Monday, January 31, 2011


The corrupt 4 henchman get caught lying about the IFA money and now seek to claim some of the real facts as the facts, while still claiming Zayas and Cortez are to blame when they were not even part of the corporation when the vote was taken.

Again the final decision has yet to be made.

I am working to get the TEA letter which explains what is happening. Presas-Garcia established record is of passing on documents to the convicted felon and convicted drunk. They have the letter - why conceal it? Why not allow the people to read the truth?

Blaming Springston and Fuller while withholding the letter only confirms their desperation. My record on calling for the removal of Springston began on the first day he took the job. I will cry no tears over Springston being sent packing.

But people - this is about putting Sylvia Atkinson in charge so that she will agree to recommend dismissal of the Healthsmart suit and bringing in Mullen. There are too many people at BISD convinced of this. Montoya's bogus attack on Sylvia Atkinson was merely a distraction.

Now, it is fair to say - no one really knows what Sylvia will do - I suspect she is smart enough to know the gig is up and if put in the position of being the interim superintendent she would refuse to play ball.

In the end Ms. Presas-Garcia - release the letter from the TEA so we can learn the truth. If the truth is administrators at BISD messed up - they need to be fired. If the truth is you are just continuing with your vendetta then you should resign - well assuming you are not forced out by other means.


BV will have the full story by 1:15 p.m.

The other day when I was speaking with the IFA person at the TEA I sensed he was hedging his statements. This caused me pause so I started to ask more questions. The IFA money is not the problem.

The government, not Rick Zayas or Ruben Cortez, created a program which would encourage bond investors to invest in the building of new schools. The program requires the school district create a special corporation on which ALL board members serve, not just Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez. The reason for the corporation is to separate out the asset of the new school and land from the school district. This allows for the bond holders to foreclose on the new building if the bonds are not paid. This was all explained at the board meeting in December.

The bonds include both federal and state money. The IFA money is in place. The federal government writes regulations and then has the states administer the programs. As to the federal money it is my understanding the TEA changed its interpretation of the federal regulations and this is creating a problem with the $26 million. If everything stays as it is with the TEA BISD will have to pay back $8 million dollars. BISD is still getting $26 million dollars worth of construction for $8 million dollars.

But it does not end here. BISD and other school districts appear to be challenging the TEA’s application of the federal regulations. A final decision has yet to be made.

But here is reality. Presas-Garcia and Escobedo were part of this corporation - why did they not tell the public about these problems before the December vote. Why did Escobedo vote for the construction if these problems were known. We all saw the meeting and every trick Saavedra, Longoria and Presas-Garcia tried to throw out there. Not once did they mention this problem. Why?- because the TEA changed its interpretation of the rule after the fact.

This has nothing to do with the 2011 Texas budget, as being alleged. It has nothing to do with IFA money.


Hanna for example is a mess with overcrowding. BISD is being offered $26 million in construction for a cost of $8 million to the taxpayers. How often does that happen? Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra would have us walk away from that deal because of a dispute with the TEA in the application of federal regulations. A dispute which has yet to be resolved.

Overcrowding leads to higher dropout rates and fewer services for special needs children. Now is the time to build while nearly all of the money is free. To wait when our schools are busting at the seams and children are being denied an education is a reckless disregard for the safety and welfare of the children.
While this dispute does not bode well for BISD’s budget, assuming the final decision is against BISD and all similarly situated schools, BISD is still better off with $18 million dollars of free construction to offset overcrowding.

I will keep my readers informed as I learn more.

But to point blank lie about what is happening so that you can embarrass Springston and Fuller is wrong. This is about getting rid of Springston and Fuller because they will not play the corruption game. It is not about the children and what is best for them.

I will do an open records request to secure the letters from the TEA to explain what is happening. What ever that letter says is the best evidence of the truth. Anyone who wants the truth will seek out that letter, and publish it. If it is shown that BISD played games in the application process, I will be the first to call for heads. But let’s get the letter with the facts.


You know how you protect teacher’s jobs - you do not dismiss the Healthsmart lawsuit. It is worth potentially $15-20 million dollars to BISD. Keeping the Healthsmart lawsuit alive is how you protect the taxpayers.


Several weeks ago I told my readers I was working on the story of Saavedra being tied to an insurance deal for BISD. Now that I have the campaign finance reports and have had time to investigate I can say - Saavedra is working with Atkinson to push Mullen Pension & Benefits Group on BISD. My sources are telling me that Sylvia Atkinson brought Mullen Pension & Benefits Group to Socorro ISD. Her tenure at Socorro is beyond bizarre. A women by the name of Ida Treviño just pops up out of nowhere to get a great job with Socorro ISD - never mind she worked for Sylvia in another school district. Atkinson denied the connection.

We know that Sylvia Atkinson gave Saavedra $600.00. We also know that Mullen Pension & Benefits Group gave Saavedra $250.00. There is also the question of a hunting trip. My problem here is I have conflicting stories - one person says the hunting trip was sponsored by Mullen, another says it was sponsored by Ted Parker. Either way, with Charlie Atkinson (as a secondary guest - not directly invited) and Escobedo on the trip Escobedo is either getting benefits from Mullen or Parker.

Now ask yourself - why would Mullen who has a past with Sylvia Atkinson give Saavedra money? Saavedra was not on the Board at the time. How would she know what is best for the employees or the taxpayers? She would not - but Mullen seems to think she is certainly willing to be influenced with money. If Saavedra has a problem with Mullen’s perception of her then she needs to denounce them.

From the time this new Board took control they have attacked the current 125 Plan. The good news is, before they can change anything it will be months. The current year plan is already in place and cannot be changed any time soon. There is no doubt in my mind before Summer the BISD board will have a different face than it has today. But to the employees if you want the 125 Plan to be decided by influence peddling between Mullen and Board Members remain silent.

Saavedra accepted $3,000 from Linebarger either directly or through their local advocates. She was not even on the Board at the time. Why would Linebarger be willing to give her $3,000 either directly or indirectly? How could she know in advance before bids and review of the bids that Linebarger would be better than the current company collecting taxes for BISD. Why does Linebarger seem to think Saavedra can be influenced with money? If Saavedra has a problem with Linebarner’s perception of her then she needs to denounce them.

Here you have two allegedly well educated women who claim to be advocates for children and they refuse to denounce the extreme homophobes, Carlos Quintanilla, Juan Montoya, and Jerry McHale. In fact the corrupt 4 and the self-loathing Sylvia Atkinson continue to use these homophobes to distract the people with lies so that the people not see the reality of these back-door deals. I think it is time the TEA Dept. of Edu. review the corrupt 4 use of these homophobes to promote their agenda. It is a violation of federal law for school employees to promote homophobia either directly or indirectly.

If the employees of BISD allow Mullen Pension and Benefits Group in, they will get what they deserve.

Anyone know why Eddie Jaimes Trucking USA, Inc would give Saavedra a $1,000? After I wrote this a source gave me additional information. This will allow me to know if anony posts are based on facts. I will be further investigating the alleged link.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


This song is great. It was written at a time people appreciated satire, and others knew how to write satire.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Rite (2011) Poster


First of all - not scary at all. After 10 minutes you are looking at your watch to see how much longer the movie is. Slow would be an understatement.

You have a future priest who has yet to make the final commitment. It is decided he should go to Rome to learn how to do Exorcisms. In the process he learns that science should be abandoned in favor of having faith in the existence of the devil, before you can have faith in God. Yes my friends - faith in the devil comes to this future priest before he decides there really is a God.

Do not waste your money.


I have two independent sources telling me Presas-Garcia, Longoria, Saavedra and Peña met at Las Brazas on Central. It is useless to talk about walking quorums because the hopelessly corrupt and inept Villalobos will never investigate or prosecute, and the hopelessly corrupt district court judges will block any grand jury referral.

