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They actually announced their decision at 3:13 a.m after an hour and 4 minutes in executive session - the action is "NO ACTION."

Lets sum up how well convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla did last night - first Escobedo left Saavedra hanging as she found herself voting with Longoria, and Presas-Garcia to cause over crowding in our schools even though the bond money for new construction was going to result in nearly $2 million dollars into the general fund and cost BISD nothing.

The night ended with Presas-Garcia taking an ass whipping when she could not get the votes on Healthsmart.   I think it is fair to say the felon's agenda has failed at every meeting.  The question is does he still consider Escobedo to be fabulous or will he now start to publish lies about Escobedo - like he is gay or something stupid like that.  I have rejected these comments because I find them offensive and to be without an ounce of proof.  And besides that who but a homophobe like felon Quintanilla would  care.

I am convinced Saavedra is concerned the felon is prepared to publish lies about her husband so she went along - I will publish nothing until I have documents in hand - I know enough to know people lie all of the time which is why I wait for signed statements or documents.  This is my weakness, but it is certainly not a weakness when it comes to the convicted felon Quintanilla.

Apparently Escobedo and Lehmann love Carino's.  The claim is they were overheard discussing keeping Quintanilla out of the loop because he keeps on blowing the deals by running around and telling everyone how he is in control and what is going to happen. Guys - get another restaurant - at least I am smart enough to meet my contacts on SPI or in Harlingen.   i will say I am getting a lot of garbage on Quintanilla so I cannot say for certain this source is credible.


The Board meeting started with the budget issue - to be clear I agree the Board needs to insure its unreserved fund does not go below $75 million.

At this point Presas-Garcia and Longoria took an ass kicking. They tried to mislead the public - Longoria is an idiot she just asked if furniture is capital projects - idiot - complete idiot.

Other Board members went on record that Presas-Garcia go on record and tell everyone about this spending being done without Board approval.  She could not - she lies because she can and she has no conscience.  It was pointed out that the District would not have received the Government Finance Officers Association and the Association of School Business Officials International award two years running and be poised to win it again for the third year, if these practices existed.

The issue is the nonexistent deficit. Like a frustrated drama queen goes off on this lie that the taxpayers and future board members are responsible for $302 million in bond money. The facts came out and of the $302 million because of government grants the taxpayers are liable for only $85 million. This comes out to $4 million a year or only 28% of the actual debt.

This money is being used to build schools and relieve over crowding. It eludes Presas-Garcia and Longoria they are there for the students. Exactly what do they think will happen if the classrooms become over crowded?

Longoria is devoid of a conscience - Tony Fuller tried to respond to her by explaining BISD is in better shape than school districts all over the US and Texas and she immediately shut him down - why is this evil woman so against the truth coming out. They are taking an ass kicking and do not like it.


If you read one of my posts to posts yesterday you learned I disclosed that Lehmann and Escobedo have already determined Presas-Garcia is a liability and are going to run someone against her. Tonight every time she referred to Escobedo she refused to say Dr. , but Dr. Saavedra gets the title. The rift is real.

They are in some break - part two after the break.


A young man who is a BISD product and now a product of UTB/TSC showed what happens when someone excels and is given the opportunity. His robotics demonstration was awesome. Ms Pena brought him to the attention of the Board and is pushing for BISD involvement in robotics competitions. This young man proved that with the right person and opportunity any BISD student can excel and then go on to UTB/TSC and be successful. He made BISD and UTB/TSC look real good.


Longoria is looking stupid over the insurance contracts - she has no idea what is happening - Mr. Fuller had to explain to her contracts she claimed existed do not exist.  She wants every BISD employee to be allowed to vote on insurance instead of allowing the 70 some odd committee to vote on these matters.  Get it - she has someone in mind - she cannot point to anything wrong with the current process or if there was wrongdoing.

This is the essence of the complaint - Tony Fuller found a voluntary insurance program which BISD employees can access - voluntary is the key - no one has to access it - there is no BISD money and state law does not required approval - again - this is a program telling employees they can access this voluntary program - no BISD money - this is a power grab - remember I already disclosed that a deal is in place to bring in a new insurance company which will include giving a BISD Board member family member a job with the new insurance company.

