Wednesday, December 22, 2010


In addition to the CPAP mask I wear at night so I do not stop breathing I wear this. I am cool with it - what is funny is how the marketing team writes it up.

"Tiara Medical Systems has designed a comfortable, easy to use, and effective extra large adjustable chin strap for CPAP patients. A snug and secure design ensures that the patent's chin will be held in place while the patient enjoys a comfortable sleep experience. This attractive CPAP chin strap comes in a muted tan, and is completely adjustable and universal. All the same benefits of Tiara Ruby chin strap, with the convenience of velcro, adjustable straps."

Yes I am sleeping with an oxygen mask and chin strap and my interest in the product is, it is attractive."  Yes, it is an accessory to make me more sexually attractive when I sleep.

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