Peña needs to explain herself or go down with the corrupt 4.   Both sources do say Peña was angry and yelling.


Now if Ms. Peña wants to deny it, then I will post her denial.  I know enough to know this entire allegation can be bogus to stir trouble.  But the question would be, why would people who support Peña want to put out such a story?

I do not know the answer to the question.  But if she denies the claim I will make that the headline. BISD is a mess.  Someone is playing games, the question is who?  So for now all we have is an allegation which may be false.  Buy why?  Maybe these corrupt 4 just want people to believe Peña has changed sides.  So maybe the story is deception to influence the process.

From the Herald - current healthplan out performs Healthsmart and just about everyone else.

BISD costs go  down under current plan while health insurance costs all of the U.S. go up.  Looney was  a genius who had to be destroyed for the crime of competency.

"A summary provided to committee members by administration showed that net costs for the plan in 2009-2010 totaled $37.05 million compared to $43.45 million in 2008-2009 and $37.67 million in 2007-2008"

"In an executive summary provided to the committee, MAA said the plan had a per-employee, per-month cost of $448.53, which calculates to $5,382 per employee per year. The report said Mercer’s National Study of Employers for 2010 showed a national average PEPY cost of $9,562, meaning BISD’s costs so far in 2010-2011 are 56 percent of the national average."

"Oh, Cata, I love your shit it is so much better than my husband's, I cannot wait for us to be lovers in prison."  "Oh Luci goosy, my shit will always be yours." 

Facts prove Looney was a victim.

Saavedra declares "fuck the employees - I was made promises - fuck the employees."

Escobedo declares "there's always the next deal."

It is time the unions declare an end to the corrupt 4.  The unions need to take the lead in insuring Saavedta cannot show her face in any educational setting without being tarred and feathered.

Now we know - we can end this people - to the group that met with me, my $1,000 remains on the table.

Friday, January 28, 2011


If you enjoy a good hit man movie you will like this. The story was interesting and had a great twist. But it was not the story which made the movie. The 4 main characters are believable. The dynamics between the 4 is quite intense. Without this quality acting it would have been just another B hit man movie.

All I can say is I liked it. The acting was powerful and made the movie script work in ways with lessor actors it would have failed.


So we now know the pattern, just before every BISD meeting Montoya and Quintanilla will put out more lies to embarrass Springston and Fuller.  I spoke with Lawrence Crockett, who is in charge of the IFA program at TEA and he point blank said - there is no truth to Montoya's story.  the lies as put out by Presas-Garcia are now in the hands of the TEA.

You can go to this link and click on the pdf link under Round 10.

Back in June the money was approved.  It was not until December that BISD decided to go  forward.  The December vote was a vote to accept the approved money.  The funds were allocated by the Texas Legislature in the 2009 Session.  It has nothing to do with the up and coming budget crunch .

This is an ongoing bullshit session to deny children desperately needed classrooms to avoid over crowding.  Montoya and Quintanilla do not care about the children - they care about what ever they have been promised in exchange for posting endless lies.

McHale has proven to all his students he prefers they go without than tell the truth about the drunk Montoya and convicted felon Quintanilla.

As to Saavedra. Longoria, Presas-Garcia and Escobedo - "fuck the children - we will rule by lies and corruption."  If they only knew how close the indictments really are.   The Healthsmart dismissal is coming and  within days thereafter the indictments will come.


Editor's Note: I am going to post his entire response. Politics is filth. I hate when issues like this come out on the eve of the election. The government's goal in this case is to clearly influence the election. It is wrong. My views on Atkinson are well known. In fact if I still lived in my old house I would have announced against him, but on the merits of his actions as a city commissioner, and not outside garbage.

He has a record as a city commissioner. This should be the only issue in the election - not outside garbage or his history with his employer. A pending case does not make it fact - it makes it accusations.

So while I personally would like to see him replaced on the city commission - I want it done fair and square - on the merits of his performance as a city commissioner and his public statements while a city commissioner and not on some ongoing battle with DHS.

I will take comments on whether my standard is correct or on his performance as a city commissioner. Those are the only issues which matter - not his employment status - that is still up in the air and pending litigation. We must allow the fact finder to do his/her job and then make a decision only after the fact finder does his/her job.

Here is his statement:

"Sorry I am getting back to you late, I was in Austin trying to keep the state from cutting any programs that they offer the city.

Regarding my employment? I am continuing the long extended battle with the federal government. The process has taken a toll on me and my family. As you know, politics in Brownsville is a contact sport. Insurgents take on new meaning when it comes to local politics. There are special agents, investigators, managers, etc, that also play the game of local politics.

All I can tell you is that by the end of summer, it will all be resolved. One way or another, my family will finally stop worrying about me and what the federal government has tried to do to my integrity and my family's name. I come into Customs the same way I will go out, with integrity and honor if things don't go my way in June.

Not even the federal government will destroy my good name and my integrity. I feel they know that I will fight them until the end of time if they choose to create false allegations about me. To be honest, I have nothing to lose. I'm educated and can rebound from losing this job if they rule against me. It is highly unlikely that the judge will rule against me. I have beaten the federal government before and feel that my case is even stronger and my union will prevail.

Bobby, you see, I have the support, the facts, the family, the managers, the employees, on my side. I would be shocked if things didn't go my way but right now I am being put through a waiting game. The government prints the money so they don't have anything to lose by prolonging my case. They don't care how it cost the taxpayers lots of money to wait and wait. I'm dealing with the biggest mafia in the world. I will fight for my integrity. That is really all I have left from this job.

My colleagues, the traveling public know that I am fair and care about people as a whole. I will not waiver and I will not settle for anything less than a written apology and an admittance that the government wronged me and my family. The ball is on their court. They won't verify anything because they don't know how to handle my case. Bottom line is they screwed up and my lawyer, my union, will expose them for any false allegations they have implied.

Though you and I have had our differences, I respect you and what you stand for. At the end of the day, we all are looking for justice and a little sense of civility. I wish you well but like the government, this is all I can provide without hindering my case. Keep asking the questions and seeking the truth. As a commissioner, I do the same. But with me, it gets exposed by the special interests to make it seem as though I am rude and uncaring.

Bobby, I care and because I care, I will expose people and groups who think more about themselves instead of the masses. I'm a giant killer and proud of it. I want my city to move forward but with people playing fair.

FAIRNESS is not always good with the current establishment that feel they are entitled. They know that I am on the commission to seek and destroy special interests. I am the thorn to those who manipulate and hurt the progress of our city. As a union president for the federal government, I see my constituents as people need a voice who will stand up for their rights and interests."

Charles Atkinson


Any given morning you can park in front of Porter High School and see the SUV's with Matamoros license plates lined up dropping off children.  People are very confused about the law on this issue.  I do not care if the child is from Mars and lives in Brownsville illegally, if they live here within BISD's boundaries they are entitled to attend BISD.  I realize there are idiots out there who care nothing about reality, but their parents do pay taxes.  The owners of the house or apartment they rent pay property taxes based on the rent money they receive from their tenants.

The law is also very clear about having to live in the district in order to be allowed to attend school in the district.  For example - if BISD were to recruit a 10th generation American born kid who lives in Port Isabel to play football for BISD, the UIL would issue fines.  The UIL can also issue fines for a kid who plays soccer, but lives in Matamoros.  The issue is not the kid, but whether the kid actually lives within the BISD district.

If these kids live within the BISD district, then why do the plates on the SUV's show Matamoros?  This needs to end.  BISD needs to review the law and see what its options are in terms of questioning the drivers of these SUV's and children in the SUV's.


