Tuesday, December 21, 2010


(He says his name is Columbus, and he came to discover us.)  People will believe what they need to believe to get what they think is best for them.  Remember virtue has no place in politics.  I know  I am harping on this virtue thing, but I am hoping if I discuss it enough, people will better begin to see what is really happening in politics.

The most I can tell people is, ask questions.  I has attacked for opposing Pat Almighty - I gave him the name because when he was running for office he was promising the world to everyone.  I blogged about how the economic downturn which was developing made the promises worthless.  It has been four years people since we first saw a decline in bridge revenues.  People did not want to ask the questions and look what happened.

There is a reason why none of the candidates for mayor will answer the questions I am proposing - they fear the answers - or they even have not thought about the problems.  Their goal is power and then self preservation.

Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson may be the biggest saps in Brownsville at this 11th hour before the  election.  They continue to buy into this nonsense that they must remain silent about what is happening over at BISD because as community leaders they must all get along - even in the face of overt corruption.  Meanwhile those responsible for the corruption at BISD are working with Arg Miller and her talibanic junkies to defeat Troianis, Atkinson, and Longoria.  Chris Davis hates Arge Miller and her clan or talibanic junkies. but now that it serves his agenda on Atkinson he is salivating over how they will attack Atkinson.

At some level politics is not perspective - it is what it is.  Whether or not Imagine Brownsville is good for Brownsville or not, may be perspective - but whether you support it or not is not perspective.  It is not for the politico's perspective to dictate how I feel about Imagine Brownsville. It is for the politico to answer my question - do you support Imagine Brownsville or not?

Back to Troiani, Atkinsoon, and Longoria - to get along they will do nothing about the corruption at BISD.  Their mantra on corruption within other political entities is simple " If we remain silent about them, they will remain silent about us."  Meanwhile the "them" at BISD are working with Arg Miller and her talibanic junkies to destroy the three of them.

Imagine Brownsville has only taken this problem within politics and made it worse.  Imagine Brownsville must be exposed for what it is - a con on the people to extract money from the people as a tool to control the politico into silence even in the face of overt corruption.  Imagine Btrownsville is enforcing this blind faith into the notion that if they all protect one another Brownsville will some how be a better place.

As to Pat Almighty he has already seen in the Herald Daniel Cavasos' willing to allow Arg Miller to point blank lie about his position on PUB money and the budget.  Even with black and white evidence before him as to what is about to happen, this self serving unrighteous man remains silent about the over corruption at BISD.

There is no place for virtue in politics.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for reporting what is happening in Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

Wow,...you were so for the Imagine Brownsville band wagon! Hypocrite.

BobbyWC said...

You are absolutely wrong - I have blogged that I withdrew my interest in Imagine Brownsville after attending one meeting - I have discussed since day one that the people will be mad when they realize that none of the promises could be kept

What I have done is defend them against enless lies by Juan Montoya - refusing to accept lies is not the same as supporting someone or something.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Arge Millar is not the culprit in this boondoggle of what caused Zayas, Cortez, and my brother-in-law Otis Powers to lose. The simple fact is that no incumbent is safe. People want change and they know if they get the incumbents out then it just might happen. I'm part of the new wave of politician that wants to hold city government, federal government, and state government accountable. Come on Bobby, the federal government allowing DHS agents to surf your web and gather info about a blog post just shows how politics is played. Unless you don't know, even federal agents get political and try to destroy candidates and/or politicians who question their system of doing business. As a former Union President for the federal government, I'm used to be being a target. It's funny how with so much corruption going on along the border they find the time to try to discredit me and try to taint my integrity. I laugh at it all. It's funny that my own government will stoop to the lowest level to attack my right to hold office. Bobby, what is going on with BISD still remains a mystery. The majority isn't what it seems anymore. At the end of the day, good hard working board members will fall back to the middle and do what is right for the children. If not, they will lose their next election. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas. Maybe one day you can write something thanking us for volunteering our time to serve this great city. I don't take or steal from taxpayers. I want what you and everyone else wants, honest politicians working for the common good. I am thinking of leaving the city and running for BISD so I can help teachers and kids. I need to close the gap on BISD and the city working together to make sure children have access to facilities for extracurricular activities. Currently there is not a method of understanding where the schools open up their green areas for the youth to utilize after school. This includes gyms and theatrical buildings. The city and BISD need to come together and provide a method for children to tap into these resources after school is let out. We are so far behind the times.

BobbyWC said...

On the issue of voting incumbents out you are right - that was the mood in the country, county and city - but it is easier when you have liars like Arg Miller buying ads to promote her talibanic mentality - it jades people into making mistakes - is allows for worse government not better - it allowed for three very bad people to hold office

Your comments about BISD show you really have no idea what is happening at BISD, the state or the country-

THERE IS NO MONEY - By the next election after school programs may not exist at all - We are looking at nearly $20 million or more in cuts at the same time this nut job board you refuse to denouce is looking at costing BISD $20 million in dismissed lawsuits, pays outs and debt incurred from future lawsuits.

Any responsible elected official would be denouncing this Board - not you - you offer to bend over and while gifting a baseball bat to Arg Miller

This is how I read your post

Arg Please Please do not come after me - ass kicking is never good looking on anyone

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, my two year old daughter could kick your ass.