Tuesday, December 7, 2010



When you refuse to authorize the sale of more bonds, Saavedra, and the high schools become over crowned and more students drop out what will you tell their parents - “But the convicted felon Quintanilla told me this would be good for them.”

Convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla has informed Saavedra that she should not worry herself with investigations because my investigations go nowhere.

Both Enrique Escobedo and Robert Sanchez were forced to sign agreed orders with the Texas Ethics Commission after I investigated and filed complaints against them.

As I pointed out earlier today, Republican Administrtive Judge Pat McDowell lost his job in Dallas after I represented Frank Sharpe a whistleblower who exposed the Tower Meeting conspiracy to have the $119 million dollar judgment voided against the Dallas Diocese.

I investigated follow the money and a week before Escobedo was tricked on the record to disclose the Oliveira story I broke the story and Escobedo found himself sitting there without even being able to get a second on his motion.

I investigated Art Rendon not once but twice and got the TEA twice to investigate and issue findings against BISD over his incompetence as Director over Special Services.

I documented endless complaints against Hector Gonzales and filed them with the Board. I was able to use his own emails to show he just forwarded things around and never handled problems. His conduct and emails were part of the TEA record which resulted in BISD being issued findings of violation of federal law in the Art Rendon matters.

Unless my memory failss me, the work of many people including myself cost Rendon and Gonzales their jobs.

The Herald refused every story over credit card abuse by City of Brownsville employees. I put together the names and dates of many of the abuses by two public works employees and then submitted the complaint to the city of Brownsville - a few short weeks later they were arrested, charged, and fired from their jobs.

I investigated whether Ben Neece used his judicial chambers to try and force Pery Ramirez to use her organization to elect Quintanilla junky candidates. Ben Neece will now pay an attorney to defend his conduct.

I investigated a million dollar con job at the BHA ’s and published the documents, - HUD will conduct an investigation into the million dollar deal between the Brownsville Housing Authority and the Escobedo brothers.

I can go on and on and on - but my point is made

Quintanilla wants people to believe the judges in Dallas hate me - this explains why I have been invited to the investiture of a new judge in Dallas - here are the facts - at the tale end of the election cycle some 6 years ago I came down to Brownsville to visit my brother in law. I had already interviewed for a job with Juliet Garcia. By chance I saw a house which appeared to be a good deal - I knew I was moving in January so I signed the lease on October 15th. I moved on October 30th I believe.

Just prior to the move I finished my work on several judicial campaigns. I had been the front man for years for law firms trying to expose the corruption of the Republicans judiciary. The Administrative Judge Pat McDowell, Republican, was gone - it was now a formality to get rid of the remaining Republican judges.

When I moved to Brownsville just days later every sitting Republican judge in Dallas County was thrown out of office. Thousands of people worked very hard for that result. I was proud that my many years of attacking and exposing the corruption of the Republican judiciary.  It  came to and end with removal of every Republican judge in Dallas county. Every Democratic judge elect knew how hard I had worked to expose the corruption and where grateful for my contributions. You see the judges who hated me - were made unemployed by the work of those of us who were willing to fight - it should shock no one convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla critizes me for my work against corrupt judges.

His junkies in Brownsville have come at me for exposing the corruption of Judge Alejandro - no shocker there - read the afternoon post on this worthless piece of shit - he gave a get out of jail free card to a woman accused of  locking  her daughter in the closet and nearly starving her to death. I should have worked harder to recruit someone to run against this piece of shit Alejandro - I simply could not find an attorney willing to go up against him - an indictment on Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

It takes people from outside this community yo clean this mess how sad!!!

Anonymous said...

It also takes People from outside to distroy this community. Too bad that Presas-Garcia and her 3 amigos do not realize what they are doing to this community. I just want to remember everything they are doing, so when it comes back to haunt them they will KNOW WHY. So Sad that all the voters were fooled. It appears that the BISD board will now be worst for the district. So, so, so SAD!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think that they could have fooled the voters had the local newspaper done it's job?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, you know that Presas-Garcia is counting on people who do not have a computer and cannot view your blog. If the people who believe in her had the ability to view your blog, she would not stand a chance in destroying this district.