I have no problem with the fact most of these kids illegally attending BISD are American citizens because their parents could afford to pay for doctors and hospitals on the US side of the border.  There is nothing new in this and it is what it is.

This is how these kids legally get social security numbers.  Many of these families then allow someone on our side of the border to claim this child on their taxes, in exchange for establishing a Brownsville address.  The U.S. American then gets the deductions and child tax credits for this child who does not even live with them.  This is costing the American people millions of dollars in fraud.  We are not only providing these kids a free education, we are paying the payoff to the U.S. American who is party to the fraud.  This must end.

Until and unless BISD establishes a policy to end this abuse, it will not be serious about budget cuts and saving as many teachers as possible.


BISD must look to every non-teaching position and determine if that position is absolutely necessary.  Teachers are always necessary.  Non-teachers are not essential.  BISD should not be looking at balancing this budget on backs of the teachers until every non-teacher who is not 100% essential to BISD's mission has been laid-off.

BISD's busing policy is ridiculous.  High school kids get dropped off at every corner.  The buses stop at every corner.  Where I grew up you needed to be 2 miles from the school to get busing.  And even then we had to walk about 4 blocks to catch the bus.  There needs to be limited general area stops.  This nonsense of picking kids up in front of their house must stop.  It is wasting gas.  We are very close to seeing $4.00 a gallon.  BISD must take a serious look at its busing policy.

Open for ideas on other budget cuts.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am refusing to go with a story because I cannot get independent confirmation. It is the type story which demands verification. Also I know all too well going into an election people will plant false stories. I am being cautious because I know the reality about false stories, and to give Mr. Atkinson a chance to deny the story.

I emailed him yesterday and asked for a comment. I told him I would agree to print any statement he wants to make - subject to not attacking 3rd parties. I do not want to be in a situation wherein I have to endlessly email 3rd parties to verify the claims.

But I know a story is never simple - so let's get the truth and allow Mr. Atkinson to tell the story in his words - assuming there is a story. It may be that someone is simply trying to plant a fake story to impact the election.

Bottom line is, I have no evidence to say one way or the other. I have made the necessary inquiries with no response. There is not a cover-up. The people I have contacted are probably not allowed to answer my questions as a matter of law.

If anyone has hard evidence to support the story let me have it and then I will go with the story. It will be a more balanced story if I can include a statement from Mr. Atkinson.


12/13/2010        $500 from Rene Oliviera
12/13/2010     $1,000 from ERD International -
12/14/2010     $1,000 from Linebarger (tax collection company)
12/13/2010        $500 From Esparza & Garza (they promote Linebarger)
no date               $250 from Mullen Pension & Benefits Group

12/13/2010     $1,000 from Gilbert Hinojosa (lobbies locally for Linebarger)
11/01/2010        $500 from Rene Oliviera
10/05/2010     $1,000 from Linebarger
10/06/2010         $600.00 from Sylvia Atkinson

There are clearly more donations, but these stand out.  $1,000 from Rene Oliviera.  If you remember the BV broke the story a week in advance that Escobedo wanted to give Oliveira the interim contract for legal counsel.   When the vote came because the BV broke the story Longoria and Saavedsra sat silent and refused to second.

Why would Linebarger who wants the tax collection contract donate $2,000 to Saavedra.  She is not a board member - she would not have the information to know which company is best for the taxpayers - but Linebarger seems to think she is worth $2,000.  Think about it


10/08/2010     $1,000   Linebarger - We now have Linebarger donating $3,000 to candidates who are not even sitting Trustees - neither Saavedra nor Longoria would have the information needed to know if Linebarger is a better option than BISD's current tax collecting firm.  Why is Linebarger so certain these two will vote them the contract.


11/15/2010     $1,000 Linebarger - Now Linebarger is at $4,000 - are they trying to buy the contract?
10/04/2010       $500  Rene Oliviera
10/04/2010       $500  Rene Olivera (2 donations in one day - and who did Escobedo name for interim counsel?  Rene Oliveira
10/19/2010       $500   Linebarger We are now at $4500 from Linebarger - who wants the  contract.
10/04/2010       $750   Esparza & Garza (promotes Linebarger)
We need a new rule - you must abstain from any vote wherein you took money from the vendor.  This will end this abuse.  My only interest at this time is with elected trustees.  They are the ones voting the contracts.  But to be clear, it is equally wrong if any  former trustees took money from a vendor.  Aguilar, Presas-Garcia, Colunga and Pena were not running, so I am not looking at their campaign reports.  But again if any of these 4 took money from a vendor - it is wrong.  If any of the four vote in favor of a contract for a vendor who gave them money, the BV will denounce it.

later this week I will request their financial disclosure forms so  I can watch for votes based on donations as to all 7 trustees

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We all know Pat Almighty will take no action against Ben Neece as it relates to pressuring Pery Ramirez in his office as it relates to the BISD election or allowing Montoya out of jail for free on what should have been felony charges. The last thing Pat Almighty wants is a municipal judge who is hard on drunks

Star Jones not only represents Pat Almighty, she represents along with Ben Neece Antonio Juarez and Art Rendon.  It would not serve Pat Almighty's personal needs to recommend the suspension of Ben Neece while his own attorney Star Jones is part of the problem with Ben Neece and the Art Rendon and Antonio Juarez cases.

Here is the kicker - if the Commission on Judicial Conduct opens an investigation before Pat Almighty's DWI trial he will face the reality that Star Jones  is his attorney and cocounsel with Ben Neece.  The question will be raised if he went silent to protect Ben Neece to keep Star Jones happy.


If you read the article on the Lucios you know that the man who funded the anti John Kerry campaign with the veterans is the same man now funding the Lucios luxurious life style in Austin.   This is separate from the fact he hosted a party for a key Republican -a key Republican who will decide if all this anti-latino legislation will move  forward.

The Lucios are not Democrats - they are political whores - plain and simple.   Brownsville has no voice - it has no leadership.

What is really sad is, I meet business people all of the time who tell me they do not want to donate to the campaigns but feel they must.  They just want honest people to be elected who can respectively disagree with one another.  They cannot understand how or why this is no longer an option in Brownsville.

To be fair - I am not sure it is really an option in most of the U.S. There are good and honest elected officials all over the U.S., but not enough to counter the corruption.  Personally I believe there is no solution.  The fundamental problems with the economy have not been corrected.  The divide between the Parties is too great to allow for a solution.  The stock market is beginning to make corrections. 

It is not good.  What I tell people is - buckle up - and get ready for another bigger recession.  China is in recovery - this means the price of oil and gas is going up.  This will certainly hurt our economy.   People will fly less and demand more fuel efficient cars.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have no idea what this means, but today Hockaday downloaded stories on Brett Springston - is he looking for work? I do not know - maybe it is for something else. Maybe it was just a friend looking to see what life is like for him in Brownsville.


What does a convicted drunk do when they cannot attack the facts, they attack the messenger.

Montoya and Quintanilla are judgment proof. I defy them to produce any document wherein Rick Zayas is my attorney of record. In the defamation lawsuit filed by Quintanills against me, I was dismissed. I am not even a party. Why would I need an attorney in a lawsuit wherein I am not a party.

These people cannot stop lying because they have no moral compass. Accion American nor Quintanilla have a lawsuit against me. It is that simple.


After you minus sales tax and non-profit items how much of the gross is left? We do not know - but yet somehow the vendor is cheating the sheriff. If you do not know the number how then can you know if the sheriff is being cheated?   If a number is ever produced and it shows the sheriff is being cheated, I will certainly denounce it.

What is the mark up by the vendor - no when knows - but yet it is gouging.

The state legislature decided that the taxpayers should not have to pay for inmate services. If you think this is wrong then ask Oliveira and the Lucio's to change the law.

