Wednesday, January 19, 2011

City Commissioner Camarillo announces candidacy for Mayor

CONTACT: Edward C. Camarillo – Phone: (956) 534-7204

Brownsville, Texas – January 19, 2011 – Edward C. Camarillo, City Commissioner, announced today at 5:30 p.m. at the front steps of Brownsville City Hall, his candidacy for Mayor in the upcoming May 2011 elections.

For the past six years, Camarillo has served as District 4 City Commissioner. He was elected in 2005 and then re-elected in 2009.

“Today I am your commissioner & on May 14 your next Mayor of Brownsville,” City Commissioner Camarillo said. “The most important goal is to lead Brownsville into a stage of economic development that the citizens demand.”

Camarillo believes that with a series of programs and different incentives, he can route the city’s current management towards creating an infrastructure of small business that will expand the job force in our community. He intends to revitalize the local economy, especially downtown, and create enough jobs to raise the per-capita of our citizens.

“I believe that the only way to get out of these tough economic times is to bring our economy back to life,” Camarillo said. “We can no longer depend on federal or state funding to care of our problems; we must start to create our own solutions and not depend on others.”

His commitments in public service include treasurer of the Lower Rio Grande Valley Development Council, chairman of Keep Brownsville Beautiful, board of director of Keep Texas Beautiful, founder of Project R.E.A.D.Y. (Resilient, Educate, Active Involvement, Diversity, and Youth), vice-president of PONY League, and founder of Camarillo Meals on Wheels.

Camarillo graduated from James Pace High School in 1997 and attended The University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas Southmost College. He received his bachelor’s degree in history and a minor in early childhood in 2002. Camarillo is currently pursing his master’s in public policy administration and management and will graduate this summer.

For more information, contact City Commissioner Edward C. Camarillo at (956) 534-7204.



Anonymous said...

I believe his an honest guy. I will help him in any way or form I can. The message is right on the money!

Anonymous said...

An honest guy? Didn't he help Juliet Garcia get the votes from the students for those outrageous fees while he was in student government? Didn't he help Garcia when he was Commissioner while at the same time given a position at the University? Does he expect to go back to the University once he's elected Mayor?

Anonymous said...

Question Mr. Camarillo, what exactly will you be doing as Mayor that you have not been able to do as a city commissioner? Why do you need to be Mayor to accomplish said actions?

Since 2005 you have been afforded the the opportunity to shine and demonstrate your leadership skills, can you list examples of said skills?

What qualifies you to lead our fair city? Can you assure us that you will not allow yourself to be influenced by any outside special interests (ex. Juliet Garcia, land developers)?

What is your political platform? Where do you stand in our local concerns with BISD, UTB/TSC, Cameron County, BND, PUB?

As a mayoral candidate you must have opinions regarding these issues that are being under reported by the Herald. Even if the position of Mayor does not exercise authority over some of those institutions, as a citizen you must have already formed some opinions regarding their running.

Please, do not attempt to spoon feed us political platitudes, as we can smell them a mile away.


Anonymous said...

I believe Camarillo is ready for this. His opponents are trying to portray him as a "To Young" candidate. That has never worked.
I've seen him in my neighborhood with his cleaning programs and his graffiti abatement. I've never seen any of his opponents do that.
He's worked hard and I think he's the right candidate.

Ernie said...

My thoughts exactly. What did he do for the community as commissioner, that as a mayor he will be able to do? Lower tuition, pressure Cabler to run this city like a business? Stand before BISD board and convey his concerns during public imput? This boy has a long way to go and yes, he needs to get his allegiance in order.

Anonymous said...

He surely has not been caught driving drunk, or stealing from the city coffer. He is giving you his simple and honest assurance that he is willing to continue the work that he has been doing as a city commissioner. When have you seen Rick Longoria helping clean up the graffetti infested Southmost area - it is Camarillo I have seen working with his workforce kids and older citizens also helping our senior citizen with cleaning their yards. He comes from an honest and sincere family who have worked hard all their lives to provide for him and his siblings and I am positive that Edward will not do anything to let his family down and certainly not his constituents. I say, Vote for Edward, and I will make sure I get out and work with him.

Anonymous said...

Aligning himself with Dr. Juliet Garcia is not letting his family or his constituents down? He has been given the chance and look at the dismal results at UTB/TSC and the City. It's time for someone else to run for mayor.

Anonymous said...

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