Thursday, December 30, 2010


With my testosterone level dropping to 155, and a lump on my right testicle, the decision was made for an ultrasound. I will tell you only you can do the examination. The initial doctor I saw did not feel the lump. I do not fault him - it is a challenge.  The best doctor in the world can miss a small lump.

Anxious to get cleared, I immediately went to Valley Baptist to schedule the exam only to learn they are no longer accepting VA vouchers. The VA will not provide a separate written order signed by the doctor, and without it Vally Baptist has decided to turn veterans away. The reality is, everything, save the doctor's signature, they are requesting is in the voucher. It is what happens when paper pushers get in control.

Anyway, Valley Regional was all too willing to accept the voucher. The tech who did the procedure was very professional. I wasn't sure how I felt about a woman doing the procedure, but it was pure medical. I was made to feel very comfortable.

The results are in - it is a cyst. This information will still be helpful next week when I see a local endocrinologist. She will know it is not being caused by testicular cancer. I have multiple hormone deficiencies. This is the source of the disabling fatigue. I am hopeful that she will put me on the testosterone patch. It is not a cure all. If it will help to control the hot flashes and some of the fatigue I will be happy.


Do not panic if you find a lump - I knew upfront that in all likelihood it was a cyst. Apparently by age 50 it is not unusual to have cysts on various internal organs. In fact I have one on my kidney.

Guys, if you do not know how to check yourself - ask your doctor to show you how to do it.

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Happy for You. Great News!!!! Good Health to you in all of 2011 any beyond!