Here is the plain and simple truth. If an item before tax costs one dollar $.35 of that dollar goes to the sheriff for inmate services. The only way you can significanly reduce the cost to inmates is to reduce the amount the sheriff gets.

If Cascos wants to do that - hey I am cool with that - but then he will have to look to the taxpayers to make up the loss - or reduce inmate services. Which will it be Judge Cascos- which will it be?

But back to numbers -

Let's say the item which costs a dollar actually only costs the vendor $.50. This would mean $.15 profit for the vendor and $.35 going to the sheriff. Okay fine cut the profit to $.05. This would mean based on rounding off numbers for every item of this nature sold the sheriff will get $.02 less. Who is going to make up that loss of revenue.  It is not about the one item, it is about reducing the vendors profit by 2/3rds, which will impact gross revenue across the board, thereby reducing significantly the amount received by the sheriff.

As I said from the first post - I will not defend Texas law on the issue. It has been a problem for as far back as I can remember.

All I have done is point out the facts - you cannot say the vendor is cheating the inmates when it is the sheriff getting 35%. You cannot say you are defending the taxpayers when the only real way to significantly reduce the costs to the inmates is to reduce how much the sheriff gets, which in turn means raising taxes.


We now know Quintanilla has gone off the deep end. He seems to think that by continuing his defamation false light against me he can distract from the facts. He cannot - but he does increase my damages against Jaime Escobedo, Enrique Escobedo, Pat Lehmann and his wife, Lucy Longoria and her husband and Cata Presas-Garcia and her husband to name just a few. They brought him here to create havoc and promote fraud on the people. Under the legal theories of joint enterprise and conspiracy they are all jointly responsible. You watch come late summer when the lawsuits are filed how fast they denounce Quintanilla - it will be too late.

I am the first to agree that something a federal judge said about him in 1995 is irrelevant, unless the evidence shows he is still the same man in 2011.

Quintanilla appears to have done about 6 months for (maybe less with good time - I do not have the exact number of months) one of the convictions. He was given 2 years probation for the other convictions. After he got out of jail motions to revoke his probation were filed. The judge tried to give him a chance but finally decided to send him back to jail “because of a pattern of violations that demonstrated Quintanilla was unsupervisable.” Date of entry 1/13/1995.

Now I agree 1995 is kind of remote to hold against someone - but as late as 2008 he was held in contempt - sentence suspended - for failure to pay his child support. When you look to the bankruptcy of his corporation the judge gave him a second chance after the Trustee recommended dismissal of the bankruptcy. Quintanilla failed to keep his promise and the judge dismissed the bankruptcy. In case after case wherein he has been sued and a judgment has issued - attorneys are forced to file motions to compel him to act in accordance with the law.

So you see - whether it is 1995, or 2011, he remains a wild hair. This is why I goat him on - I know he will respond and give me more evidence against the corrupt 4. Last year according to pleadings in Dallas County he passed 4 checks for $3,000 each to a company doing business with his bogus radio station “La Voz”. His deposition testimony tells a story of people just throwing money at him. He could not answer a simple question about how much of the money he got to keep. We know he did use it to cover the $12,000 in bad checks.


There are three DBA’s for Accion America in Dallas County. The first filed in 2007 shows a General Partnership between Jose Galvez and Carlos Quintanilla. This means Mr. Galvez will be equally liable for the judgment if Zayas and Cortez win their lawsuit.

Here is the problem - in 2010 Quintanilla testified as follows:

“25 Q. All right. And they're all sole -- I'm sorry. Go
page 26

1 ahead.
2 A. And Accion America the d/b/a, also.
3 Q. Okay. And all of these -- thank you. And all of
4 these are sole proprietorships owned by you, sir?
5 A. That's correct.
6 Q. All right. Are there -- do you have any other
7 partners? And when I mean partners, I mean people that
8 either participate with making decisions for these d/b/a's
9 and/or provide monies to these d/b/a's?
10 A. Could you repeat the question?
11 Q. Yeah. Do you have -- is it just Carlos
12 Quintanilla or do you have partners in this -- in these
13 endeavors of all these d/b/a's?
14 A. No. It's just Carlos Quintanilla.”

No, Just Carlos Quintanilla - but yet the DBA shows a General Partnership with Jose Galvez - Don’t worry Carlito Villalobos will not prosecute.

It does not end there - he also testified that he authorized a Margarita Santana to use the name for a Farmers Branch Chapter. Here is the problem - no such filing exists. There are two subsequent filings in 2008, wherein a Margarita Lara is listed as owning a LLC for Accion America. Does not exist - but the address is Quintanilla’s home in Dallas. There is a second in 2008 with the name of Margarita Lara as a sole proprietorship - again using Quintanilla’s address.

If Quintanilla speaks he lies.


The city of Lubbock has problems with Healthsmart and out of nowhere Quintanilla and Ted Parker show up to support a candidate who supports Healthsmart. To read Quintanilla’s deposition on the issue it is 100% coincidental.

BISD has problems with Healthsmart and out of the blue Quintanilla shows up in Brownsville. Now remember, I have already established he committed perjury as it relates to ownership of Accion America. No withdrawal was ever filed as to the ownership with Jose Galvez so he is still the co-owner.


John Barr State Bar # 01798700 does corporate and insurance work. His name came to my attention because I would see him reading the BV on an on and off basis. John Barr is Ted Parkers attorney and in fact filed the lawsuit in Dallas for Ted Parker against City of Lubbock officials. This is the lawsuit which was dismissed after Ted Parker agreed to pay the City of Lubbock $850,000.00


John Barr State Bar # 01798700

According to Quintanilla it is pure coincidence that he showed up in Lubbock at the same time as Ted Parker and they both ended up working for the same candidate. According to Quintanilla John Barr a corporate and insurance attorney who just happen to represent both him and Ted Parker. Coincidence my ass.

If you buy this - then please never read the BV again - you are beyond help.

When Quintanilla was asked about contributions from Healthsmart or Ted Parker he testified that the question was irrelevant.

“Page 62

13 Q. Okay. And so I'm asking you now. Does
14 Healthsmart or has Healthsmart and/or Ted Parker ever given
15 you any kind of financial contribution, or in kind
16 contribution, sir?
17 A. I think that's irrelevant. I don't think -- if
18 he's a Plaintiff, if he's a participant, I think that
19 question is irrelevant -“


If Quintanilla speaks he cons and lies. He wants people to believe the Herald just did an article on the Commissary contract - false - the article is a year old - there is nothing going on with the contract.

His complaint is no money is going to the county - false - the sheriff’s budget is county money - the 35% markup the sheriff imposes on commissary items, not Zayas or Cortez, goes for prisoner services. Without this 35% markup charged by the sheriff, the sheriff would have to go to the taxpayers for the money. This 35% mark-up saves the taxpayers money.

Carlos Cascos told NBC 23 he has no jurisdiction over this matter - it is a matter for the sheriff. Under the law the county cannot receive any of the money. Quintanilla lies because he is a very bad person without a moral compass to guide him.

"It’s under the sheriff's jurisdiction and the sheriff's jurisdiction alone. The sheriff is the individual by state statute that determines the commissary award. He reviews the contract. The negotiations are strictly done by the sheriff."

“The judge says although the organization has some valid points, Quintanilla may be misunderstanding some numbers.”

In the video Judge Cascos makes clear Quintanilla is misrepresenting the profits of the vendor.

So why is Quintanilla using a year old Herald article to make it look like something is happening now, and failing to tell people in his bogus press releases that Judge Cascos told him the county has no jurisdiction over the matter, and that he has his numbers wrong?