After Mr. Fuller made clear there were no policy or statute violations - Escobedo intervened to try and stop the discussion so the people do not hear the truth.  Aguilar is doing the right thing and demanding Presas-Garcia and Longoria either put up the evidence of wrongdoing or shut up.  Longoria is no claiming she never was claiming anything - Aguilar is taking the right approach by saying - fine if there are problems lets fix it

It is all lies that people are complaining - the memo given to the employees told them it was voluntary and they could stay with Colonial - are they too stupid to read.


This was actually a good presentation. Dr. Saavedra raised the issue that the District needs to move more children out of the various modified TAKS. This is an important issue for me - for too long children were being moved to modified as a way to make the District look good. There is nothing wrong with demanding more excellence from the children. We need to particularly pay attention to the number of students in athletics being placed in modified. This has been an ongoing con on the children. Dr. Saavedra made clear she wants the children moved to regular testing and that any programs which are working should not be cut.


This is a hard core reality. The budget crisis is real. It is depressing just listening the Mr. Fuller outline the options available to BISD. I am not the scum of the earth Lucy Longoria, Caty Presas-Garcia, Enrique Escobedo, or the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla. I will not blame this Board for what is going to happen. They have no control over the tax collection process for BISD or statewide. The above parasites played the the people and blamed Zayas and Cortez for the $22 million loss in tax revenues last year. What sickens me is this endless wasteful spending by Presas-Garcia, Escobedo, Longoria and possibly by Saavedra at a time we need to cut some $26 million from the budget (potentially). The special meetings and change of counsel need to stop.


There has been no vote on Healthsmart - they are bogged down on the issue of the location of this new college high school campus they want to build. I am very frustrated that the location is apparently on the levee. No one can argue this does not create security problems for the children. This is a very legitimate concern. I am at a loss - there needs to be more information on security, but time may not allow for this.

If they decide to not go forward BISD has to use general funds money to pay  for all debts incurred to date. I am at a loss - I hate for us to lose the federal and state benefits. The cost to BISD is less actually a benefit to BISD. It outrageous me that John Clark appeared to denounce the building of this campus at effectively no cost to the people. Appearing before the board to kiss ass with corrupt board members does not help his organization. The teachers might think about that.

Having said that - I am at a loss on what to do - my only issue is the safety - if they can make it safe go for it. Sorry about being on the fence but I guess I will support the vote how ever it goes.  Interesting note - Escobedo has already said he will vote for the project - which is against the indications having been made by Presas-Garcia, Longoria and maybe Dr. Saavedra - I think Dr. Saavedra may actually be on the fence the way I am.


Here is the scoop on the financing of the Early College high school BISD makes a profit of some $2 million dollars.  These two idiots have been told this over and over and over again and continue to lie to the people and say the project means using instructional money - no BISD makes a profit.

Saavedra now is arguing we should not do it because when the grant money goes away BISD will be caught with the bill of instruction.  This is bogus - one way or the other the school  district will need this campus eventually.

Escobedo broke ranks with Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Dr. Saavedra - everything moved forward.  I can see convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla thinking about the bogus claims he will now lodge against Escobedo. I guess he is not so fabulous after all.


This was raised by Escobedo - interesting Aguilar calls him Dr. but Presas-Garcia calls him Mr. Escobedo - the rift is real - People know I do not like Escobedo, but I think his idea is great - he is being insistent that all appointees be experts in the field - this is good - no politicians - no former board members. I am 100% on board with this - this is a good thing.


Quintanilla disclosed through his bogus Carebrownsville he met with Longoria on this issue and they are both pushing it - this has been explained to Longoria three times now and she still  does not understand voluntary.  Quintanilla and Longoria are opposing an insurance company offering BISD employees voluntary insurance which costs BISD nothing.  What they oppose is giving BISD employees a choice - there is no consultant on the deal.  Mr. Fuller is point blank accusing Presas-Garcia of intentional deception.  She is claiming Mr. Fuller told the board one thing and he is insistent she does not understand they are dealing with two different insurance companies. What is happening is they keep on attacking Springston in hopes of finding a basis to fire him.  It is very obvious.  Again it was voluntary - the so called employees complaining either do not exist or are idiots.  It is has been explained over and over again that approval was not needed by the board because it involved no BISD money and BISD has no contract with the company.  BISD has no liability.  This is Longoria and Presas-Garcia interfering with a contract between the employees and the insurance company. 

