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(UPDATE:  THOMPSON HORTON SPENT  3 HOURS AND 26 MINUTES DOWNLOADING PAGES FROM THE BV - and still going - I guess this morning's early email got Thompson's attention.  Why is Linebarger watching the story? - I am certain it has nothing to do with political contributions to any particular board member.  ING is all over this downloading documents.)

* Springston turns over to FBI tape of Antonio Juarez admitting to illegal meetings with current board members and getting their agreement to pay him off after the million dollar payoff to Escobedo’s brother

* Springston musters out Saavedra’s husband in compromise over allegations of sexual harassment and now Saavedra seeks to settle score while securing her husband a job with the new insurance company Presas-Garcia seeks to bring to BISD

* Presas-Garcia calls on Thompson Horton to approve her use of taxpayer money to defend her indefensible conduct. Thompson Horton on board to milk BISD taxpayers.

* Joe Rod’s defense of Laches - yes he has a defense

* BISD defense counsel in the Rendon and Juarez lawsuits covers for Rendon and Juarez to protect insurance company and screw BISD taxpayers.

* Judge Hanen turns blind eye to corruption to promote his own public agenda of public corruption

* Tony Martinez demands our vote, while showing no virtue in response to the overt corruption at BISD


On January 1, 2011, the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla put out word - ( this dude needs to learn all of his bogus emails are being forwarded to people who will use them against him - he is such a complete and total moron,) that top lawyers have been secured to fight Joe Rod in his lawsuit against Presas-Garcia. We now know that law firm is Thompson Horton.

Thompson Horton has spent time downloading information from my blog. They know the entire story. What I know for sure is J. David Thompson is prepared to enter into criminal conspiracies with corrupt board members and convicted felons to get access to taxpayer money. I am hesitant to do the next part because I know people - people tend to believe if they fight back the IRS will audit them and the FBI will raid their homes - this is not true - but people are people.

If you want to protest the conduct of J. David Thompson you can email him at dthompson@thompsonhorton.com - if experience teaches me anything maybe 2 people will get the courage to send an email - the rest will just complain in quiet. This is why corruption wins every time.

Presas-Garcia has guaranteed that the money being paid by the people of Brownsville in attorneys fees at BISD will go down - but she is now set to ask for the second time the taxpayers pay for her attorneys fees. She is so pathological it boggles the mind. But why should she stop? - Escobedo is at her side willing to con the people so long as she insures the money keeps flowing to him and his brother. This we know for sure. Longoria has joined in exchange for making sure Gonzales gets his money. We already know Escobedo’s brother got a million dollar contract in exchange for Escobedo voting to reinstate Rendon.


According to Rick Zayas, Saavedra’s husband is set to get a job at the new insurance companyor consultant Presas-Garcia is prepared to bring to BISD. According to Rick Zayas, Saavedra’s husband was forced into an early retirement based on allegations of sexual harassment which never made it to the board level. The matter was resolved, according to Rick, at the administration level. You get the impression Saavedra now has a personal score to settle with Springston. A score which will be settled at the taxpayer’s expense.

J. David Thompson is the ultimate scumbag who lives off the sweat of the taxpayers - this scumbag would suck dry the tit of the mother of a starving baby just to prove he can - his firm’s policy seems to be seeking out corrupt public officials who need his unethical ways to corrupt the public process. He cannot deny this because he has downloaded the stories and documents from the Brownsville Voice which supports the claims of corruption. He has made it clear he will turn a blind eye to what is happening, so long as he is paid.


If I had an ounce of hope Peña, Aguilar, or Colunga had a conscience or an ounce of virtue I would assume that they would take the necessary action to stop what is happening - they will not. Leaders would end all BISD meetings until there is a new vote on the hiring of Thompson Horton - nearly two hours before the vote Quintanilla posted Thompson Horton got the contract. This would be a violation of the open meetings act. Thompson Horton’s response is - fuck Brownsville - this corrupt Board and their convicted felon compadre can rely 100% on J. David Thompson to back them so long as they keep the money flowing. And what is Thompson’s first big task - recommend the taxpayers pay the bill for Presas-Garcia legal defense against Joe Rod. It will be more than a million dollars. That defense will include running cover for convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla, and Pat Lehmann. It will be Thompson Horton objecting to questions posed to Quintanilla and Lehmann. - Your taxpayer money to defend a convicted felon and two corrupt public official.

Pena, Aguilar, and Colunga can file a lawsuit alleging an open meetings violation related to the hiring of Thompson Horton and everything ends. Thompson Horton will pull out and Walsh Anderson will stay - for now. They will not do as their oath of office demands of them because they are cowards - without a conscience or virtue. An open meetings violation voids all acts by Thompson Horton and seals their fate as a corrupt law firm.

