Thursday, January 6, 2011


I did not want to comment on this until I checked on something - but now I can go with my opinion. Under the contract with Looney Longoria stated no reason for terminating the contract.   Under the standards of professionalism and competency Michel had a duty to take the board into executive session and advise them that they were opening themselves to litigation.  He did not.  This was malpractice.  He failed to advice his client of their legal exposure for terminating the contract outside the terms of the contract.

I hope Looney sues Thompson Horton and BISD along with Healthsmart.  What we saw in Thompson Horton on this issue is, they will ignore their professional conduct to keep the majority of 4 happy - this is not serving the board - it is serving to a corrupt four - like I said about Thompson himself - he will suck dry the tit of a mother while her baby dies of starvation.  He knew what he was getting into and did not give a crap - his motto is "show me the money."

No competent or ethical law firm would have allowed for the termination of Looney's contract without first advising their client as to the ramifications of their actions.  the board still would have done what it did, but at least they would have done it against legal advice.

I can now say with 100% certainty - Thompson Horton represents Thompson Horton and is prepared to do injury to Brownsville if that is what it takes to get approval of the corrupt 4.


Unlike in the case of Wash Anderson where no evidence was present, we now have a black and white malpractice.  Aguilar, Peña and Colunga need to put on the agenda the firing of Thompson Horton - don't worry guys they will not act - they are cowards detemined to go down with the ship.

Looney has a very black and white case of conspiracy against Thompson Horton - they breach a serious professional duty to their client - why - to keep the contract - Thompson Horton proved there are no limits to their unethical conduct.


Anonymous said...

It is now a known fact that nobody really cares about south texas politically. This is a known fact for all attorneys vying for the BISD board attorney contract. They will continue to follow the practice of supporting the majority of the board members since realistically, in the end, if the district lose their court cases, the district and not the attorneys will be responsible for paying the judgements. Whereas the attorneys will continue to collect their $ 225.00 hourly rate regardless as long as they keep the majority happy. They don't lose in either way. So why fight the board majority. Take the cash and run.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, Are you kidding you want he minority to go against the Law Firm just to make themselves look good. Are you kidding, they do not stand a chance. Why do you like for people to do things that will have no good results????????

BobbyWC said...

in concept I agree with you - but to put the issue on the table exposed the con of the 4 - it also sends a message -

This cannot be about anyone looking good - it is about the 3 using the process to expose the truth

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, the truth is exposed. The People of Brownsville will have to live with the decisions they made. Don't you think?