Monday, December 20, 2010


There is no place for virtue in politics - just self preservation and corruption. Without virtue the interests of the people are never served. Self preservation is the opposite of virtue - it is dishonorable and cowardly. All politics is dishonorable.

It is true the people are to blame - but the people by themselves will never be enough to bring about meaningful change.  The Press has abandoned its role in preserving the Republic.  It exists  for its own agenda with newsworthiness defined as only that which serves its agenda.

CNN once a powerhouse in news reporting is dying a slow painful death.  One by one its anchors are removed in favor of less news and more nonsense.  This weekend it was announced John Roberts and Tony Harris are toast.  CNN would rather go under than report the news.  Its journalists expect the story to come to them rather than they going out to get it.  Think about it, 24 hours of news which can be summarized in a half-hour.

The people will watch the news and read papers if the news media would simply report the news in an unbiased way -

Officially, I know of no one running for mayor.  There are a lot of rumors.  If anyone has proof of anyone actually announcing for mayor, I will cover it from the perspective of virtue versus self preservation or outright corruption.


Pat Lehmann is known for many things - during the La Pampa affair he said they were a body of 8 and they had to work together - translation - cover-up  for one another to keep the corruption going.  This is the real  con in Imagine Brownsville, because now every politic entity has a duty to cover for the other.  My decision to denounce Pena, Aguilar, and Colunga for refusing to meet their fiduciary duties to the BISD by exposing what is happening has gotten me an earful - It has been made clear to me I do not understand that as Board Members they are taught they must find a way to work together.


No - their duty is to the people and children - not to the Board - under this ignorant philosophy this Board is no different than the Vatican when it decided it must cover for the child molesting priests -

Virtue demands they lead and take the message to the people - Pena, Aguilar, and Colunga are so concerned with self-preservation that they fail to see their actions will form the cornerstone for their removal in 2 years.  Escobedo, Longoria, Presas-Garcia and Saavedra will have already been labeled with a scarlet letter for whoring the district to corruption. 

The story is coming out - but the story will include Pena, Colunga and Aguilar's complacency in the corruption.  You cannot remain silent and then claim you were not a co conspirator.  I get virtue eludes these three - but this is not my problem - it is theirs.


There is a truth behind the Rendon/Colunga mess.  When I make inquiries all people will tell me is to keep digging - the  story is out there.  (Note:  you know Joe - people understand a parent protecting his disabled son - telling the entire story will only help you while destroying those who violated your son's rights.)

The decision to attack Colunga's son was a calculated one by evil people.  I will never fault a parent for protecting their son.  Anyone who would not have done exactly as Colunga  did to protect his son's interest is not much of a parent.  On this issue Colunga is clear in my mind.

The problem is - he is compromised on the issue.  Something happened which caused someone in the BISD to release confidential information to Juan Montoya on the issue.  The reality is, it was probably sent to another party who then gave it to Juan Montoya.  I believe I know who that person is, but cannot publish my views until I have written proof or deposition testimony.  I am told it exists, but they will not give it to me out of fear of retaliation.

The difference between Juan Montoya and people giving for his children is, something I have officially encouraged people to do, we understand you never ever use children as pawns in politics - children are not weapons to destroy politicians because your friend Ben Neece represents a the man. Art Rendon, who failed the special needs children of Brownsville.   But then drinking numbs the pain.

The decision to release that information was a warning to Colunga that he could be destroyed if he did not play along.  There is more to this story than we already know - it is the unknown, which has Colunga compromised.  I will stay on it in hopes that the fear which has people refusing to speak will eventually turn to virtue.


Mark Sossi represents Joe Colunga in the above mess.  A key player in the mess is Ben Neece.  The BV has published two articles which prove Ben Neece has no ethics - he used his position as a judge to try and force Pery Ramirez to use her workers organization to work against Zayas and Cortez.  He used his  position as a judge to protect his friend Juan Montoya, who has been sued by Joe Colunga. 

Ben Neece has represented Art Rendon who oversaw the alleged privileged benefits received by Joe Colunga's disabled son.  It is no great secret that once Art Rendon realized he lost the support of Joe Colunga and the other Board Members as the Director of Special Services, that Joe Colunga found himself under attack for protecting the interests of his disabled son.  Who but the scum of the earth attacks a man for protecting his disabled son?  I cannot even imagine the evil which is Juan Montoya which would allow him to believe this is acceptable.   People drink for a reason - it numbs the pain.

My question is, why did Joe Colunga not call for a civil rights investigation into those at the BISD who disclosed this information on his son? - answer, he is compromised.


Mark Sossi knows Ben Neece is squarely in the middle of the Joe Colunga lawsuit - this is why as the city attorney he has failed to recommend Ben Neece be suspended as a municipal judge while an investigation is conducted into his abuse of office.  In any other city Ben Neece would have been suspended upon Pery Ramirez signing the statement accusing Ben Neece of wrongdoing.

Not in Brownsville - Mark Sossi is serving himself and Joe Colunga while throwing the people of Brownsville and the City Commission under the bus.  This city commission must put on the agenda the hiring of an independent counsel to investigate Ben Neece and Mark Sossi.  We know this will not happen because virtue has no place in politics.