ON A SIDE NOTE: When this corrupt BISD board voted to pay Presas-Garcia’s past legal fees while being represented by O’Hanlon why were the people not told about the deal she cut with O’Hanlon to be brought on board as new counsel. The con-artists at O’Hanlon are already getting BISD taxpayer money and Presas-Garcia lies to the people by failing to tell the people that a firm she recommended as the new counsel is actually the law firm she has already contracted with to defend her against Joe Rodriguez’s lawsuit. When will this overt corruption end?

So long as Texas has scumbag law firms like Thompson Horton, O’Hanlon, and Oliveira, taxpayers will serve as slaves to these scumbags.


On the defense issue - the board members are insured. If she acted within her duties as a board member then she is covered by insurance. The problem appears the insurance company reviewed the claim and decided she did not act within her duties as a board member.

Turning over private personnel files to a convicted felon is not a duty of elected officials - This is not the same as going to the DA - the DA can keep the documents confidential without violating the employee’s rights. No judge will ever rule she was acting in her official capacity when she took confidential personnel files and turned them over to a convicted felon.

This is why she is not exercising her rights under the law and suing the insurance company which is suppose to be providing her a defense. She knows she will lose. Once she loses she is caught with 100% of her defense costs and judgment. So what does she do with the help of her compadres in crime -Saavedra, Longoria, and Escobedo - steal - yes outright steal from the taxpayers. Who is going to run interference for her to defend her conduct - Thompson Horton - who else will get paid - O’Hanlon.


I am not going to repeat the entire story - but according to the Herald someone - who we now believe to have been Presas-Garcia took internal documents from BISD related to a personnel matter and gave them to a convicted felon by the name of Carlos Quintanilla. Quintanilla released those documents to the public while withholding J. Rod’s rebuttal which I am assuming included the letter from former Superintendent Hector Gonzales clearing J. Rod.

Pay attention to the story - what is happening is in retaliation for J. Rod refusing a bribe to do what he believed to have been illegal. Why is Presas-Garcia not interested in the alleged bribe or what J Rod was being asked to do? We need to investigate what Lehmann promised Presas-Garcia to keep him out of the investigation. Did she accept a bribe to pursue this matter? There was obviously bribe money out there. She immediately jump on the bandwagon of those wanting to destroy J. Rod for refusing a bribe. Why?

It should shock no one - Pat Lehmann is thrown off the BISD board and he responds by settling old scores. What was Pat’s interest in the concerts Rodriguez refused to support? When is Presas-Garcia going to call for an investigation into Lehmann’s role in the mess?

"It is my understanding that this investigation ensued because Mr. Lehman complained about the tournament, Rodriguez writes, noting that the event was initiated by his predecessor, Leonel Garza.”


"As you are aware concerns were brought forward regarding various issues related to your golf tournament. ... While investigating those concerns additional issues were revealed. ... After reviewing information from the investigation and all things considered I am directing you to return to your office at the stadium allowing you to continue with your duties as the Athletic Administrator. Your commitment to the district has never been questioned and has always been appreciated. You have been an important part of our team and we look forward to your continued efforts."

The above are Hector Gonzales’ words, in writing, to Joe Rod. If Joe Rod did something wrong why is Presas-Garcia not demanding an investigation of Hector Gonzales’ cover-up of the wrongdoing? I say we go back to the bribe and Pat Lehmann. And let’s not forget the involvement of the convicted felon and child support dodger Carlos Quintanilla - yes he spent time in jail over a child support dispute - I believe it was 2006


The defense of Laches was created for the case of Joe Rodriguez. It is a defense to prevent ambush - ambush is exactly what we have. Pat Lehmann sat and enjoyed the food and beer at the annual event and never said a thing. He knew BISD property was being used - he himself sat on BISD chairs and said nothing - he was getting his free food and beer. But then he lost his reelection bid. Everything changed - but the law did not change.

For years BISD administration after administration and BISD board members participated in the event and took advantage of the food, beer and use of BISD property. They said nothing. Had anyone tried to prosecute Joe Rod they would have lost - this is why the DA refused to act. It is called the defense of laches. You cannot be party to what you believe to be wrongful conduct year after year and then through ambush when you do not get what you want call for a criminal investigation.

Thompson Horton know this, but with Presas-Garcia at the helm they also know they have found a cash cow. Even O’Hanlon will get their cut.


According to Rick Zayas Antonio Juarez went to visit Springston to brag about how he had met with the new board and they agreed to pay him off with taxpayer money since the insurance company was refusing to pay him off.. According to Rick Zayas Springston recorded the conversation and turned it over to the FBI and TEA.

Antonio Juarez’s and Art Rendon’s lawyers need to be disbarred and indicted for their role in using their clients to corrupt the process. It is a violation of the rules of professional conduct for a lawyer to allow his client to communicate with the opposing side. Their lawyers know what is happening and are turning a blind eye to the acts of their clients. Judge Hanen has an independent duty to investigate the corruption in the cases and refuses because he believes as a federal judge he has an inalienable right to be an active participant in the corruption if it serves his personal agenda.

