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12/13/2010        $500 from Rene Oliviera
12/13/2010     $1,000 from ERD International -
12/14/2010     $1,000 from Linebarger (tax collection company)
12/13/2010        $500 From Esparza & Garza (they promote Linebarger)
no date               $250 from Mullen Pension & Benefits Group

12/13/2010     $1,000 from Gilbert Hinojosa (lobbies locally for Linebarger)
11/01/2010        $500 from Rene Oliviera
10/05/2010     $1,000 from Linebarger
10/06/2010         $600.00 from Sylvia Atkinson

There are clearly more donations, but these stand out.  $1,000 from Rene Oliviera.  If you remember the BV broke the story a week in advance that Escobedo wanted to give Oliveira the interim contract for legal counsel.   When the vote came because the BV broke the story Longoria and Saavedsra sat silent and refused to second.

Why would Linebarger who wants the tax collection contract donate $2,000 to Saavedra.  She is not a board member - she would not have the information to know which company is best for the taxpayers - but Linebarger seems to think she is worth $2,000.  Think about it


10/08/2010     $1,000   Linebarger - We now have Linebarger donating $3,000 to candidates who are not even sitting Trustees - neither Saavedra nor Longoria would have the information needed to know if Linebarger is a better option than BISD's current tax collecting firm.  Why is Linebarger so certain these two will vote them the contract.


11/15/2010     $1,000 Linebarger - Now Linebarger is at $4,000 - are they trying to buy the contract?
10/04/2010       $500  Rene Oliviera
10/04/2010       $500  Rene Olivera (2 donations in one day - and who did Escobedo name for interim counsel?  Rene Oliveira
10/19/2010       $500   Linebarger We are now at $4500 from Linebarger - who wants the  contract.
10/04/2010       $750   Esparza & Garza (promotes Linebarger)
We need a new rule - you must abstain from any vote wherein you took money from the vendor.  This will end this abuse.  My only interest at this time is with elected trustees.  They are the ones voting the contracts.  But to be clear, it is equally wrong if any  former trustees took money from a vendor.  Aguilar, Presas-Garcia, Colunga and Pena were not running, so I am not looking at their campaign reports.  But again if any of these 4 took money from a vendor - it is wrong.  If any of the four vote in favor of a contract for a vendor who gave them money, the BV will denounce it.

later this week I will request their financial disclosure forms so  I can watch for votes based on donations as to all 7 trustees


Anonymous said...

Linebarger is the most unethical vendor of them all. Many around the state know this. Just ask Lehmann

BobbyWC said...

I successfully sued Linebarger for threatening to have me arrested if I did not a ticket. Number one that is illegal - and number 2 they made clear they did not give a crap that the case was dismissed.

The JP in the case was sanctioned for his part in a multitude of complaints from other people in his court - of course he blamed his clerks for all of the mistakes.

Anonymous said...


On this issue we concur with you, hands off is the best policy. If a vendor has given a contribution as is the case with Linebargar and Pena, Trustees should recuse themselves. It will send a clear message that BISD Trustees are off limits to influence peddling.

It is our understanding that Lucy Longoria returned her contribution to Linebargar.

Since you are at it call for a review of what has been collected by Pena as it relates to tax collections for BISD, they are way below expectations.

Anonymous said...

Of course this would also disqualify Johnny Cavazos, look into his contributions to Zayas, Cortez, Colunga and Aguilar. At least be fair.

gomez saenz to Cortez/Zayas
Bolens to Zayas/Cortez
Dr. jiminez to Zayas Cortez

I am sure you get the picture.

BobbyWC said...

I say it applies to every one equally an you say I am not ebing fair - do you know what teh word means.

I agree if you get a donation from a vendor you should not be allowed to vote for that vendor - applies to everyone equally - it is always wrong.

On Longoria she did not put anything in her reports to show she returned the money - simply no evidence of this claim

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

On Jimenez - he is not a vendor - nice try - also Jimenez gave to escobedo first and then Escobdo lost his job with Jimenexz and Jimenez than gave to Cortez - so lets be honest and tell the entire story

And I have never ever defended Jimenez - I have called Escobedo's part in getting Jimenez's wife a job bad - very bad

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

This bogus argument of bringing up Zayas and Cortez speaks to the corrupt 4's desperation - no matter what Zayas and Cortez may have done wrong as board members does not now give the current 7 board members license to do the same.

I have been speaking about this issue since I caught Eliceo Munez doing it - My views have been consistent - any board member who votes for a vendor after taking money from that vendor is unethical period. It creates a bad appearance.

As to Presas-Garcia he deposition clearly showed she was best friends with Johnny cavasos and had no problem with his control over BISD insurance contracts until they day he stopped buying her lunch -

When you are willing to ask her why she changed sides on the day she had to start buying herself lunch you might have credibility

Anonymous said...

Presas-Garcia shocked me by blaming Perry and not Zayas/Cortez for the looming reductions in State dollars. I'm sure her bullshit artist Quintanilla will provide that distraction. I have been watching districts from all over the state respond to the looming budget crunch and not a single board member has publicly resorted to juvenile finger pointing. No amount of blame placing with deflect the task at hand. She is and frankly has always been in way over her head.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the lead on this issue, and for being the leading news source in Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for informing the Brownsville Community. Do you know if Sylvia Atkinson is trying to become the next BISD Superintendent?

BobbyWC said...

The rumor is she has already been picked as the interim if Springston leaves or is fired.

I think that will not happen now that Escobedo has cut a deal to protected Springston

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Everyone get a grip!!!!!!!!!!