Jim Goza would have resigned before he made himself party to this mess - this is why he was fired - he tried to show virtue and they fired him -

There is no place for virtue in politics - just self preservation and corruption. Without virtue the interests of the people are never served. Self preservation is the opposite of virtue - it is dishonorable and cowardly. All politics is dishonorable


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately to be part of the solution it is better not to vote.

Anonymous said...

"Officially, I know of no one running for mayor. There are a lot of rumors."

Do they need to come to you and tell you they are running for mayor to make it official? Tony Martinez announced in the Herald. You brought him up in a previous post. Mike Garza had an ad in the Herald a few weeks ago. Lay off the BISD pumpkin egg nog.

BobbyWC said...

you will note I said "I" - I do no read teh Herald unless it is in an online story - even then I do not read most of that

I will check on both of these and go from there

If they have web pages let me know

BobbyWC said...

Okasy I verified that Tony martinez did announce - I had heard from several people he was running, but I had not seen any official announcement.

Is this Mike garza the contractor who has appeared before the City Commuission - this is not a good or bad thing - I am just trying to place the name so that I can do research

Bobby Wc

For the record this is good - this means there are at least 4 people which means there will be a run-off- all indications are Pat Almighty will run and the Arg Miller local taliban chapter has indicated it will find an ignorant fool to run - so that makes 4

A substantive debate is a good thing - let's hope it happens

Anonymous said...

Of course Pat Almighty is running. He is having a campaign Christmas party tomorrow at 5 pm at VICC. You should go. It's a free event.

BobbyWC said...

Guys I appreciate the comments and my readers - but for now once I confirm someone is running then I will allow for discussion which is not defamatory or just mean spirited for the same of being mean.

Yes Robert Sanchez announce an intent to run several years ago and then denied the allegation and then effectively admitted to it.

I would be shocked if he ever ran for anthing again - his wife would not be happy

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Who is Mike Garza?

BobbyWC said...

Sorry guys I do not post facebook links - this company is a very bad company - they demand you give up privacy just to look at the garbage -

I support everyone who wants to post every private detail of their life on the internet and pictures of their children - I find it reckless for people especially elected officials to post pictures of their children

The children do not get back the privacy which the parent surrenders for their own ends

sorry - if some campaign has an event and want to announce it on BV, I will announce it - they will have to provide a valid email so I can confirm teh announcement and information which allows me to confirm they are who they say they are.

BV will certainly help the campaigns get out information at no charge.

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea who he is - I did not see he ad - he campaign is free to announce here at the BV with contact information.

I of course will then ask hard hitting questions which will never appear in the Herald because the idea of asking teh candidates how they feel about teh issues eludes the Herald.

My standard question will be:

Identify 3 things you as mayor would want to accomplish.

What is your position on Imagine Brownsville?

What is your position on the weir dam or do you have an alternative idea for Brownsfville's water policy?

What is your position on Brownsville educational system including TSC and BISD?

there is nothing wrong with any of these questions. It will be for the candidate to state their position and defend t.

Of course nothing like this will ever appear in the Herald - and I suspect most candidates would not dare answer any of these questions.

Knowledge is never a good thing when you are trying to mislead the people.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

So you will not post anything about their campaign or talk about them unless they answer your questions?

Anonymous said...

It's the same Mike Garza from city meetings. Mike's a good guy. He'd give you the shirt off his back.

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea how to reason with idiots who just make thinks up - there is nothing I have said which could allow people to conclude what you are suggesting.

As a voter I do have the right to not vote for anyone who feels they do not have to answer my questions. I also have the right to ask - why will they not answer my questions - but nothing I said could remotely be interprested to mean I will not cover their campaign

Anyone with a web page I will announce it - I will not promote web pages which contain outright lies about other candidates - anyone with a campaign event is free to announce it here at the BV for free.

It is for the voters to decide what is important to them and then vote accordingly - it is not for me to tell anyone how to vote -

people can consider my opinion as well as I can consider their opinion

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

get me an email and I will have Mike do an announcement here - hopefully he will answer my questions - but that will be his decision

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, what you fail to understand is that here in Brownsville, EVERYONE has been tainted by corruption.

"Todos tienen cola que les pisen", the question is, how much has corruption eroded their sense of honor and obligation of doing what is right for the people?

Yes, I know, I'm a pessimist at heart and always see the glass as half empty, but I'm still waiting for Brownsville politicians to prove me wrong. Believe me, I want to be wrong.


Anonymous said...

Mike Garza builds great Brownsville homes for Brownsville families. Mike will work together with everyone to make Brownsville better. We need someone like Mike. I like Mike.

Anonymous said...

Pat Ahumada Facebook friends, Do not forget, today is my Christmas Party to thank you for the past 4 years, to wish you the very best & to ask you for your support to get re-elected. I will deliver a speech on why it is important to continue with the progress we started almost 4 years ago. Please join me betwee 5 & 8 pm, there will be food, music, & christmas cheer at VICC Los Compadres Ballroom. Everyone is welcome, including children. Thanks!

BobbyWC said...

I do not have proof that Pat Ahumada is holding such an event - I recommend people verify any event before attending

BobbyWC said...

Guys I appreciate the help with the campaigns but linking candidate X to someone who may not hold the favor of the community is not where BV wants to go. I cannot prove it and it only poisons the well

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, is Mike Garza related to Eric Garza the one who ran for the BISD Trustee. Eric Garza is also in the construction business. So are they brothers or cousins?

BobbyWC said...

I have no idea if they are related

Bobby WC