The real kicker is the scumbag lawyer representing BISD in both cases. He makes no secret that he in fact only represents the insurance company and the insured BISD can go fuck themselves. This is a basis for disbarment and in fact to be sanctioned by Judge Hanen. This lawyer has all of the evidence needed to file the proper motion with the court to have Rendon’s and Juarez’s lawsuits dismissed as sanctions for going behind his back and negotiating directly with the board members.

So why has he not filed the motion - because he is acting to represent the interests of the insurance company and not his client. If the board pays off Rendon and Juarez then his real client, the insurance company, walks with no judgment or the cost of additional attorneys fees. How do I know this - he and Rick Zayas openly discussed it at the mediation when the insurance company put $15,000 each on the table for Rendon and Juarez.

Oh’ Rick, don’t worry they will not go to the judge because it will only serve to expose their own bad conduct.


He knows what is happening. He has the resources to defend Brownsville from this overt corruption. Will he? No - Tony is about Tony - he has no virtue. He thinks because his son is a priest he will receive salvation. Salvation comes not from declaring allegiance to a mythical character which originates in Roman paganism, but from our own heart. It comes from our actions as guided by our heart.

When you have the resources to stop public corruption and you do not, you are the problem. Tony has already made it clear he will not answer questions about BISD, UTB/TSC, the weir dam, Imagine Brownsville or in fact answer any questions about his vision for Brownsville other than giving out prepared answers to a contrived audiences who will ask no follow-up.

Tony Martinez is why Brownsville is what it is - yes he has made money - good money - he has revitalized run down homes off Las Palmas. But being a good businessman does not make you ethical or caring. If you are running for public office and have the resources to defend the taxpayers against what is happening at BISD and do not, you are part of the problem. The evidence is also found in Tony’s refusal to answer questions about his campaign or the issues of the day.

Do I thing Tony is corrupt? No - but one can look at his conduct and see he has never stood up for Brownsville in a time of need - so why should we vote for him? Tony is about Tony - the truth about BISD, UTB/TSC and Imagine Brownsville will come out before May - Tony will simply ignore the truth and pretend no one ever asked him his position on the issue. Brownsville needs a real leader - not a virtueless lawyer looking out for his own interests - which although not a bad thing in the business world, but also not a good thing in a public official.


I will not repeat the story - but for the documents and story about the million dollar contract Juarez, Lehmann and Rendon gave Escobedo's brother just 15 days before Escobedo voted to reinstate Rendon see the below link.


THOMPSON HORTON ARE AWARE OF THIS AND SIMPLY SEE IT AS EVIDENCE THEY HAVE FOUND A CASH COW - Thompson Horton sees corrupt public figures as their best ticket to an easy ride on the public tit - if the children die of starvation - so be it.




For my new readers - Montoya was the mouth piece for these scumbags before his arrest in open court to begin serving time.

Both of these stories are tied to Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra.

WHERE IS THOMPSTON HORTON on all of this - "show me the money."


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!! These people sure know how to play the voters. They are laughing all the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, if this is true? Where is the herald? I cannot wait till it unfolds.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is keep up the good work! Your site is the best way to keep up with all of the stuff going on with BISD.

BobbyWC said...

the Herald will never touch this - they are too much part of the story - they have been covering-up the million dollar payoff since before the election. They intentionally ran cover for teh convicted felon Quintanilla.

there is no journalism in Brownsville.

It is up to my readers to simply keep emailing the story around. I expect BV will have another recording breaking day in terms of readership

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The newly elected school board member should not be surprised of the spouse’s romantic interest. It happened a few years ago with a high school counselor who the board member had a good friendly relationship and it was happening again at the Central Administrative Building. All school personnel working in that building knew about it. Perhaps the spouse is the last to know.

BobbyWC said...

I was concerned about publishing this comment - but I decided to publish it for 2 reasons - it is written in a calm manner and it verifies information otherwise provided to me in the past

Saavedra obviously has a score to settle with Springston = the people have a right to know this

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Why are you still defending Joe Rod? Everybody involved is corrupt and they should all be fired and elected out of office. You are correct, there are no leaders in Brownsville. Perhaps this story will spur a tea party movement in Brownsville.

BobbyWC said...

where am I defending Joe Rd? I conceded the two main points against him - beer and use of BISD property - do you people not know how to read?

Are you saying that it is okay for all of the past board members to have turned a blind eye to what was happening - Lehmann - until he did not get what he wanted - and the ncomplain?

I support a full investigation - which included the decision of all board members - Lehmann who ignored waht was happneing so long as they got what they wanted. I want to know about the bribe - I want to know which board members were going to get a cut from the concert promoters

But in the end the law is the law - laches would have prevented the DA from taking action - Joe Rod lost his job -

Bobby WC