Saturday, December 4, 2010


The Herald has the story. In my view this did not happen without the knowledge and consent of Juliet Garcia. This means faculty forced Juliet Garcia's hand in the matter. This means she has a faculty revolt on her hands.

Tony Zavaleta was not demoted as retaliation by Juliet Garcia - he was demoted for unethical conduct - it should surprise no one again when it serves his purposes McHale runs to cover-up the corruption in Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

What did McHale do?

Anonymous said...

Tony made his bed; now he needs to lie on it! He is the top bully at TSC/UTB. He knows everything and every one else is wrong. Just ask his colleagues. He even does it to his students in his class.

BobbyWC said...

I always have a problem with anony posts about bullies and how people treat their students - I am not saying the statements are true or false - I am saying for all we know the poster is someone who merited a "D" and got a "D" and now seeks to use anony as a way to settle a score.

The bottom line is garicia's flunky fell because of a rebellion by staff - this rebellion was in fact against Juliet Garcia - the board members should take note.

Bobby WC

Juan Moreno said...

Zavaleta is not stupid. There is no way he would give his wife and other staff members a raise without having the approval of the powers that be. The man was in charge of faculty and his wife happened to be a faculty member who was in line for a raise along with the rest or some of her department and there is no way that this wouldn't have to be approved by someone. On top of everything, how many people actually get jobs without knowing someone in some form or another. Whether this guy is a bully or not is not the issue, the issue is that his "unethical conduct" was known before, during and after it happened and was known and had to have been okayed by others before it could go threw.

BobbyWC said...

You hit the mail ln the head - ihate distractions when there is a clear issue

This is why I am saying this was a revolt aganist Juliet garcia herself - they took out one of her henchmen - it was personal on her

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

No, Tony was not her henchman. He was a viable replacement of Julieta. That is why these socalled independent faculty filed an anonymous complaint. I wouldn't be surprised to find that they are known brownnosers. If these transparency defenders were so transparent, we would know the names of each and every one of them. I know I'm anonymous, but I'm not demanding transparency. When did the raise allegedly take place? Months before? The date of the phone call was October 9, days after the TSC workshop on the partnership agreement. No, this wasn't a move to attack Julieta. And if you believe it was, I've lost all faith in you.

BobbyWC said...

I am willing to keep an open mind - but here is the scoop - assuming the Herald got the story right - I agree a big assumption - you cannot defend how she got the job - you cannot ignore what happened because some people believed he was a viable replacement to Juliet Garcia

So maybe she did orchestrate it - but was the result wrong - assuming the allegations are true?

Juan Ramos said...

The story is suspect from the very beginning, "UTB-TSC official resigns his post". This would assume that Zavaleta willingly stepped down from his position. Then the Herald throws in another subtitle "Associate provost departs after inquiry". Okay lets make the story sound even more interesting. I understand the sensationalism and the reason for it,however, reporting on only one side of the story and then topping it off with anonymous sources is not necessarily the way I want my news.

Which leads me to the why Zavaleta declined comment. Personally, I think the guy may have decided to take the higher road knowing that this witch hunt could only end in so many ways.

Nonetheless, the conspiracy theorist in me leaves room open for possible comments coming straight from the horses' mouth could bring other people down.

Either way, this entire story has a stink to it that makes me believe that the Herald or an independent reporter or blogger should attempt to reach out to Zavaleta and persuade him to tell his side, anonymously if necessary, since reporting things anonymously is apparently so widely accepted. I'm more than positive that things are even uglier than they already look.

This Garcia woman had complete knowledge of this situation and the fact the she chose to take the cowardly route when confronted with the facts and throw someone else under the bus truly shows her true colors but I suppose her true colors have always really been known. I suppose that it is neither here nor there.

BobbyWC said...

I do not disagree with one word you said - maybe you can get him to talk - I will post it here.

But in the end can you defend how she was fired and put on a tenure track?

Just because dirty politics lead to the result does not mean what happened with her highering is okay

Bobby wC

Juan Ramos said...

If in fact it happened how the newspaper reported the situation, no I can not defend these actions.

However, I do not believe that the he had the power to over rule an entire department on top of a search committee, nor do I believe that he could have acted alone in hiring her or placing her on the track she ended up on.

Another thing that the article does not mention is the others who received similar promotions in within the same department.

My main issue is that the entire story is not being reported, as journalist I believe the digging into not just this incident but other underhanded tactics occurring at the university should continue.

I will attempt to reach out to him but I do not see why he would decide to make any comment much less tell me his side of the story. A person at his office has already initially responded with a no to my request for an interview.

My "anonymous" sources indicate that the complete story is not being reported and at this point I'm left with just that unless I can persuade someone closer to the matter to talk to me.

However, my opinions are moot at this point because there is nothing that I personally can do. We should realize that the entire system is corrupt and that putting out small fires here and there may help somewhat, the main blaze will continue to burn as our society continues to deteriorate.

BobbyWC said...

I agree with you there were more people involved - he was made the sole fall guy - Juliet Garcia may have decided to look like she opposes this so she got behind the demotion.

This is the problem when you have many people with dirty hands someone with the most to lose must go - had he fought it and made a big deal over it he could have found himself and his wife out of jobs.

This could have been the compromise - he and his wife keep their jobs if the other people were kept protected

Bobby WC