Monday, December 6, 2010


If Dr. Saavedra has yet to figure out she elected one of the most unethical and disreputable people in the history of Brownsville politics to be the BISD Board President, she never will. This is what needs to be done.

Dr. Saavedra needs to make known that she will not vote for any thing being urged by Presas-Garcia, Escobedo or Longoria until the Board has had a chance to vote for a new president. She needs to stop her game playing and denounce the PAC. For those of you not following what is happening, Presas-Garcia intends to take up in executive session the Healthsmart lawsuit. This is worth potentially millions to the taxpayers of Brownsville. More on this down the post.

There can be no vote on an interim-counsel until there is a vote to replace Presas-Garcia as Board President, and a renewed review of all applicants. The entire process smells rotten. During the last meeting she kept on saying “we” in terms of those who decided which law firms will be given a chance to move forward. Who are the “WE”?

She could not find anything in the packet for Oliveira’s firm which put them on the same planet as the other firms, but yet as a political favor to Escobedo Oliviera’s firm was included. She also included the Pruneda firm. This is Presas-Garcia back door deal. The Pruneda law firm represented Presas-Garcia in a lawsuit against BISD and former Board Member Marilyn Del Bosque Gilbert. “Marilyn Del Bosque Gilbert was originally named in the suit, but according to
Burns, she was voluntarily dismissed because the plaintiffs finally admitted they had no evidence on her.”

The attorney Burns was with Walsh Anderson, who was hired to defend BISD. BISD had to pay attorneys to defend Gilbert against Presas-Garcia’s frivolous lawsuit. Who was Gilbert - “Marilyn del Bosque Gilbert defeated Catalina Presas-Garcia 4,834 to 3,559.”

Do you see the picture - Presas-Garcia is defeated by Gilbert in the election and then Presas-Garcia settles the score by filing a frivolous lawsuit against Gilbert - the taxpayers paid the bill. Walsh Anderson defended BISD against Presas-Garcia lawsuit and then Presas-Garcia retaliates and farbicates a bogus reason for discharging Walsh Anderson. I hope Walsh Anderson sues BISD. You cannot fire your law firm because they represented the school district years ago in a lawsuit Presas-Garcia filed against BISD and Gilbert.

Remember people the reason Dr. Saavedra, Escobedo, Longoria, and Presas-Garcia fired Walsh Anderson, a move which will cost the taxpayers at least $100,000.00 in needless billing to allow the new firm to get caught up, was Walsh Anderson accepted payment for services. Walsh Anderson was blamed for the Administration allegedly paying the bill without Board approval. There was no proof - none - zilch presented in the meeting that any of the bills individually exceeded $25,000.00 or later $50,000.00 when the rule was changed. Colunga and Pena formally abstained in the vote, although the Herald lied and said Pena voted to remove Walsh Anderson.


The convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla, through his organization Care Brownsville has announced that it is demanding BISD dismiss the lawsuit against Healthsmart. Healthsmart and the City of Lubbock are in the middle of intense settlement negotiations. Just prior to the BISD election Healthsmart paid Lubbock $850,000.00. The Herald called this not newsworthy because it would have hurt Escobedo for having taken money from Ted Parker - the same Ted Parker who brought the felon Quintanilla to Lubbock after Lubbock sued Ted Parker and Healthsmart. The $850,000.00 paid by Healthsmart was for attorneys fees incurred by Lubbock defending city officials against a frivolous lawsuit filed by Ted Parker.

Let’s be clear here - Luci Longoria according to Quintanilla’s own testimony is part of his organization. She is squarely in the middle of this conspiracy to allow Healthsmart to cheat the BISD taxpayers. My regular readers are aware I made a big deal over Dr. Saavedra’s refusal to be interviewed before the election on various issues including her position on Healthsmart. Her continued silence tells me she from the beginning was an active participant with felon Quintanilla and Ted Parker to defraud the people of Brownsville out of millions of dollars. Her vote on this issue will decide if she is included in the removal action.

This weekend another issue developed with Dr. Saavedra, a friend of hers is claiming her husband is out of work. I can assure Dr. Saavedra any job her husband takes at this point will be checked against BISD vendors - something smells rotten. You cannot continuously refuse to speak and then claim to be a victim.

To Dr. Saavedra’s friends - stop contacting me - I do not want to hear what kind of nice person she is - she is not - even if she does the right thing now, she still allowed herself to be party to this mess when it served her needs. This is the essence of her character - she will live with that - to get political power she got in bed with a convicted felon - she refused to answer valid questions posed to her during the election. Dr. Saavedra no matter how you look at it is a bad person with no honor.

Dr. Saavedra will forever be known for her willing participation to defraud the people of Brownsville in the last election. This reality she will never overcome. It may have already sealed her fait in the next election in 4 years. The only question which remains is, will she seek redemption by demanding a new vote on Board President and boycotting all votes on matters by Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Escobedo until there is a new Board President? If she does not do this now - her fait will be sealed.

Lastly, Dr. Saavedra needs to call Presas-Garcia and tell her to pull Wednesday’s meeting because there will no vote on interim-counsel until a new review of the process is initiated.


Anonymous said...

(a move which will cost the taxpayers at least $100,000.00 in needless billing to allow the new firm to get caught up)

Proof? Or is this just flawed conjecture on your part?

BobbyWC said...

So you are saying the interim-counsel is not going to charge BISD to go over all of the pending litigation and familiarize themselves with the issues and do the legal research?

I have experience in this area - it will cost the taxpayers some $100,000.00

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

She cannot sit on the fence. She took an oath when she was sworn in so let's see what she will do.

BobbyWC said...

I am getting conflicting information as to what part if any of Gilbert's attorney fees were eventually paid for by BISD - I am trying to locate her counsel - does anyone know who represented her - i am off to the court house

Bobby W C

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby; Why would a good person like Dr. Saavedra team up with a con-artist like Presas-Garcia. Does Dr. Saavedra not know that Presas-Garcia has been let go from every job she has had. They hire her and then a few months later the have to let her go because she does not get along with anybody. She works for a few weeks at a job and then believes she knows all. She is doing the same thing as the Board President. I feel sorry for the rest of the Board Members. What was Escobedo thinking? So Sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

Quintanilla and Presas-Garcia are Escobedo's biggest problems - my sources told me Lehmann has been trying to recruit someone to run against Presas_garcia - he wants back on and he now accepts he cannot get reelected without denouncing Presas-Garcia - it is my understanding it is a done deal.

Now as to leaving her jobs - I just read her deposiion as filed in the court - she has been reprimanded and in fact sued a former employer - but there is nothing she admits to in terms of ever having been fired - so I have no proof to prove your claim.

I can say she was written up at BISD for verbally fighting with other employees and threatened with dismisal.

Notice how I said it "verbally" Thw warning actually says just fighting so I would be correct in the claim - but I am not Quintanilla or Presas-Garcia - I know from the context it was verbal and I have do desire to mislead people.
Bobby WC