Thursday, December 9, 2010


THOMPSON HORTON - my sources are telling me that they will drop their bid to represent BISD upon learning the truth.  Prior to this selection I listed reasons for disqualifying 3 of the 5 firms.  Thompson and Horton was not one of them.  I can find nothing which indicates they knowingly got in bed with this groupd of 4 corrupt school board members.  My sources are  telling me that they are not going to lose their professional representation over BISD.  There is nothing wrong with this firm.  In  fact I would support their selection, based on what I know at this time, if the 4 were removed from the Board.


FROM THE HERALD According to the press reports - Escobedo was a player in the La Pampa Affair wherein a walking quorum nearly formed at a meeting being financed by a vendor. Otis Powers is the one who reported Escobedo’s conduct to the BISD lawyer. Now we have board members meeting well in advance with an interim law firm to represent them. We have a major problem and it should surprise no one Esobedo is up to his old tricks.

According to the Herald the La Pampa Affair was about a possible vendor seeking to influence Escobedo, Galvan, and Lehmann on contracts related to the new schools. Escobedo messed up when he invited Powers at the last minute.

Violations of the act are misdemeanors and can carry jail sentences between one month and six months.

Arthur C. Reyna Jr., a former Democratic state representative and now a lobbyist for a variety of companies, picked up the check for the group.

Reyna was in town representing Vitetta, an architectural firm that specializes in school design."

Rene Oliveira is in the middle of the BISD mess - he did not give Escobedo a $1,000 in exchange for nothing. Rene has several interests - which is going to get rewarded for that $1,000 is yet to be discovered. In the La Pampa Affair, Escobedo took money from the vendor before voting them the contract.

"However, in addition to the dinner, Escobedo and former board member Eliceo Mu oz received $500 each in campaign donations from Alan P. Hoffman, president of Vitetta. "

Why is an interim law firm being brought in without any bidding process and based on back door deal making by Escobedo and Presas-Garcia with the full support of Longoria and Saavedra? The Herald claims this is not newsworthy. The TEA will certainly be investigating.

History will judge Escobedo, Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra the most unethical and diabolical school board trustees in BISD’s history. They are getting away with it because Daniel Cavasos of the Herald is party to the deal making through his silence and use of terror journalism.


Anonymous said...

Bobby, I may be wrong but I thought legal service fees could not be discussed or negotiated before hiring.

Anonymous said...

Is it true they are not going to accept contract for BISD legal service?

BobbyWC said...

My source is telling me that there is no way they were a knowing participant in this - my source is telling me that they will probably send some - not a fit for us - or make fee negotiation difficult - it will be a diplomatic way out.

Now if my source is wrong then they are in the middle of it -

Look no firm wants to find out a vote for them is voided over an open meetings violation or tha they were fired to promote a fraud on the people.

This is a young firm in terms of name - not experience - they do not want this mess.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Is anyone asking why Escobedo's brother who owns a security firm (American Surveillance) has become a BISD approved vendor again?

BobbyWC said...

On escobedo's brother I will investigate -

People are asking in other posts about the Herald and the voters - had the Herald not engaged in terror journalism this would not be happening

I am very disappointed in NBC 23 - Bill Jorn and I have met - he told me Quintanilla threatened him - he has the story

why is he refusing the story

Bill Jorn NBC 23 and Danial Cavasos are equally guilty for what is happening

I am busing and tired - if someone cares they can copy key posts from here - million dollar contract for Jaime Escobedo - and other parts and forward them to the SA express news and Houston Chronicle - in the Chronicles case raise the name of Thompson Horton

Bobby WC