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Editor's Note: I am going to post his entire response. Politics is filth. I hate when issues like this come out on the eve of the election. The government's goal in this case is to clearly influence the election. It is wrong. My views on Atkinson are well known. In fact if I still lived in my old house I would have announced against him, but on the merits of his actions as a city commissioner, and not outside garbage.

He has a record as a city commissioner. This should be the only issue in the election - not outside garbage or his history with his employer. A pending case does not make it fact - it makes it accusations.

So while I personally would like to see him replaced on the city commission - I want it done fair and square - on the merits of his performance as a city commissioner and his public statements while a city commissioner and not on some ongoing battle with DHS.

I will take comments on whether my standard is correct or on his performance as a city commissioner. Those are the only issues which matter - not his employment status - that is still up in the air and pending litigation. We must allow the fact finder to do his/her job and then make a decision only after the fact finder does his/her job.

Here is his statement:

"Sorry I am getting back to you late, I was in Austin trying to keep the state from cutting any programs that they offer the city.

Regarding my employment? I am continuing the long extended battle with the federal government. The process has taken a toll on me and my family. As you know, politics in Brownsville is a contact sport. Insurgents take on new meaning when it comes to local politics. There are special agents, investigators, managers, etc, that also play the game of local politics.

All I can tell you is that by the end of summer, it will all be resolved. One way or another, my family will finally stop worrying about me and what the federal government has tried to do to my integrity and my family's name. I come into Customs the same way I will go out, with integrity and honor if things don't go my way in June.

Not even the federal government will destroy my good name and my integrity. I feel they know that I will fight them until the end of time if they choose to create false allegations about me. To be honest, I have nothing to lose. I'm educated and can rebound from losing this job if they rule against me. It is highly unlikely that the judge will rule against me. I have beaten the federal government before and feel that my case is even stronger and my union will prevail.

Bobby, you see, I have the support, the facts, the family, the managers, the employees, on my side. I would be shocked if things didn't go my way but right now I am being put through a waiting game. The government prints the money so they don't have anything to lose by prolonging my case. They don't care how it cost the taxpayers lots of money to wait and wait. I'm dealing with the biggest mafia in the world. I will fight for my integrity. That is really all I have left from this job.

My colleagues, the traveling public know that I am fair and care about people as a whole. I will not waiver and I will not settle for anything less than a written apology and an admittance that the government wronged me and my family. The ball is on their court. They won't verify anything because they don't know how to handle my case. Bottom line is they screwed up and my lawyer, my union, will expose them for any false allegations they have implied.

Though you and I have had our differences, I respect you and what you stand for. At the end of the day, we all are looking for justice and a little sense of civility. I wish you well but like the government, this is all I can provide without hindering my case. Keep asking the questions and seeking the truth. As a commissioner, I do the same. But with me, it gets exposed by the special interests to make it seem as though I am rude and uncaring.

Bobby, I care and because I care, I will expose people and groups who think more about themselves instead of the masses. I'm a giant killer and proud of it. I want my city to move forward but with people playing fair.

FAIRNESS is not always good with the current establishment that feel they are entitled. They know that I am on the commission to seek and destroy special interests. I am the thorn to those who manipulate and hurt the progress of our city. As a union president for the federal government, I see my constituents as people need a voice who will stand up for their rights and interests."

Charles Atkinson


BobbyWC said...

Anon - I will not post your comment unless you can provide me proof of the connection - the trip - then it will be a special post because it goes to his judgment as a commissioner -

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

I have been warned once about part of this subject - the sans part - the warning was very, very stern - and my readers know I am not one to be intimidated -

I did not know about the specific information you are giving - but I will try and verify

resubmit but without the sans so to speak.

Look be specific on the other stuff it makes for a better post

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

we copied your post and gave you credit on our facebook page; Brownsville Cheezmeh, hope that is ok with you;

we hope you keep us in the loop;

we apprecaite all you do for the community;

Anonymous said...

Bobby, what is my record? If we followed the Mayor's lead then taxes and rates would have been raised. It was me who went to PUB to find excess revenue they have there to balance our budget. I strongly believe that there is nothing wrong with that. Bobby, do the research. I have been a commissioner for close to five years and never voted to raise taxes or electrical rates. This is my record and its a record people respect. When I got on the BCIC board, The Sports park had already pumped in close to 17 million dollars into infrastructure there so you can blame me for the costs out there. We did build the sand volleyball courts under my watch as chairman but that was only $600,000. We did help other non-profits and organizations but it was our board who stopped outrageous spending and concentrated on paying our bonds. I have a good record. I would love to debate you if you want if at the end you can get a better picture of my record.

Anonymous said...

If you are looking for civility Mr. Atkinson, start with the man in the mirror. It's painfully obvious you spend a lot of time trading compliments with him. Certainly, somewhere within your educational experience you were exposed to the disdain for starting every sentence with the first person pronoun "I". An abundance of nauseating hubris does nothing more than undermine your so-called integrity.

Anonymous said...

good luck mr. atkinson i pray to god things go well. sad part on this is that the people trying to hunt you have no record of ever apologizing to any person(family) they hurt. this mafia does selected prosecution specially in areas of low public interaction(cameron county). standing up for your rights is somethng you shouldn't be ashamed of. people like you change history today and for generations to come.