Answer - Quintanilla is a con-artist liar

Oh, he also testified that he has access to Cascos through Chris Valadez with whom he has had meetings. And we know from pictures he meets with Lehmann on a regular basis. We also know that just before he gave his deposition he met with Lehmann in Dallas, but that the two of them did not discuss the lawsuit according to Quintanilla. Do you believe him?.


Cascos through his actions and Chris Valadez is clearly one of the promoters of this professional con artist.  Through Quintanilla's testimony he had money being thrown out him for "La Voz" radio, but yet according to Dallas County filings wrote $12,000 in bad checks in 2010, - where is the money?

As an accountant you would think Cascos would know better, but then he is a politician first and accountant second.

It is something that Gilbert Hinojosa was so busy trying to defraud the voters it never occurred to him he could win the election by questioning Cascos' ties to this con man convicted felon.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Carlos Quintanilla's partner in Accion America is claiming he has turned over to the Dallas Police the following letter I sent him to notify him he has been sued in Cameron County and that if he is a victim to please let us know.

By going to the Dallas police he has only given me an additional cause of action.

Here is the letter:

Jose Galvez
Accion America
2661 Danny Lane
Farmers Branch, Texas 75234

Re: Wightman-Cervantes v. Jose Galvez dba Accion America

Currently pending in Brownsville, Texas is Zayas and Cortez vs Accion America

Dear Mt. Galvez:

Dallas County records show you and Carlos Quintanilla are the co-owners for Accion America. The records show a second filing was done also naming Margarita Lara. I spoke with the county attorney and was told the second filing may have been illegal because no withdrawal was ever filed as to the first. Legally this means you are still an owner of Accion America.

You have already been sued in Cameron County. You can contact Rick Zayas at

Zayas & Hernandez, P.C.
3100 E. 14th St.
Brownsville, Texas 78521

Unless you take appropriate action which may include filing criminal charges against Quintanilla if he changed the DBA without your approval you can be held accountable for the judgment which issues. And as I am sure you know, he has left numerous people without a remedy after a judgment issues against him.

If you are a victim you need to let us know. If you are a victim of Mr. Quintanilla you need to hire an attorney to correct the mess with the DBA. You cannot say you are a victim and not take action.

In two weeks if I have not heard from you I will initiate a Discovery lawsuit against Accion America. I will be seeking your deposition. It is certainly in your best interest to cooperate without a deposition. It is your choice.
You are the only one who knows the truth. You can voluntarily cooperate or answer the same questions in a deposition. But be advised if a judgment issues in Cameron County you could find yourself facing execution on that judgment in the case already filed by Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez.

Bobby Wightman-Cervantes

The DBA shows it to be a "General Partnership" This makes Jose Galvez equally liable. Now here is the kicker Mr. Galvez - filing a false police report to cover-up perjury just may be a crime.

Here is the problem - in 2010 Quintanilla testified as follows:

“25 Q. All right. And they're all sole -- I'm sorry. Go
page 26

1 ahead.
2 A. And Accion America the d/b/a, also.
3 Q. Okay. And all of these -- thank you. And all of
4 these are sole proprietorships owned by you, sir?
5 A. That's correct.
6 Q. All right. Are there -- do you have any other
7 partners? And when I mean partners, I mean people that
8 either participate with making decisions for these d/b/a's
9 and/or provide monies to these d/b/a's?
10 A. Could you repeat the question?
11 Q. Yeah. Do you have -- is it just Carlos
12 Quintanilla or do you have partners in this -- in these
13 endeavors of all these d/b/a's?
14 A. No. It's just Carlos Quintanilla.”
No Just Carlos Quintanilla - but yet the DBA shows a General Partnership with Jose Galvez - Don’t worry Carlito Villalobos will not prosecute.


The latest round came on December 3, 2010, when Rendon’s attorneys dismissed Aguilar, Colunga, Cortez, Zayas, and Springston from his federal lawsuit.  In his own words through his attorney he admits the claims were without a basis in law. BISD remains a party.  Remember the issue is simply BISD refusing to renew his contract.  This is going no where.  With knowledge of this reality, why did Presas-Garcia put on the agenda settlement of Rendon’s claims. It seems to me Navarro did a great job in his filings to force Rendon to see the writing on the wall that his claims were going no where. You now see why the con-artist convict Quintanilla and convicted drunk Montoya, the official voices for the corrupt 4 and Rendon and Juarez are attacking Navarro. He won the issue and forced Rendon’s hand so he must me attacked with out of context statements.

It does not end there. On February 9, 2011, the court will hear Rendon’s pathetic Motion to Disqualify Navarro. It is going nowhere. In Dallas both federal and state judges would sanction Frank Perez for the motion, but here in Brownsville the radical judicial activist Hanen will probably apologize to Rendon for the law.

Even if there were a basis for the motion, which there is not, the lawyer gets to serve all the way through the day of trial and in fact sit at trial counsel’s table during trial. So even if the motion were granted, which it will not be, Navarro stays in the case up until the point of a jury trial.

Rendon’s pathetic claim is Navarro is a witness for him and therefore cannot be the attorney for BISD. You get the idea that Frank Perez is a desperate idiot. You should know Ben Neece and Star Jones are also listed as counsel.

In order to prevail on this type motion you must specifically state the fact over which the two parties disagree. The attorney then must be a material witness on that fact. As is always the case with Rendon and his attorneys - they are short on facts. No such specific allegation has been made.

Lastly, an investigating attorney cannot be disqualified . If this were the case the DA would be disqualified in every case wherein the DA’s office does the investigation. Attorneys hired to investigate by public entities all take on the role of the DA and cannot be disqualified because as the investigative attorney they are close to the facts.

So in the end the motion is going nowhere. It just informs Judge Hanen that Frank Perez has no case for his client and he is desperate.


If you go back to Rendon’s original lawsuit in state court, after the judge issued a wrongful TRO in the case, and Rendon found himself having to testify under oath to support the TRO Ben Neece abandoned the TRO and let it expire. Ben Neece then filed an appeal. Upon realizing there was no basis for the appeal Ben Neece allowed the appeal for Rendon to be dismissed.

How many times does Rendon get to go to court and cost the taxpayer money, then dismiss the claims, before a judge will issue sanctions against attorneys? Money which should be going towards the children is being used to successfully defend against one frivolous lawsuit filed by Art Rendon after another. Where are the corrupt 4 on this waste of taxpayer money being caused by Art Rendon - it has Presas-Garcia leading the way saying - “pay Rendon with taxpayer money.”

Rendon has hired three clowns as his attorneys- Frank Perez, Ben Neece and Star Jones. This case along with Antonio Juarez’s case will become there legacies.


His attorneys went to federal court claiming that they had no time (when in fact they had weeks to ask the question) to ask Antonio Juarez if he opposed the motion to stay the trial of the case pending the appeal of the issues before the Court of Appeals. The court knows a liar when it sees one and stayed Antonio Juarez case. The word in the court house is judicial activist Hanen is taking the cowardly’s way out and is blaming his law clerk for the bizarre opinion and stating that had he checked his law clerk’s work he would have dismissed Juarez’s lawsuit out right.

Again this is why Presas-Garcia wants to settle the lawsuit now - before it is dismissed by the Court of Appeal.


When a source calls me I do not take notes - there is a reason for this. Most days if a source calls me I will type in the computer what they are telling me and then go with it that day or the next day. It is not really notes because it is in fact the story. There are occasions I sit on information for weeks. As my doctors will tell you my memory is not what you call solid at this time. I can be watching TV and when a commercial comes on and I forget what I am watching. On the memory issue, I am very hopeful that today the specialist will put me back on the hormone therapy which helped so much last time I was on it.

As it turns out Saavedra may have a score to settle with Hector Gonzales - who was the super - not Springston - when her husband took the early retirement. I probably had multiple people feeding me information over several days and with my memory problems I mixed up sources and information. Sometimes it just gets muddy. But the basic facts have been proven true through several sources.


