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He has declared that Latinos and African-Americans better get two more congressional seats after redistricting or else - or else what?  I do not have a problem with more elected Latinos and African Americans - this would be good - it is the presumption that they will be Democrats which upsets me.

A review of Texas history shows the Republicans have done a better job in getting Latinos and African Americans elected to statewide office than the Democrats.  Latinos and African-Americans belong to no one - there is no presumption that given an opportunity to elect one of our own that he/she will be a Democrat or Republican.  Boyd Richie insults our communities by implying otherwise.

I have now been at this battle against the Democratic Party of Texas for 10 years - my politics are clearly on  the extreme left - the Democrats of Texas serve the extreme right politics of oppression while duping Latino's and African Americans to vote for them.  They have not held statewide office in more than 10 years - there is a reason - educated Latinos and African Americans are demanding change.  Boyd Richie as the white master over the plantation refuses to surrender to the Thirteenth Amendment - we were emancipated dude - deal with it. 

Some 10-11 years ago when I demanded more Latinos be recruited for statewide office Rene Oliveira on command from Republican Molly Beth Malcolm attacked me statewide.  Molly Beth was a former Republican who some how became chair of the Texas Democratic Party.  Since her sabotage of the Texas Democratic Party no Democrat has held statewide office.

The only Latino's allowed to run must be DINOLINOS.  A 10 year battle means nothing to me - I will keep the battle going, and the corrupt will continue to attack me.

On Redistricting - Cameron County will not get its own seat.  With 4 new districts our chances are better than when there were estimated to only be three.  The problem is we are in the range of some 400,000 in population.  To be a district you need to be 500,000 to 600,000 more or less.  Now it is possible Cameron can be combined with Willacy and part of Hidalgo.  I suspect Hidalgo county which qualifies as a separate district will fight that battle.

The only good thing for Cameron County is the Republicans just assume take us out of the 27th so that it remains a Republican stronghold.  But bottom line is, Cameron County is not large enough to be a district - and even if it is - who is to say Carlos Cascos would not win the seat.  He has beat the Dems twice in a countywide race.  Be careful what you ask for Mr. Richie, you could find another Latino Republican elected to Congress.  In reality Carlos Casco may be our best chance for our own district if he can convince the Republicans he can win.

With Boyd Richie heading the Texas Democratic Party the Democrats will remain out of power.


At the heart of plantation government is the notion the master can buy and sell his slaves. This is at the heart of how the Texas Democratic Party treats Latinos.

Sen. John Whitmire, D-Houston, Dean of the Senate, believing we cannot be trusted in the Lower Rio Grande Valley to elect people who will represent the interests of Austin and John Whitmires constituency in Houston, has requested that lobbyists fund the State House campaign of Eddie Lucio III, according to a Jan. 22 article in The Brownsville Herald.

Brownsville is in the second poorest county in the United States. DINOs Democrats in Name Only have used the Lower Rio Grande Valley for their own personal gain, while Austin has turned a blind eye to our plight. This time we will fight back.

I say to John Whitmire, the master over the plantation, that we have declared our emancipation from the Democratic Party and you. You are without legal authority to sell us to the highest-bidding lobbyist willing to do your dirty work. We will fight back, and while we might not win this battle, at the end of the day we will send plantation owners such as you packing. We demand emancipation now.

John Whitmire is from Houston. Why is he telling lobbyists to support Eddie Lucio III, from Austin, in a state House race in Brownsville? Eddie Lucio III is able to run for this office because the law firm he works for in Austin that specializes in land development opened a special office in Brownsville so that Eddie Lucio III would have a residence in Brownsville, according to a Nov. 8 Herald article. Eddie Lucio is a carpetbagger from Austin.

Eddie Lucio III is the son of State Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., a Democrat. Eddie Lucio Jr. is the man who manipulated the Brownsville Navigation District into hiring Dannenbaum Engineering to develop a new commercial bridge between Mexico and Brownsville. But $21.4 million dollars later there is no bridge, the FBI has opened an investigation, and litigation has begun in Houston between Dannenbaum and Brownsville. Dannenbaum is based in Houston, home of Sen. John Whitmire.

Sen. Whitmire now is asking the same lobbyists to put Eddie Lucio III into power in one of the poorest districts in the United States. Sen. Whitmire, like the true plantation owner that he is, has put up for sale this Lower Rio Grande House seat to lobbyists, who have a commitment from Whitmires marinero, cabin boy, Eddie Lucio III.

The poor people of the Lower Rio Grande Valley cannot afford to compete with the influx of this lobbying money from plantation owner Whitmire. The end result will be that plantation owner Whitmire will choose the representative from this poor district and not the people of Brownsville. This is the old plantation system of government at its worst.

Where are Hillary Clinton and the national Democratic Party on denouncing this system of plantation government? Nowhere to be found how true to form. When lobbyists and Democrats in back-door deals buy and sell Latinos like slaves Hillary Clinton has nothing to say, Then, like the indignant slave owner she is, she yells corruption when Tom Delay and the Republicans play the same games with lobbyists.

As Latinos we can emancipate ourselves from the racist Texas Democratic Party. We can show our clout by voting against Eddie Lucio III in the primaries and not voting in the race for U.S. Senate or governor. The Democrats cannot win statewide office without the Latino vote of the Lower Rio Grande Valley and West Texas.

On the morning after the primaries if the numbers show that Latinos turned out for the candidates lower down on the ballot but not for U.S. Senate or governor, the Texas Democrats in Austin will be forced to respect us. If the people of Brownsville reject Eddie Lucio III the plantation masters in Austin will know that they have lost control of the plantation slaves in the Lower Rio Grande Valley.

Remember, even the slave had the ability to shut down the plantation by refusing to pick the cotton. In our case, by refusing to vote for Eddie Lucio III or in the race for U.S. Senate or governor.

Bobby Wightman-Cervantes

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