Thursday, December 2, 2010


I was blown away by how corrupt the Department of Justice was under Bush II and Alberto Gonzales. Bush II and Alberto Gonzales were rank amatuers compared to Obama and Eric Holder.

I will say this, Obama is either a very dangerous person in terms of his intended consequences for his policies or he is a sap being played by some very dangerous and bad appointees. Either way it does not bode well for the people.

I know, because knowledge has no place in reality, a lot of people believe the person behind the Wikileak documents is a bad person who should be punished. The people who believe this are the same people who would have prefered another 10-20 thousand young men die in Vietnam than allow for the pubication of "The Pentagon Papers." The publication of "The Pentagon Papers" saved thousands of lives.

As I channel surf through the news stations I hear "experts" claim that Wikileaks is going to cost informants their lives. When asked for proof - their answer is none - other than the obvious - "how could it not cost people their lives?"

The US government has verified it was given a chance to redact names and other information which was too sensitive for disclosure. The Obama Administration under the advice of Eric Holder refused to take Wikileaks up on its offer.  Wikileaks nonetheless did redact names of informants.

Here is a current interview of the man who released "The Pentagon Papers."  This issue of publication of sensitive government documents was settled nearly 40 years ago by the US Supreme Court. So why is the Obama Administration under the advice of Eric Holder making such a big deal of Wikileaks and threatening prosecution? Answer - Obama and Holder are of a mind that they can limit what information the press can and cannot print.

What is worse is, the American press is saying nothing - they are running cover for the single greatest attack on freedom of the press since Nixon tried to stop the publication of "The Pentagon Papers." Why? If this were Bush II and Alberto Gonzales, the press would be demanding resignation and impeachment.

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