Who tried to get information out of a 90 year old man? - the pathetic Ben Neece. At the awards ceremony for my brother in law on Saturday Ben Neece came over to the table to drill him. My brother in law is all too aware of Ben Neece and his family - very indirectly through marriage they are related. After Ben left the table my brother in law turned to me an laughed just how pathetic he was. He knew it was going to happen because I told him it would happen. Again who tries and drills a 90 year old man for information about me? Ben Neece - that’s who. His reputation remains intact.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Last night the Stillman Trust hosted their 2011 Awards Dinner at the Brownsville Historical Association's Alonso Building. It was nice.

I will get into the recipients in a minute, but first. I met a lot of people whose names I had seen in the paper or heard in the news. I got a great education about what is happening in Brownsville in terms of restoration of the older more historical buildings.

These are the people I most enjoy being around. Why? They are not politicians - they are the type people who make things happen. They understand the politics of politics and know if anything is to ever get done they must do it. These are private citizens who simply put their mind to things and then accomplish them. They are not out front claiming credit for other people's work or creating web page cites to their ego. These are the people who make a difference.

I met so many people who in my mind should have all been recipients of the awards. Thank god none of them will ever run for office - why? because then they would stop working to make Brownsville a better and more beautiful place.

I think the most interesting award went to Mr. Francisco Cermeno. His vision of Brownsville and what Brownsville can become is typical of so many new immigrants to the United States. It has historically been this constant influx of energy from immigrants which keep this country moving forward, and forcing the old guard to work harder if they want to compete.

Mr. Cermeno bought and restored the old Bollack Building 1223 E. Elizabeth, circa 1906. As a child he remembered his father bringing him across the river to shop at the store in the Bollack building. Something he said in Spanish caught my ear - he feels like other building owners in downtown do not share his vision of restoring the buildings.

What Mr. Cermeno has proven is, a private citizen can move downtown forward without having to wait for the City Commission to end its endless meetings or endless studies. Mr. Cermeno like so many of the people I met last night understand - if you want to move forward - move forward - you cannot wait for the government to take control and make things happens.

Mrs. Mellena Conner was also honored for her work in the parks. She was the force behind the Christmas village this past holiday season in Dean Porter park

My brother-in-law, Danny Montes was also honored for his work in the cemetery and many of the buildings already restored. As was noted either his father or grandfather were key builders of the buildings now being restored with Danny's assistance.

Danny is not some brick-layer laying bricks - he is hired for his knowledge. Larry Lof who gave him the award said it best - it takes someone like Danny - will be 90 in March - because he learned from the very people who constructed these buildings in the first place. A problem they always face is matching the mortar. Danny knows how the original mortar was mixed. He can match texture and color. As was also noted he knows the importance of making the mortar not as hard as the brick. Why? So when the building moves the mortar cracks and not the bricks.  No one can match old bricks they way Danny can.

The final award went to Mr. Alexander Stillman. He received the Legacy Award.

Not only to these 4 great residents of Brownsville do I say thank you, but to all of the people behind the scenes working hard to make these things happen. They are not politicians promoting themselves, they are workers building a better and more beautiful Brownsville.

The Herald just profiled another Mexican immigrant who has contributed to Brownsville. Roberto Ruiz. Again another example of the value new immigrants bring to our community.

A lot of the stone work is that of Danny Montes and his brother Isaac. I remember just getting in from Dallas one day when Danny told me to meet him at Mr. Ruiz's home. He was there with his brother Isaac carving the stones. These guys can take a raw stone, put it in their hand, look at the wall and using a pick axe shape the stone to fit. They did this for hours on end. I have no idea how their hands held up.

These are the people we should be celebrating.  These are the quiet heroes of Brownsville making it a better place.  They have no need to build web pages to their ego.  Their ego is seen in their workmanship an ego of pride and respect for themselves and their work.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


I decided that with the truce, and me being in desperate need for certain things I cannot get on this side of the border, I would venture over.

It was quiet. The Mexican officials were 100% professional in welcoming me to Mexico and when I left. There were not many U.S. Americans in Soriana. My wait time on the bridge was 10 minutes.

I basically felt secure. There seemed to be a calm in the city.

If you have been debating whether or not to go across - I say go - go to your favorite restaurant - buy your tequila - do some shopping - just go have fun.


I am not sure what this cartoon means in terms of this post, but it was just too funny to not post.

I live in Camarillo's district. I am not announcing. I am just asking a question. I can say this, if Tony Zavaleta is our only choice, then all of the progress made in Camarillo's district will be lost. You are delusional if you think he is going to be a proactive commissioner in the district. And that my dears is exactly the job of a commissioner who represents a specific area.

Who actually believes he will be out there picking up trash or cleaning graffiti? Someone needs to run if this district is to continue to have a real advocate for the district.


Bring me a commitment of $20,000.00 in campaign donations, a qualified campaign manager and a qualified treasurer and I will run.

How I see it:

When you are elected to represent a specific district 75% of your energy should go into the district. You should have the skills to build coalitions with other commissioners which will result in you getting what you need for your district. This is particularly important in terms of working with the mayor and the other two at larger commissioners whose job it is to represent the greater interests of Brownsville as whole.

In terms of the district I believe the commissioner needs to lead a campaign of pride in the neighborhoods. How our neighborhoods look is a reflection of who we are. Sooner than later the economy will recover and we will want the developers to come back to our district. We will want more businesses to open up in our district.

The district needs a commissioner who can and will be their advocate against BISD when the needs of their children are ignored. Right now parents have no idea how to defend the interests of their children. Their city commissioner is their logical choice.

A good city commissioner encourages his constituents to form community leagues which can speak as one voice in bringing issues forward unique to the district. As a city commissioner you cannot be afraid of the people. Your job in part is to empower the people with knowledge and teach them how to advocate for themselves while you act as the community voice. A good city commissioner builds a league of constituents who will fight tooth and nail for their community. I have never feared the voice of the people. It is the lack of a voice by the people which has us in this mess.

I have one one on one experience with Tony Zavaleta. I spoke with him when Peter was running for DA. To my question he said he could not answer it because he had not spoken with his brother for years and had no intention of ever speaking to him again. On that issue he seems to have good judgment.  But that's it.

(Possible correction - I am being told Tony is not Peter's brother - see insulting post - but I stand by the statement - I spoke with a Zavaletta tied to Imagine Brownsville who was or is at the university.  The statement was made. - sorry for any confusion - but my comment was actually a complement to Tony.)


When it served his needs he allowed Juliet Garcia to destroy TSC. We need a community college. While I agree it will be a very, very big long shot - I believe it is time the City of Brownsville begin the process of lobbying Austin to end TSC taxing authority and give it to a new community college known as Brownsville Community College and Job Advocacy Center.

The children of Brownsville deserve a chance at meaningful job training. It is like I have said a 1000 times. Robotics training is the future. The other day I bought 12 very heavy large Coca Cola glasses at Dollar Tree in San Antonio. They were each $1.00 and made in the U.S. - robotics. This is where the jobs are - you end welfare and all forms of public assistance by creating an environment for private enterprise which in turn creates jobs.

Yes, I am a socialist by design, so why promote private enterprise - because I actually know what socialism means - I am not this Michele Bachmann nut job claiming it is socialism to force people to go into the market place and buy health insurance from private insurance companies. But the ignorant will believe it is, and I cannot help that. One of the few things I know for sure is, you cannot reason with ignorance.

So again I am not announcing. Part of this exercise is to show someone can have ideas and be specific and fail - why? - because being a self serving politician who advocates for cronyism, which Zavaleta has- case in point - his wife - is what the people really want.

