Saturday, January 8, 2011


It has been established that Brownfaceindio is Caty Presas-Garcia. In her latest tirade in the Herald she accused Joe Colunga of taking kick-backs. She also defends her decision of turning over Joe Rod's personnel file to the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla who is on the run from numerous judgments issued by Dallas courts.

Aguilar, Pena, and Colunga need to inform Thompson Horton they are not welcome in Brownsville. It is unethical for Arturo Michel to be communicating with Presas-Garcia while keeping the remainder of the board in the dark. No one told Arturo Michel he represents the Board and not the corrupt vindictive Caty Presas-Garcia. Thompson Horton has no use for ethics and will do Caty Presas-Garcia's bidding. Any communication between any board member and counsel belong to the entire board not not Caty Presas-Garcia. This simple rule of ethics eludes Arturo Michel and the law firm of Thompson Horton. Thompson Horton will protect their cash cow.

I want to post but the Herald removes my posts.  I am glad however some of my readers are carrying the message.


Anonymous said...

Not surprised, they won't move forward with recalland look at what happens.

Anonymous said...

Cool pic!!! The Bowery Boys also appropriate.