Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A reader asks if this is possible. I say yes - but we have no leadership to make it happen. I have said people need to look at the West End model in Dallas. You begin with a parking garage. Money is cheap right now - I would support a bond issue wherein the city borrows the money needed to build a parking garage. But we cannot go cheap. It should be at least as big as the garage in the West End of Dallas.

Why would I open a piano bar downtown, which I would like to do, if my customers have no place to park? I am not going to ask my customers to walk down side streets which may not be safe.

The situation in Mexico will change soon. Colombia is becoming a tourist country again. It was a long war, but it appears well under control. I would have no problem going to Colombia on business. In fact I would welcome the opportunity.

The weir dam needs to go forward as part of our water policy. In time as things change in Mexico the river will develop.

My anger towards our elected official is their failure to see the greatness in Brownsville. I hate to no end the racists who blame Mexican culture for Brownsville's problems. Corruption in Brownsville began with the Anglo control of the city. The techniques of corruption were taught to local politicians by their Anglo predecessors.

Does this mean I think Anglos are the problem - no - a lack of virtue is the problem and this problem is seen in all races, genders, and political affiliations.

I have pushed this deal with Pan Am because it represents a different time in Brownsville's history. The leaders failed us through their short sightedness. Now, I know enough when all is done Brownsville will not be Pan Am's hub - other than for cargo. In terms of commercial flights the most we can hope for is a flight to Houston or Mexico City. Either of these cities will be their real hub in terms of commercial flights to Latin America. We are not going to have Pan Am flying non-stop from New York for a connection to Lima, Peru, through Brownsville. We are going to have commuter flights to Houston or Mexico City for connection to Lima. Peru and beyond.

Sorry for the diversion - but the point is - Pan Am represents a different time - a time when Brownsville was on the map.

To answer the question originally posed - if this city commission is willing to borrow the money to build a good size parking garage downtown the developers will come. The question is, does Brownsville have the leadership needed to see the need for a parking garage?


Anonymous said...

I agree with the post this would me nice. The leadership has always been the problem for everything.

Anonymous said...

obviously speaking as someone that has not been to the West End in a decade.....it's a ghost town compared to other areas, it's the joke of Dallas as an entertainment area. I'm sure you could find a better example. Parking garages don't do anything.....roofs/residential areas in close proximity drive it.

BobbyWC said...

your post is misleading - first and foremost when I go to Dallas and the West End I park in the parking garage -

Second the West End used to be the big entertainment district - but as the Artsy area east of downtown Elm) developed people started to go there - then the M street area developed and people started to go there - then you have Cedar Springs

eash have a different audience - only the West End is family oriented - the other three are not family oriented - except maybe the restaurants - but certainly not the night life.

Now Brownsville - unless you suspect that Brownsville has the population to create 4 districts - artsy sort of new age, jazz, gay, and community then the comparison is dishonest.

Brownsville can only support one entertainment district - a parking garage is key - there is no where to park downtown

Now what might happen is a developer decides to develope an entertainment district away from downtown where parking lots are still an option and then downtown would be lost forever.

But at the end of the day without a parking garage downtown is going nowhere - that is my point.

It serves no one to compare Dallas to Brownsville beyond specific success stories.

I agree the West End is not the central entertainment district it use to be since Elm Street, M Street, and Cedar Springs became big areas - but Brownsville will no time soon be able to accomodate 2 entertainment districts - so the question is - downtown which means we need a parking garage or somewhere else which will mean the death of downtown for good,

And for the record when I am in Dallas and go to the West End the garage is almost always full. People come from all over the DFW area to enjoy the West End - they need to park

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the Sundance Square are of downtown Fort Worth with the Bass Concert Hall.

Anonymous said...

Hidalgo County is moving forward with Commuter rail, and hopes to have it within the next five years.

What about Cameron County? where are our plans to have commuter rail here?

BobbyWC said...

They are waiting for imagine Brownsville - start walking - but that is a great issue - I will add it to the issues in the mayor's race

Thanks for the idea

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You say the "racist" who blame the Mexican culture and the very next sentence you become the RACIST and blame the Anglos.

How hypocritical is that?

The CRIMINAL MEXICANS are to blame for the corruption. That is where it came from, the mordida? That was not invented by Anglos, that was all MEXICO!!

Wake up and stop pointing fingers at everyone else.....we need to point the fingers at ourselves first.

BobbyWC said...

You are an illiterate moron who cannot read English - never said what you say I read - learn to read English.

I guess only Mexicans use bribes - can you really be that poorly educated

Bobby WC