Saturday, January 29, 2011


I have two independent sources telling me Presas-Garcia, Longoria, Saavedra and Peña met at Las Brazas on Central. It is useless to talk about walking quorums because the hopelessly corrupt and inept Villalobos will never investigate or prosecute, and the hopelessly corrupt district court judges will block any grand jury referral.

Peña needs to explain herself or go down with the corrupt 4.   Both sources do say Peña was angry and yelling.


Now if Ms. Peña wants to deny it, then I will post her denial.  I know enough to know this entire allegation can be bogus to stir trouble.  But the question would be, why would people who support Peña want to put out such a story?

I do not know the answer to the question.  But if she denies the claim I will make that the headline. BISD is a mess.  Someone is playing games, the question is who?  So for now all we have is an allegation which may be false.  Buy why?  Maybe these corrupt 4 just want people to believe Peña has changed sides.  So maybe the story is deception to influence the process.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, The Cameron County DA should take a lesson from the County Attorney for Travis County. He's investigating the Austin City Council for the very same offense, walking quorums. The Austin American Statesman has run some stories on this case. There is a class on the Open Meetings Act that's mandatory for all elected officials and appointees to boards and commissions are required to take. One can request an open records to find out if these individuals who continue to balantly break this law have taken the class.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible that Minerva was screaming and yelling when she discovered that 3 other board members were actually there too? Could she have been set up? Now if this is true, who was responsible for the set-up? Now what?

Anonymous said...

Bobby, if you know Minerva Pena, you know that the story is false. What is also false is that the 2 people, who told you that blatant lie, are not supporters or friends of Minerva Pena.

I thought you were better than that Bobby.

You should be able to go the the board members and ask them if it happened, before you print all those false accusations.

BobbyWC said...

You need to not read with anger - now go back and read it again and try and see what I said in the bold.

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Not only did you not bother to read teh bold - explain this - do you mean before she voted to pay for Caa's attorneys fees they never met.

Are you telling me I imagined the other day when I saw Mini with Saavedra - both all smiles - albeit outside the BISD building.

grow up - learn to read - while I said in the post this entire allegation may be bogus - if you think Mini is not talking to the corrupt 4 - you do not know politics

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog and don't get bought out by anyone! I no longer subcribe to the Brownsville Herald.

Is there anybody in the BISD board that is not 'corrupt/inept' and are there for the students and the BISD community?

Who can the Superintendent Trust?

BobbyWC said...

"So for now all we have is an allegation which may be false. Buy why?"

Is it that people do not know how to read?

I rejected a nasty comment - where herein did I say it was breakfast or even today?

Does the anony poster know something I do not know?

People need to learn to read.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I told you...."shoot the messenger" already being implemented. No response to the facts just more of the same BS attempts at character assassination..... This is for you Ms. Presas-Garcia,( and your mouthpieces Quintanilla and Montoya) I challenge you to publicly refute the data presented to the insurance committee with EMPIRICAL data. Make the attempt to reconcile that data with all the hyperbole and conjecture you have offered since you started running your campaign of deception. EMPIRICAL data only. Not another series of phony questions that are nothing more than hollow attempts at changing the subject. After all Ms. Presas-Garcia, it is your "fiduciary duty"....

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know what items are on the agenda for tuesdays meeting - maybe that might explain the meeting of the four members.

Anonymous said...

The agenda is already on the BISD website and usually is by late Friday afternoon before each meeting.

Anonymous said...

Is someone stalking these ladies to know their every move? I think someone is trying to make you look very foolish.


BobbyWC said...

I totally agree with you - read the comment - I made a very clear statement that it is as likely a false story to create problems.
This should make people think that the corrupt 4 are trying to create an image which is false

I thought I was clear about this - but I guess not - for me the story was the willingness of sources to make the claim.

Also I have a theory about one of the sources - it tells me something about the dynamics of the board players.

But again - I went out of my way to suggest this may have been a planted story to cause problem for Pena - that is the story and not the iffyness of the meeting.

It is to inform what is happening - but again I must not have been clear.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, are you kidding me? You think because someone is courteous to a person they are now best friends. Remember keep your friends close and your enemies closer..................

Anonymous said...

Bobby caught you lying.