Only a fool throws himself under the bus, and that is what I would be doing if I ran. The people will always advocate for the candidate who puts out the best distractions.

By the way - does Tony intend to restore the speech of the people? I doubt it. Institutional politicians like Tony Zavaleta survive in the ignorance of the people which is why he will never support true and free speech or creating community leagues to speak the mind of the people.


A friend called and reminded me of two things I complain about in terms of the district.

We need a light coming out of the Walmart on Alton Gloor.  This is a major accident waiting to happen.

We need an HEB or Whole Foods Market store.  I shop at the HEB on Boca Chica more than half of the time.  I should not have to drive over to the other side of town to do groceries.  Walmart simply lacks in too many items for me to be happy at Walmart.  Maybe once a month I shop at the HEB on 802 for specialty items - but for the most part I am now buying my specialty items on line.

Friday, January 21, 2011


On the video draw the arrow to 1:26 - this is where Patrick Hammes comments begin.

He told the truth - so he must be destroyed.

Attacking the representative of 4000 unionized teachers speaks to the level of desperation of the corrupt 4. Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra have made known it is acceptable to attack Patrick Hammes for speaking the truth. The 4000 unionized teachers need to send the corrupt 4 a message they will no longer tolerate the conduct of their publicists, the con-man convict Quintanilla, the convicted drunk Montoya, or the promoter of pornography, and racist homophobe.

So what did Patrick say? He noted that the money lost on the Looney deal and $70,000 increase in the budget for Trustees to travel is enough money to pay for two teachers. Do we all remember the pathological liar Escobedo complaining that too much money was being spend by Cortez on travel - and what does he do? - he increased the budget by $70,000

The unforgiveable statement made by Patrick was noting the fraud by Healthsmart. Quintanilla cannot deny he is a hired gun for Ted Parker of Healthsmart. This was proven in Lubbock.

I want to know the name of any teacher willing to admit they find anything said by Quintanilla or Montoya to be truthful. I then want to see your teaching credentials. You cannot be mentally competent. These two are nothing more than con-men doing the bidding of the ultimate con-man - Pat Lehmann and his bully wife, unless of course Lehmann forged her signature and then she too is a victim.


The only way for the county to increase its revenue from the jail  commissary contract is to raise the % the contractor must pay the sheriff's department.  This means the cost to the inmates go up.  Further if you decrease the price of the items, the cut received by the sheriff's department goes down - which means taxes go up.  Again guys - all lies and this time it is part of a con to benefit a Pat Lehmann crony.  What we know with pictures in hand is, Montoya and Quintanilla write in exchange for Lehmann buying them lunch or dinner at Carino's or other establishments.

To understand the lie, they call gouging a 30% markup by the county, not the contractor, a theft of the county, and then say they are also gouging the inmates by agreeing to the 30% markup by the county, not the contractor. The price to the inmates go down 30% if the sheriff is willing to drop what is effectively a 30% sales tax on all items.   As is always the case - when the con-artist convict Quintanilla speaks or his convicted drunk firend Montoya - anything for a free meal from Lehmann - they con the people in aid of another con man Lehmann's corrupt agenda.

This is what we know for sure - Cascos openly solicited the help of all three of these con-artists to get reelected.  If he is now going to help them get the jail commissary contract as a political pay-off the State Republican Party needs to know he is not their candidate for the possibly new congressional district.

If this is yet another con-job by Quintanilla, Montoya, and Lehmann and Cascos is a victim - he needs to say so.  His silence will be taken as a drop dead "I'm all for the corruption."

Here are the facts in a nutshell.  The sheriff's department under the terms of the contract gets more or less 30% of the gross revenue.  To keep this simple I will assume gross revenues of $1 million dollars.  This means the sheriff's department would get $300,000.00 out of the $1 million in gross revenues.  If you reduce the amount of the gross sales then the sheriff's department will get less money.


Let's say by reducing the cost of the items gross revenues can be reduced to $750,000.00.   This means the sheriff's department's cut will only be $225,000.00.  Where will the lost $75,000 in revenue come from?  It will either come from the Cameron County taxpayers, or in the form of reduced services for the inmates.  How does this help the inmates or the taxpayers.  It helps neither - It helps Pat Lehmann and whomever he intends to push the new sheriff give the contract to in 2012 - that's it.  This is about creating a non-issue so that Pat Lehmann and his cronies can control the money by getting elected a sheriff they can control.

Again - someone tell me - how will the sheriff's department make up a loss of $75,000.00?


Under the contract controlled by the sheriff the vendor must automatically mark up the cost of the item by 30% to cover the sheriff's cut.  What do you think Walmart's markup is? - If Cameron County were to impose a 30% tax on the gross sales of Walmart what do you think would happen to their prices?

Yes we can remove the 30% markup imposed by the sheriff's department - but then what - we increase property taxes to cover the loss, or reduce services for the prisoners.  Who wins Pat Lehmann and his cronies.  At whose expense?  The taxpayers and the inmates.  It is a simple unfortunate reality - if you cut prices, you cut gross revenues - which means you raise taxes to make up for the difference, or cut services to the inmates. 

This is not about the prisoners - it is about playing games with numbers to confuse the people so that Pat Lehmann and his cronies can control the contract.  the payoff Montoya and Quintanilla eat for free at Carino's.

So Judge Cascos - are they lying about you, or are you on board to yet another con on the people? How much will this con you seem to support cost the people of Cameron County so Pat Lehmann and or his cronies can get their payback for supporting your campaign?

A little kicker - if it can be shown Pat Lehamnn is writing off his taxes the costs of the meals at Carino's every time he takes Quintanilla and/or Montoya out for dinner, he could find his business being the subject of a federal forfeiture under the RICO laws.  It certainly exposes his business for liability purposes as the lawsuits proceed come this summer.


The mayoral candidates, Martinez, Garza, Camarillo, Ahumada and Cardenas, and anyone else I may have missed, must answer this question - will they call for the immediate dismissal of Municipal Judge Ben Neece, if not, why not?  Also will Sossi and Cabler face discipline for not taking action by recommending the suspension of Neece pending an investigation by the Commission on Judicial Conduct. Why are they failing to take the lead on this story?

In the past Ben Neece has been suspended for his alleged misconduct - why in a case wherein the law is black and white, and the court documents are the best evidence, has  Cabler and Sossi not taken action?  Answer - a  few dead residents by drunks is a price which must be paid for dirty politics.

Again to the mayoral candidates - will this stand or will you take a position to protect the people?

The mayoral candidates are Martinez, Garza, Camarillo, Ahumada and Cardenes

What I am going to show is, Ben Neece to protect his personal friend Juan Montoya misrepresented his DWI crimes on his bond.  Under Texas law if you already have a DWI conviction the next one is DWI 2nd.  Whether the 2nd has been brought to trial or not and remains pending the next is DWI 3rd (a felony) and the next is DWI 4th (also a felony)  Ben Neece misrepresented on Montoya's PR Bonds the level of the alleged crimes so as to justify allowing Montoya to get out of jail effectively without posting any bond.

Here is the law.  You should know in July of this year the Texas Court of Criminal Appeal refused to reverse the El Paso Court of Appeals on this issue.  This is the law.  Each DWI whether pending or already having resulted in a conviction counts towards the total number which eventually makes it a felony.

"We respectfully disagree with Judge Johnson. Although Section 49.09 provides that a driving-while-intoxicated offense is a felony " if it is shown on the trial of the offense" that the offender was convicted twice before of driving while intoxicated, we do not believe the plain language of the statute labels the offense a misdemeanor at the time of its commission. See Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 49.09(b)(2). Rather, the statute provides that the offense is a felony, and the fact that the prior convictions are not proven until the trial does not alter the nature of the offense. Id.; see also Jones v. State, No. 14-06-00879-CR, 2008 WL 2579897, at *3 (Tex.App.-Houston [14th Dist.] July 1, 2008, pet. ref'd) (mem. op., not designated for publication) (rejecting similar complaint)."