Longoria is a complete idiot - now she is claiming Colonial was cancelled - never happened - even Escobedo is now trying to explain to her it never happened.


Saavedra actually raised the issue of liability for BISD by sending children to chess  tornaments.  This is Saavedra at her worse - BISD is known throughout the world for its chess players.   She is trying to send a message to Pena she is mad.  Saavedra is being petty and vindictive.  The parents of the chess players need to let her know - unacceptable.  The entire debate is about allowing Springston to approve out of state travel for chess players so that the district and parents can buy the plane tickets in advance.

If you have been watching all night Longoria, Saavedra, and Presas-Garcia have been on the attack all night.  There is no doubt in my mind people watching are mad - it is obvious the convicted felon is telling them what to say - what does it say about Saavedra that she tried to obstruct the chess tournament by raising the issue of liability.  I think we now know - Saavedra will be playing with the convicted felon.


I do not necessarily have a problem with the attorneys fees because it related to claims of wrongdoing by a BISD employee. My issue is Saavedra keeps on saying to stop using instructional money, but then for Presas-Garcia she votes to pay her attorneys fees. Saavedra is full of it - this is my only point.


I am sickened that they are trying to make this guy look bad. As he noted he never goes over budget. His department is called in to complete projects by other departments. He is a good man. The type man we need working for BISD - I am sickened by these evil, evil people.  This man actually came in under budget even with non-budgeted projects. 

Presas-Garcia put this on the agenda.  What she is doing is a repeat of what she did to Noe Sauceda - she is bullying employees to create a record of mismanagement by Springston.  This is sad - it really sad her sisters in while in a climaxical states of hysteria are going along.  It will not take long for Saavedra  to realize she is as dispised in Brownsville as Presas-Garcia. 

Note - yesterday I noted that Escobedo and Lehmann have already decided Presas-Garcia must go.  I would not suprise me that behind the door discussions are already happening to call  for a vote of a new Board President wherein Escobedo votes for Pena.  If you did not notice he was getting close to Springston - these two cut a deal over Jimenez when Springston got hired, and I believe they have cut another deal.

He has made known he will not allow principals to dictate a new wall or paint. This is another example of a witch hunt to destroy innocent people. He went on record about how he did replace a wall for safety purposes so the students could be better watched. He basically put in a security window to allow for better supervision of the students. These people make me sick. The people need to be sickened by this witch hunt.


I suspect it will be close to 3 a.m when they get out


Anonymous said...

It is so noticeable Mrs. Garcia and Longoria is untruthful about the fund balance. They are trying to fib to the public about the fund balance at BISD. You can tell they do not like Mr. Fuller nor Mr. Springston about the budget. Mrs. Garcia needs to protect the propaganda during the election on the deficit.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your comentary on the school board meetings. I do not have cable and your site is my insight as to what is happening. Keep up the good work and thanks.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Editor, man you are hard on the board members. Look they are humans to.

BobbyWC said...

So me praising escobedo who I personally dislike is me being hard - me agreeing with Saavedra on the safety issues related to the Early College High School was me being hard.


There is an obstruction going on - Longoria and not as stupid as she pretends to be -- this is an intentional obstruction.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

HELP! It's 12:30 am and BISD employees are being held hostage by the board of trustees and their seven hour (and the clock is still running) meeting. Thanks, BWC for the updates

BobbyWC said...

