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A reader has just informed me of the following:

FIRST MEETING JAN 3, 2011 AT 6:30pm at the All Souls' UU church on Paredes Line across from Oyster Bar and next to Lone Star Bank. 

If you are a parent with a gay or lesbian or transgender or transsexual or hermaphrodite child I strongly recommend you attend.  I can tell you with 100% certainty that you will have a healthier and happier child if you become part of this group. 

I have been asleep most of the day with my fatigue only to wake up to this email from a reader.  A very,  very heart warmed thank you to the reader for allowing me to get this information out.

I started to think about this - and I realized my association with PFLAG goes back to before Clinton was elected the first time.  I was at the first meeting for the FTW chapter and while speaking I warned them for tax purposes they needed to stay on focus with their mission.   I warned them to stay out of the presidential election. 

Sandy who later went on to die of colon cancer, was one of the original Dallas organizers I worked with who then set up the FTW chapter.  She walked out of the room when I made the following comment.

"Politics can get this group in trouble with the IRS, but beyond that do not be duped by implied promises made by Bill Clinton on the issue of gay rights, and in particular gays in the military.  He is misleading you.  If you want the prohibition rescinded then vote for George Bush I. "  You see we knew Cheney's daughter was a lesbian, and the Department of Defense spokesperson Pete Williams was a long time gay  friend of the Cheney family, and had in fact worked for Dick Cheney back when he was a congressman.  We had a commitment the ban would be lifted.

At the time I had been  doing a number of national tv shows and appearances on the issue of gays in the military.  In fact on a DFW talk show I debated US Congressman Joe Barton on the issue.  Joe was determined to believe we were going to force sex on everyone.  When I asked him why it is an issue for two men to have sex in the barracks, but it was okay the endless nights I slept in the hallway because my roommate had a whore in the room - the satellite feed came to a convenient end.  I met his brother several years later who had become a judge.  He was one of the most honorable judges I had ever met.  He, unlike so many others, earned the title.  I was in a difficult case so he agreed to oversee 8 depositions on a Saturday in his courtroom.  Without the other side being allowed to play games I did 8 depositions in just under 8 hours.  The case settled the following Monday of $25,000.00 .  This is the case the State Bar declared to be frivilous.  US Congressman Joe Barton's brother did not see it as frivilous.

Okay, back to the story -

People do not realize there were two, but now only one, anti-gay federal laws in this country.  Both were proposed and signed into law by Bill Clinton.

You see before DADT the ban on gays in the military was via executive order.  This meant Bill Clinton had the legal authority to end the policy with the stroke of a pen.  As Bill Clinton was getting ready to be sworn in I was being interviewed in my home in Arlington by a reporter with Ed Bradley's "Street Stories."  

The reported called Ed Bradley in the middle of the interview and told him I was a bad interview because I was claiming Colin Powell would openly oppose the lifting of the ban and Bill Clinton would have to cave.  He told Ed that I was too biased to understand that as Chief of Staff Colin Powell would not dare oppose the president.

My piece aired a couple of days after Clinton's swearing in.  It went with my claims Colin Powell would oppose Clinton on the issue.  At that point it was an all out war of words in the press between Clinton and Powell.

It is weird how my long term memory is so detailed, whereas  I cannot tell you who has called me on the phone today - no idea - no memory - LOL.

Anyway years later before Sandy of the FTW PFLAG chapter died, we saw each other at a PFLAG event in Dallas and she walked up to me and apologized  for walking out of the meeting when I told her group that Bill Clinton was not trustworthy on the issue.  By this time we had DADT and DOMA - both of Bill Clinton's anti-gay federal laws.  For me it was water under the bridge.  In politics I learned a long time ago, people will only hear what they want to believe - you cannot make them hear what is being said.

For the record I voted for Bill twice - but I did not vote for him on the gay issue - I knew with 100% certainly Dick Chaney and George Bush were going to lift the ban on gays in the military - that is not how I vote - I truly despised George Bush and how he lead the failure of the Savings and Loans, and Banks with a blind eye in the sky.  Without those failures we would have had a balanced budget.  Further he was way too in bed with the radical right - our future on liberty was scary.


This morning when I saw the Herald had an article on a church accepting gays and lesbians I thought - about time. Guys - no comments on what the Bible says - because the same book which says no to gay sex says stone your disobedient children to death. You do not get to pick and choose which versus you like.

I though this was going to be a heyday for the homophobes to post their comments to the Herald and in effect make Brownsville look homophobic. I can say with 100% confidence with the exception of a handful of closeted gays attacking me, I have not seen any real evidence of homophobia in Brownsville.

I went to opening night of "Broke Back Mountain" in Brownsville. The theater appeared to be sold out. The audience received the film with great respect. I was amazed how many couples were at the movie.

So my hats off to the people of Brownsville for how they appear to be receiving the article. It should shock no one that Carlos Quintanilla continues to support the military's old policy of labeling gay troops with non-specific mental illness. He is such a great civil rights leader.   What kind of advocate for children supports labelling gay children with a non-specific mental illness?  A con-artist.

Brownsville needs a PFLAG chapter. I did the incorporation and 501c3 paperwork for both the Dallas and Ft Worth Chapters. They proved key to helping children come out of the closet and in educating the local school districts.

I got away from the Dallas PFLAG chapter when they decided to go political - which was not their mission. Their mission was to bring in parents in a non-political environment and educate them in how to receive and help their child.

Side notes - my first civil rights march was in Dallas - it was an anti-Robert Bork rally. The slogan was "One Justice away from an Injustice." The audience was a gay audience organized by the gay community. The lead speaker got up and opened up with this line "if you are anti-abortion you are anti-gay." People started to walk away - the message was clear - you could not be part of the Dallas gay rights movement if you did not support abortion. That one little line divided and hurt the gay rights movement in Dallas for years. This is why organizations like PFLAG need to be apolitical.

I am more than willing to help any two parents incorporate and obtain the 501c3 needed for the local chapter. In fact I can tell you, things have changed since the Dallas chapter was formed. The national organization is providing a lot more help than in the old days. It would not surprise me if they have standard forms at this time to help parents organize their local chapter.

Parents - your 14 year old son or daughter needs to hear you say - "sex does not make you gay - it is in your heart. I accept you and will support you. But please - do not confuse sex with being gay. You can be gay and abstain from sex until you meet the right person - the person who will help you build a lasting relationship based on love, commitment and duty."   PFLAG teaches this message to the parents - a message which will make for a happier and healthier child.  the reality is, every parent should be teaching this message to all of their  children.

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