Tuesday, December 7, 2010


As I said the evidence is clear - convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla is not a Latino activist, he is a con artist who used his last name to con people out of money - this is his conviction - this is fact. When it serves his needs he seeks to destroy Latina women to protect corrupt Anglos. Ben Neece, who will spend good money defending himself before the Commission on Judicial Conduct, called Pery Ramirez into his chambers while she was in court on official business with her cousin and tried to force her organization to work the election of convicted felon Quintanilla’s candidates. A true Latino activist would have been on the court house steps demanding a criminal investigation into Ben Neece. Not the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla - he attacks me for breaking the story. Again I stood with the Latina, and Carlos Quintanilla stands with the corrupt Anglo.  Oh, who is Pery Ramirez - she has spent years fight for workes rights and fair wages.  In the opinion of convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla this is not someone who merits protection.

Compare this to me - when the Gay and Lesbian Defense Fund had a thug meet with me at the Quad in Dallas and demand I stop representing black and Latino service members being discharged from the military because they did not represent the imagine they wanted in the news at that time, I said ‘are you nuts?” I represented my clients and took the hits from the then Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance - all run by Anglos. Ed Bradley formally of 60 minutes, but then with Street Stories heard what I did and chose to do a 20 minute spot on my work.

When key nightclubs in Dallas continued to refuse to allow women in, I along with others boycotted the gay clubs. When the same owners refused to allow black or Latino employees to be bar tenders, I along with others boycotted the bars. We were labeled trouble makers by the Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance - why? Because like Quintanilla they were for sale to the highest bidder - the bar owners.

For this the convicted felon Quintanilla attacks me - a homophobic, anti-Latino LINO con-artist prepared to align himself with child molesters, corrupt Anglo judges, corrupt businessmen, Ted Parker, all for the almighty buck.

Any true Latino activist has zero tolerance for bigotry towards anyone, especially the Latino community. I go after Carlos Cascos and John Wood for lending legitimacy to an organization pushing the racially motivated myth of the “reconquista” , a myth causing discriminatory actions against the Latino community, and what does the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla do, attack me for denouncing Cascos’ actions.

Now on bogus claims he attacks Minerva Peña. Why? She will not bow down to his sexist machismo anti-integrity agenda. Who attacks a Latina other than a con-artist with an agenda, on no evidence and just the same old global allegations on no evidence. Yes I did go after Luci Longoria- I printed the truth. Quintanilla testified under oath she is part of his organization. That is what I printed and that is what he swore to under oath. I used real evidence. Quintanilla has yet to produce one ounce of evidence against Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez.

If you believe Carlos Quintanilla, the felon, is anything but a con artist and LINO, I have bridge for sale. Are you interested?

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