 82-84 of the TEA report below to see how just in your face the hiring of Jimenez was to BISD employees and children.  The Board basically said - F/U TEA we will not accept your criticisms of this Board's hiring process.

Al Barbosa knew Special Services under Jimenez were no better than under Rendon.  He in fact removed people from his campus over abuse of special needs children.  Al Barbosa, Dr. Lee Garcia, myself and the father of the child I was helping mediated a settlement over a TEA complaint.  It would have provided for children with mental health problems being put in smaller classrooms of 10 or fewer and being placed at Oliveira or the other middle school in the Hanna cluster.  Part of the goal was to give BISD better control over these children as a means to help them succeed.

Dr. Montoya the Area Superintendent over the Hanna cluster at  that time accepted the mediated settlement and verified in fact there was money already allocated in the budget to allow for this pilot program.  Guess who rejected the mediated settlement thereby resulting in TEA making findings against BISD?  Kathleen Jimenez.  Springston and the entire BISD Board including and in particular Escobedo and Presas-Garcia ran cover for Kathleen Jimenez-  Why?  She is the wife of then Escobedo's boss, Joe Jimenez.

Bottom line, had Escobedo, Presas-Garcia and Springston not run cover for Jimenez, the events at Oliveira which resulted in Al Barbosa's reassignment never would have happened.  Al Barbosa is significantly more qualified to run Special Services than Kathleen Jimenez will ever be.  Jimenez and Springston should have been fired over the events at Oliveira Middle School

Al Barbosa was reassigned because the drunk Montoya ran a half ass story to embarrass Springston while covering for Jimenez.  Escobedo contributed to this injustice by running cover for Jimenez.  This is the truth the convict con artist does not want anyone  to know.

The TEA findings which nailed Rendon and Gonzales

Page 13 ¶ 48 of the TEA findings prove that the only reason BISD hired Navarro to investigate Rendon was as a response to his grievance and lawsuit  What, BISD was to just fold and not respond? - again the con artist convict fails to disclose essential facts.

Page 13 ¶ 52 of the report verifies Rendon's resistance to the Board doing an oversight of his department by forcing his supervisor to turn over the documents being requested by the Board

Pages 16-20 to learn how Gonzales gave Lehmann the political payoff and appointment of Rendon with the removal of Susan Fox.  When Rendon failed to qualify for the position because he did not have the proper certification Gonzales removed the requirement and appointed Rendon as Interim Administrator.  When the corrupt 4 are willing to denounce Gonzales for this, then they might have credibility.

The real kicker is the findings in ¶¶ 82-84 - The Board simply ignored these findings and turned around as a political favor to Escobedo and gave the job to Kathleen Jimenez.  Nothing changed - just another political appointment which leaves the employees and principals feeling hopeless.

Yes,  I support a house cleaning of BISD which begins with the removal of Springston, Jimenez, and the entire Board of Trustees.


BobbyWC said...

the convict con-artist is demanding I give time to his edited statements - will note happen - this con-artist believes the people of Brownsville are so stupid they will fall for out of context statements as evidence of wrongdoing by some lawyer while ignoring the real evidence.

It is the game of distraction

If Rendon or his nut job brother want to challenge the facts then they need to challenge the facts.

(Side note - I have now seen some pretty mind-boggling emails from Rendon's brother to Bill Jorn of NBS 23 -)

What Rendon has never done, because he cannot is directly challenge the factual allegations against him. Instead he employees the tactics of a con-artist felon who has defrauded countless people out of money to push distractions.

So long as people demand Rendon specifically deny with proof each allegation against him, the interests of the people will be served.

So Rendon - how about coming out from behind the felon and stand before a camera and deny each allegation with proof - yea not going to happen - because you cannot.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So did Mr. Escobedo finally get his MD? Funny how he started using "Dr" after he got elected as is now considered a "Healthcare Professional." Can someone clarify this

Anonymous said...

So Bobby, are you now like Mrs. Cata Presas-Garcia. You Dislike everyone. Will you ever approve of any Board Member? I think NOT??? Let me guess it is your way or the highway. Boy, you are sounding more and more like Mrs. Presas-Garcia. Interesting!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

your argument is why BISD is a mess - we must take sides - no idiots take sides.

If I know the Board covered for Kathleen Jimenez then I am going to say it - your argument reflects the ignorane which empowers the corrupt and incompetent.

I have said positive things about the board on certain votes - When Peña opposed the ethics rules because it would have empowered the previous 4 majority - I praised her - somehow I think she saw the writing on the wall and was really protecting herself from teh current 4.

When Escobedo recommended these independent committees with experts I praised him - of course he regretted his suggestion after Springston managed to force the board to agree he too would be allowed to appoint members

Now they want Springston gone so they can control those votes.

You will hear no tears from me when Springston is gone = I have been calling for his removal while Escobedo and Presas-Garcia were running cover for him.

And not that reality matters to an idiot who believes you must take sides, I just did a very strong defense for Al Barbosa - who I believe was an excellent principal would would make a great Administrator over Special Services.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

yes to the anony's whose comment I will not post - It makes perfect sense to me that Escobedo may be trying to save face under threat of disclosure and using the convicted felon as a tool to make it look like Barbosa was removed to make room for Cortez's wife.

It would not shock me to see Barbosa back as principal somewhere as a settlement to prevent the truth about how Escobedo and Springston threw him under the bus to protect Jimenez.

More power to Barbosa if it is true he was able to use his lawyer brother to educate Escobedo on the truth which would come out if there were a court case.

Barbosa is a good principal needed by BISD - it is not his fault that the real facts work to his advantage.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. If someone takes a side they are an idiot? So if someone sides with your opinion, they pretty much take your side, so they are idiots? Good point Bobby! Again you managed to shoot yourself in the foot. LOL

BobbyWC said...

taking sides means ignoring the wrongdoing by one side while denouncing on the otherside - and yes this type person would be an idiot -

I call out both sides - I have been demanding Springston's removal long since before Escobedo changed sides after losing his job with Joe Jimenez -

I am not going to change my view of Springston just because Aguilar, Pena and Colunga want to protect him.

It is calling out the corruption regardless of the source - people unwilling to do this are idiots and the sole source of the problem.

The tragedy is, Escobedo will never cross Jimenez - there is a truth out their Escobedo just assume keep quiet even if it means crossing Presas-Garcia, Longoria and the real moron in the group Saavedra.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So now Saavedra is a moron how do you come to this conclusion.

BobbyWC said...

What do you call a well educated woman who aligns herself with a drunk, convict-con artist, Presas-garcia, Longoria amd Escobedo who votes contracts based on campaign contributions and votes to reinstate former BISD employees based on a milion dollar pay off to his brother?

I would call that person a moron.

But thanks for asking and allowing me to remind people just how stupid she is.

To be this vindictive to settle a score for her husband truly makes her a moron.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

What happened with her husband to make her vindictive? He has been a loyal BISD employee for a looonnng time-a wonderful counselor.

Anonymous said...

BUT Mr. Bobby, you dislike all superintendents. Right? What on this earth can make you happy? NOTHING?

BobbyWC said...

School districts all over the state have great supers - Springton came in on dirty politics and he is going on dirty politics.

It will not happen - but we desperately need a national search for a highly qualified super - and things will be better -

what we will get is another insider who will also fall on dirty politics

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You are so right!!! Unfortunately it is all about what is in it for me and the hell with the community.