Here are the facts as found in the bonds issued by Ben Neece, Juan Montoya's personal friend. 

December 11, 2008 - alleged crime DWI - released on PR Bond - meaning get out of jail free card.  This should have been listed as DWI 2nd given a previous conviction.

December 11, 2009 - alleged crime DWI 2nd - released on PR Bond - meaning get out of jail free card.  This under the case law was in fact DWI 3rd and a felony

January 3, 2010 - alleged DWI 2nd - released on PR Bond - meaning a get out of jail free card.  This under the case law was in fact a DWI 4th - and in fact a 3rd in just over a year.   Again a  felony under Texas law.

Here is a good summary of the law in Texas for DWI 3rd - note Montoya should have been given a minimum jail sentence of two years.

"DWI, Third Offense (or greater): Third degree FELONY

Fine - A fine not to exceed $10,000.00.

Jail - Confinement in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Institutional Division (Penitentiary) for a term of not less than 2 years nor more than ten (10) years.

Deep lung air device - Deep lung air devices are generally ordered on all persons convicted of three or more DWI's both as conditions of bond and as conditions of any occupational or provisional licenses that may be awarded after conviction.

Community Service - Texas law mandates that a judge order not less than 160 hours nor more than 600 hours.

Suspension of license - A person convicted of DWI, Second may have their driving privilege suspended for not less than 180 days or more than two (2) years.

Other - A third conviction for DWI indicates a significant problem with alcohol to the Court or jury assessing punishment. Some type of rehabilitative treatment is therefore mandated in punishment if confinement in the penitentiary is to be avoided. In some cases an in-patient, incarceration program (Substance Abuse Felony Probation SAFP) is ordered. This program requires confinement in a State Facility for alcohol rehabilitation. After successful completion of the SAFP program, the person is then released and placed on probation for a term not to exceed ten (10) years. Another popular condition for habitual DWI offenders is a prescription for a drug named "Antabuse". This drug will make a person violently ill if any alcohol is consumed. The alcohol can be contained in mouthwash or marinated food and will still have the same effect on the user. If a person has any type of liver problems, this drug can cause liver failure and death.

Texas law does not provide for any increased punishment after DWI, third offense. If a person presents a DWI, fourth offense or beyond, the typical punishment is confinement in the penitentiary from two (2) to ten (10) years without probation being granted. In some cases SAFP may be granted upon proper request and showing that it is appropriate.

Intoxication Assault

Third degree Felony "A person commits an offense if the person, by accident or mistake, while operating a .... motor vehicle in a public place while intoxicated, by reason of that intoxication causes serious bodily injury to another" {Texas Penal Code §49.07}. " 'Serious Bodily Injury' means injury that creates a substantial risk of death or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ".

Fine - A fine not to exceed $10,000.00.

Jail - Confinement in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Institutional Division (Penitentiary) for a term of not less than 2 year nor more than ten (10) years.

Community Service - Texas law mandates that a judge order not less than 160 hours nor more than 600 hours."

Where is Marc Sossi, and Charlie Cabler on this mess?   - "until we have body bags we do not give a shit - leave Ben Neece alone."


Thursday, January 20, 2011



Before this morning's article on BISD's decision to cover Presas-Garcia's attorneys fees, she went haywire through her convicted drunk mouth piece and attacked the Herald for the crime of covering the events at the Board meeting. This desperate woman is so convinced of sense of delusional power she actually believes she gets to decide what the people are allowed to know and not know.

In reality the Herald, true to form, did not cover the story. They had no room Hammes taking the Board to task - they had no room for the deductible on the insurance policy, they had no room to explain Joe Rod in his lawsuit alleged she was being sued as a private citizen, they had no room to tell the people the amount of the insurance deductible.

BUT they had space to tell the people of Brownsville the holiday schedule at BISD is changing. I do not know who is more pathetic Daniel Cavasos as the publisher of the Herald or Presas-Garcia having a tyrannical breakdown because the Herald sough to report the event regarding her attorneys fees.

Now, let's ask who is the spokesperson for these desperate corrupt 4?

A convicted con-man felon - Carlos Quintanilla - has multiple judgments against him in Dallas- twice held in contempt of court for failing to pay child support, and is currently being sued on a claim he bounced multiple $3,000 checks in 2010.

A convicted drunk who in the course just over a year was arrested 3 times for DUI and went to jail for it.

A promoter of pornography, racism and homophobia  who depicts elected officials with pictures of excrement and performing sexual acts on one another.

This is the best these desperate corrupt 4 can do. Saavedra has either fabricated her credentials or she completely lacks a moral compass.


This is the argument being urged by the mouth pieces of the corrupt four. If the lawyer who helped BISD put the case together against Rendon and Gonzales appears to have problems then the evidence is bad. No - the evidence is bad if it is not supported by reality. Rendon's lawsuit is bizarre - in Dallas a federal judge would have already tossed it and sanctioned the lawyer - but Brownsville is stuck with the radical judicial activist Hanen, so until the Court of Appeals get the case Brownsville is screwed.


So this is what we know, Navarro was recorded saying to the effect "I know what you want and I can get you there." So what did they want? We do not know. And every idiot falling for this deserves to be victims.

Under the convicted drunk's reasoning because Navarro's words can be manipulated Rendon and Gonzales were screwed. This drunk is so far gone he cannot see that under his own standard he is less credible because he himself just got out of jail.


The TEA reviewed the facts and found just cause for the dismissal of Gonzales. Gonzales' refusal to denounce the convict or drunk has sealed his fate in education. He could not get a job in education training mobsters, because even they question his poor judgment in failing ot denounce the convict and drunk.

How about Rendon, Juarez, and Gonzales do this - have their mouthpieces - the convict and drunk print the evidence they claim support their allegations. Never is going to happen - why? Because it does not exist.

Again I provide you the TEA report. Why not have Rendon, Juarez, and Gonzales go through every factual finding by the TEA and state why the real evidence shows the factual findings to be false. Answer: They cannot - so they use distractions and manipulation of words to dupe ignorant people.

Page 20 - a survey of campus principals had 44 of 48 principals having no confidence in Art Rendon - in fact Gonzales himself verified Rendon would self destruct. According to the drunk Montoya this does not form evidence for dismissal of Rendon

Page 13 ¶ 48 of the TEA findings prove that the only reason BISD hired Navarro to investigate Rendon was as a response to his grievance and lawsuit What, BISD was to just fold and not respond? - again the con artist convict fails to disclose essential facts.

Page 13 ¶ 52 of the report verifies Rendon's resistance to the Board doing an oversight of his department by forcing his supervisor to turn over the documents being requested by the Board

Pages 16-20 to learn how Gonzales gave Lehmann the political payoff and appointment of Rendon with the removal of Susan Fox. When Rendon failed to qualify for the position because he did not have the proper certification Gonzales removed the requirement and appointed Rendon as Interim Administrator. When the corrupt 4 are willing to denounce Gonzales for this, then they might have credibility.

The real kicker is the findings in ¶¶ 82-84 - The Board simply ignored these findings and turned around as a political favor to Escobedo and gave the job to Kathleen Jimenez. Nothing changed - just another political appointment which leaves the employees and principals feeling hopeless.

The corrupt four will live with the legacy they have created in recruiting a convict and drunk as their publicists. Again I must ask - did Saavedra actually graduate the university or are her credentials fabricated? Because if she did graduate the university she is living proof our universities are now graduating any complete idiot with money to pay for the diploma.