Monday, December 6, 2010


I now have independent verification that Caty Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria lied about a plane trip they took together.  They were seen at the airport and when asked why they were there the allegation is they lied.
Upon their return they put word out they wanted the Austin law firm of O'Hanlon to be the new counsel for BISD.  What I am being told is, Presas-Garcia put Oliveira and Pruneda on the list as distractions so that they can say - look we have conflicts with these firms so we cannot vote for them.  This is the word being put out by convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla.  It is a con being orchestrated by the biggest con artist of all.

Pena, Aguilar, Colunga and Saavedra need to go on camera and demand that Caty Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria go on record and deny having met with O'Hanlon.  This process is so tainted that only an incredibly corrupt or stupid Saavedra would not publicy support keeping Walsh Anderson at this point.  A family friend of Saavedra  told me this morning that I need to lay off the corrupt issue - the reality is she is just stupid - now that is very sad.  As to other people trying to stick up for her - not my problem - tell her to do the right thing and to stop what is happening.

Today I am opening an investigation into why Saavedra's husband suddenly retired out of nowhere from BISD.  What I am being told is there were complaints which never made it to the level of the Board, but that rather than allow the complaints to move forward he resigned/retired.  People need to understand that a complaint does not mean it is valid.  Further sometimes people just retire than be involved in the process - the process can be difficult and retiring is just easier.

I am also opening an investigation into a newly formed insurance company which has offered the family member of a board member a job.

Saavedra if you think I am being hard on you now - wait until Wednesday morning.


Anonymous said...

Bobby you are are truly a genious

Anonymous said...

o'Halan is a dumb a@@shole, not worth lo que tapa un gato.

Anonymous said...

Bobby we love you, Bobby Cervantes for Mayor.