BobbyWC said...

and what is they lie? I clearly turned this story into an example of possibel manipultation - I stated up front was questionable

So tell my readers - what is the lie?

Anonymous said...

That you said the four Trustees had a walking quorum. Disclose your two independent souces or look foolish and like a liar.

BobbyWC said...

you're an idiot blinded by your ignorance or simply one of the people hoping for a pay-off

I said 2 sources told me - I never said it happened. Learn to read. In fact I did not say when it allegedly happened but was called a liar because the owners of Las Brasas confirmed it did not happen Sat morning - this stupid post by quintanilla only proves he is a patholical liar who just makes things up. And further no owner of a restaurant is going to confirm for anyone just calling who is and is not eating at their restaurant - the stupidity is mind numbing - like his comment Jose galvez general partner to Accion American filed a police report against me - false - he confirmed this for the police while noting why would someone who lives in Farmers Branch file a criminal complaint in Dallas? Quintanilla you are so pathetic you cannot even post an intelligent lie.

Then because it occurred to me something was wrong with the allegation I went on to say in bold - so as to highlight as more important to the story the following:

"So for now all we have is an allegation which may be false. Buy why? Maybe these corrupt 4 just want people to believe Peña has changed sides. So maybe the story is deception to influence the process."

Which part of allegation which may be false did you not understand?

You see you have no interest in facts - you either need to spread disinformation or you're n idiot.

My readers - the ones who trust me - can read - and know what I said.

What I do know for sure because I saw it with my own two eyes - Saavedra and Pena came walking out of BISD laughing - It was the day I dropped off my open records request for the financial disclosure forms.

I also know Pena made up her mind to have BISD pick of Presas-garcia's legal bills before the meeting - which can lead a reasonable mind to conclude they discussed in before hand.

On the latter issue - not that facts matter - I called Aguilar and Colunga petty for abstaining - I agreed once the insurance company agreed to coverage the board had no choice but to authorize payment.

What the above shows is, I do not adjust my opinion to fit a result - It was the right thing to do so I noted so.

facts matter - but look - I have met with enough administators at BISD to know the corrupt 4 are on a short string - Monday's post gets to the heart of the problem

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So if Pena agreed because the insurance company agreed to cover Presa-Garcia's legal expense, how is that making up your mind before the meeting???????????????

BobbyWC said...

I reject posts all of the time claiming so and so are at restaurant xyz - there is no great secret the board members meet in groups of 2 or three all of the time.

If you carefully listen to the meetings Presas-garcia is always mentioning the meetings she is having with the other board members.

Pena, for the record has yet to deny the claim - she knows how to get ahold of me.

There are three explanations

The original source who is a close friend of Pena's and is on the inside at BISD wanted to do her injury - this is not good.

The original source decided the story was going to get out their and decided to leak it through the BV to give Pena a chance to say she was entrapped in the meeting and that is why she was arguing

The last option is, Pena is playing both sides - and that is not good.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby,

Do you think maybe your are being played to hate Pena. Since you were trashing all the other women on the board and not Pena, someone decided to get you to trash Pena. The other side has made you come to their aid and made you trash the board member that really cares about the students and teachers. You said Pena has not contacted you, why should she trust you? You print everything you hear and never even bother to verify. So Sad Bobby,that people can get you to turn against yourself. You are being used my man!!! Those who told you are not close friends of Pena. Come on you could have figured that out before you ran with the story. Sad my man!

BobbyWC said...

I hear what you are saying - but you clearly have not read the post - what do you think the last two sentences mean - I am making it clear that the corrupt 4 may be putting this out their to undermine her - how is that not clear.

I know for a fact the original course is at BISD and someone who works closely with her. This is why the allegation was shocking.

I went with it because I know the source.

Maybe the source decided it was best to get ahead of the came by forcing Pena to say she was trapped and did not know what they were doing.

This source would never ever work with the corrupt 4. this source has been a pain in their ars for some time.

the story was - why the allegation - someone I know for a fact who is working with her is making this allegation.


Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Come on Bobby you must know the source at BISD is playing you. That source is not close to Pena. It is apparent that the source is playing you to believe he/she is close to Pena. Sounds like a Plant from the other 3 women. Everyone who reads your comments can figure that out. Why Can't You? Why do you not ask Pena yourself???