Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Well guys, after this post I am back to bed, if I hope to be awake at noon for another round.

Last night Saavedra kept on saying she wants to protect the children and instructional money - but she lies and her actions prove it.

She voted against 100% free money to build an Early College High School which in the end would have netted a profit for BISD. She claimed that after the grant money runs out BISD will be caught with the bill. She is not stupid - just evil at the core of her soul.

Overcrowding is a major problem when it comes to high schools and dropouts. A free new high school which will relieve overcrowding and with Brownsville current growth will be needed sooner than later, and Saavedra says in the interest of the children - no we do not want free money - or the extra two million which will go into the general fund. This is two million which goes to instructional an she opposed it.  grant money or not, BISD still needs to educate these children.  The grant money was bogus.  She first tried to con the people by claiming with UTB leaving Brownsville who will teach these children.  This was an evil con by a liar from the moment she opened her mouth.

BISD's chess program is known throughout the world - Saavedra actually tried to stop the vote which would allow the superintendent to authorize the travel without board approval. The purpose was to allow for plane tickets at $200 versus $700.00. Saavedra would prefer the district use instructional money to pay for the higher tickets.

Remember what I said - this is a con to create a record to justify firing Springston - Presas-Garcia and Longoria are illiterate twits who are naturally easliy conned by a convicted felon - not Saavedra - she has been promised something and is going along for whatever it is she has been promised.

The entire night was Pena, Aguilar and Escobedo trying to put positive things out there, with Saavedra, Longoria, and Presas-Garcia tearing down the school district and trying to create a record against Springston. Their con-artist felon friend put out word on their intentions earlier in the day.

Today Saavedra will continue with using instructional money to aid Presas-Garcia in settling her personal score against Walsh Anderson - Saavedra will vote to use upwards of $100,000 of instructional money to higher new counsel and bring them up to snuff.

Saavedra lies because she can - in any real community with a real newspaper there would be daily editorials against these three "w"itches. But this is Brownsville where we have a terror journalist by the name of Daniel Cavasos running the show.

On the law firms chosen by Presas-Garcia three should be disqualifed from square one - Oliviera not even remotely close to the others in qualifications - quit BISD once, and gave money to Escobedo.  Pruneda - sued BISD for Presas-Garcia which included a frivolous lawsuit against the Trustee who beat Presas-Garcia - Gilbert - and O'Hanlon - they represented Noe Sauceda against BISD - you cannot play both sides of the fence - further someone needs to put on the record a demand that Presas-Garcia deny she met with O'Hanlon.


Anonymous said...

I'm disappointed in Saavedra. Many people I know say she is a good person but something just does not feel right.

Anonymous said...

Saavedra we believed in you and you used us all. Why, Why, Why!!!! What did it cause to taint your integrity?????????????? Is it worth your hard earned education????? What must people think of you now?????? Save yourself for the people while there is still time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she feels that she can get away with it!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Saavedra will not go against the people who got her elected.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, Now Saavedra tell us that she will not go against the people who got her elected. How Sad that she thinks the Bad people got her elected. Is she shooting to be the black sheep of the doctoral degree receipants. Or is the anonymous post on her "not going against the people who got her elected" Saavedra herself? If it is her I ask "BROWNSVILLE WHAT AND WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO THE BISD STUDENTS?"

Anonymous said...

It's about her agenda bisd is secondary. What do people expect without coverage from the local newspaper?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, Is Saavedra really that dead set on ruining her credibility as an educator? Why???? How much did they paid her to do that????????????????????? Can someone please tell her that once her credibility is gone her her name will be mud in this community. Can you believe that Presas-Garcia convinced her to vote against all the school projects and then Presas-Garcia backstabs her and votes for one of the projects. Presas-Garcia just wanted to try and look good towards the project that has the most people paying attention. How Sad that people can be so cruel to our students. Saavedra your students looked up to you and you failed them!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saavedra you disappointed the people who voted for you and this is just your first month in office. What do you have in store for the rest of your term??????????? God Help Us All!