Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Here is an interesting fact from the BISD election.

All the numbers added up together - 25,092 voters voted against Escobedo, Longria and Saavedra - 23,945 voters voted for Longoria, Saavedra, and Escobedo. The majority of Brownsville voted against the PAC.

Playing with numbers to mislead people does not take anything more than an idiot who assumes people will not see the flaw.

Today's original post had two purposes - to put the story out there on Rusteberg - which is a real story and
needs to be out there and two to draw out Quintanilla.  Lehmann and Escobedo tried to shut him down.  In fact he has been told to leave.  He has nothing in Dallas.  I know every latino lawyer in Dallas who gets in involved in civil rights and no a one will help him.  He is all too well known as a con-artist.  This is why he is trying to jump start a new organization in Brownsville.

In February he will be in an 8 hour deposition in front of a judge.  This is where today comes into play.  I needed to end his silence - if he speaks he lies.  What I have learned in Chicago is going to amaze people.  He keeps on pushing the lie that the PAC won the election for Escobedo, Longoria and Saavedra by 9,000 votes - lie - this guy is so pathological that he believes no one will check the official returns.

In the case of Saavedra - the super majority voted against her - For Saavedra 6,224 - against Saavedra 10,376.  For Escobedo 8, 660 for Cortez 7,369 - that my dear friends is a win by about 1,300 votes not 9,000.  And last - for Longoria 9,061, for Zayas 7,347. 

No one won by over 9,000 votes - in fact only Longoria passed a total of 9,000.

All the numbers added up together - 25,092 voters voted against Escobedo, Longria and Saavedra - 23,945 voters voted for Longoria, Saavedra, and Escobedo.  The majority of Brownsville voted against the PAC.

Quintanilla lies like it is a moral commandment from god.  He cannot find a lawyer in Dallas or Brownsville to give him the time of day.  He has shot his wad for the last time.

You see people I need to create enough evidence of habitual lying by Quintanilla that the judge will shut down the deposition by claiming it is redundant and the witness has no credibility.

So every so often I will have a post which in part has as its purpose to draw out the liar and get Lehmann back on the phone with him telling him to get out of town.

Position 2 - 4 Year Term BROWNSVILLE ISD
Enrique Escobedo, Jr.  8,660

Ruben Cortez, Jr.         7,369

Position 4 - 4 Year Term BROWNSVILLE ISD

Luci B. Longoria        9,061

Richard "Rick" Zayas 7,347


I went back to his lies to verify something, and  I realized he is still claiming the maintenance department is corrupt.  It was established at the meeting on camera with Presas-Garcia sitting their humiliated forcing to face her lies that the maintenance department comes in under budget even after being tasked to do the job of other departments.  When Presas-Garcia was put to the fire to produce any evidence to support her lies which were designed to justify the firing of Springston she had none.  In fact the Board found itself praising the maintenance department for coming in under budget.


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Anonymous said...

Quintanilla is nothing more than the mouthpiece of the lies and propaganda formulated by Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, and Lehmann. They no longer need him. Presas-Garcia will continue to lead marathon board meetings with zero results in her quest to punish those she believes are evil. She needs only to look in a mirror.