This is exhausting - I am kind of in and out of it - some time during dinner I misplaced my glasses - it is driving me nuts because I cannot see - I have searched high and low - I just hope Keaton did not grab them and take them outside - Keaton has the personality of a lab and is very very bad when she wants to be - she thinks everything is a game

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You attacked Dr Escobedo for using the title and now you call on Mrs. Garcia for not referring to him as doctor. Which end are you coming from? Do you agree with the BECHS building being built a hop, skip and a jump from all the bullets flying over from Matamores. I noticed you didn't mention this? Did you also notice that Fuller was extremely out of order and rude when he was asked about the
third party person with the IAG insurance - who else but Johnny Cavazos. That is why Fuller got furious because Luci asked the question. You only put what you want to put in your blog and that is not objective reporting, Mr. Bobby! The way that the young man (I think Mr. Basaldua was his name) explained the budget was a lot more informative than had ever been explained by anyone in BISD, so maybe that is why the confusion was there

BobbyWC said...

You are full of shit - I specifically stated several times I was at a loss over the BECHS being on the levee and the safety issues that presents - on this specific issue I stated the board could go either way - so you are full of shit

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Further on this dr issue for escobedo I have been very consistent since the Herald first broke the story - it is a non-issue - so again you are full of shit - now I did make an issue of him claiming to be an MD - that is not the same as claiming dr because you have a doctorate from some university somewhere

so just keep on lying and see how far it gets you in life.

Anonymous said...

Bobby, you've mentioned removal action before concerning some board members. Just how can you accomplish that? Does it take some specific conduct of a board member of is it simply a recall type action?

Anonymous said...

And by the way, thanks for your commentary during the meeting and overall.

BobbyWC said...

It takes a specific action - I have enough in the hands of the right judge to remove Escobedo an dPresas-Garcia - i tis about timing - it is about allowing for a case so strong a jduge will not ignore the evidence

Anonymous said...

"Full of shit?" I love it!

Anonymous said...

It is evident that when someone does not agree with Bobby, he calls it "full of #@$&!" Good writing and good reporting allows for the expression of opinions, whether or not they are or aren't "full of #@$&!" I must deduct that only your "#@$&" does not smell! But since we are ignorant enough to go into blogs like this, we have no one to blame but ourselves, right? Then we wonder why the younger generation is suffering from the bullying syndrome. We oldies try to do it all the time! And for your info, if I am "full of #@$&", my does smell and boy does it smell! Plug your nose!

BobbyWC said...

For the record I do not like when I do heavy handed commentary - I do see a danger of bullying in heavy handed commentary - but I also back it up with facts.

My comment to this guy last night was on point - he said I did not comment on the safety issue of the BECHS - the fact is I did - I did in a way which expressed my shock over such a mistake - so he was full of shit.

I always invite people to challenge my facts - when people make global comments without telling which fact is wrong - they are full of shit - why not just simply state a certain allegation is false and why it is false.

You know when I write about the board meeting everyone of my readers get to check what I am reporting with what they themselves are seeing - I like this because if I am bs anyone they will know it

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

It seems that the reader was trying to discredit you with lies not challenging any facts.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, people are full of s***! Who do you think wrote this comment about you not being factual? You think maybe it was one of the board members or Quintanilla himself? I am sure they all READ your BLOG! You make some interesting and factual comments. Stay on track, you are doing well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If everyone cared enough to either attend or view the board meetings, they would certainly be able to determine if Bobby was or was not giving the facts. It was like an instant replay of what I personally viewed until 3 AM, but besides the fact, there is a statement of opinion. If they are facts, like Bobby states, than he should be ready to take it to court as he claims. Much was explained at the last meeting that made sense, but those of us who view these meetings should be able lto make their own deductions. I was also very impressed with the new attorney who was sitting next to the sleeping one, and really advicing the board what to do or not do. It seems that we finally have someone who knows the law and stays awake during the whole meeting, even if they last until 3 in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, the attorney sitting next to Mike Saldana is Tony Resendez from Walsh, Anderson Law Firm. All the Board had to do is ask for Mr. Tony Resendez to be the one representing BISD and the law firm would gladly replace Saldana with Resendez at BISD board request. That would save BISD a lot of money. Well, we all know that will not happen because Presas-Garcia is on a vendetta mission. How Sad that the rest of the Board allows Presas-Garcia to destroy the District. Mr. Tony Resendez did an excellent Job. Sure hope the new firm has someone as attentive as he was at the meeting.