Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Pena was not paying attention and voted for the interim counsel of Thompson when in fact she wanted to discuss the issue of whether or not spending the money on interim-counsel was financially sound.

Presas-Garcia immediately interrupted her and would not allow her to speak. Pena accused her of being rude and trying to shove this down the board's throat. Presas-Garcia was out right rude.

Pena raised the issue that the board needed to reserve the right to not allow Thompson to hire a local attorney who was rejected by the board. Presas-Garcia came back and said that it is Thompson's right to hire a firm rejected by the Board. This is wrong - the board can reject the final contract if this issue is not included.

Interesting - Escobedo left after the vote - but upon learning Presas-Garcia was out of control came back and took control of the meeting. He shut it down and they left.

I am amending the FBI complaint to now include Thompson - the managing partner and all key partners will have all documents related to this matter. It is inconceivable to me that any reputable firm upon receipt of the proof of the million dollar contract and Escobedo's all too willingness to accept money from Oliveira and then recommend Oliveira as counsel would work for this district. They are not going to knowingly get themselves in the middle of a black and white criminal investigation.

Saavedra proved she cares not one iota about the children. She wants to say we need to stop spending money in a wasteful way. When Pena tried to raise the argument, Saavedra sat there and said nothing - $100,000.00 of instructional money down the drain and Saavedra remains silent.  Saavedra lies because she has no conscience - she is an advocate for herself and no one else - again Saavedra what have they promised you and your husband?

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