Tuesday, December 7, 2010


If the convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla speaks he lies - why? - because he always has a sap at his side prepared to ignore evidence and reality. It is defamation per se to make a false statement about a person’s financial credit. Quintanilla continues with these lies I was evicted from my rental home for non-payment. This is now just another cause of action against Quintanilla and those in his organization like Lucy Longoria.

Here are the key documents.


You will note the first document is the default judgment. You will note my name is not even on the judgment. There was no judgment taken against me. Further, it says nothing about nonpayment of rent. This was a foreclosed home. At the end of 90 days after notice the bank has the right to occupy the home. My 90 days was not up. Further, by the August 30th date I had long moved to my new home. The home was empty for nearly a month.

So we understand how the felon Quintanilla manipulates facts and cons people, he is alleging in a lawsuit which he refuses to serve on me, that I was in a conspiracy and working for Rick Zayas and Ruben Cortez. If this were true, why then did Ruben’s mother sign the default judgment which Quintanilla says is against me, although my name appears no where on it? His mind is that of a sick criminal.

Not that it matters, but the second document is the petition which was filed after I had already moved out. Nowhere in the petition does it even allege nonpayment of rent. Again felon Quintanilla lies because he has a group of saps willing to believe every lie he tells..

This was the second time Wells Fargo sued me to vacate. They failed to appear and the judge entered a judgment against them. They failed to appear because they violated federal law when they sued me. You would think a great Latino activist like the convicted felon would care when a big bank like Wells Fargo wrongfully tries to evict Latinos from their home. The felon Quintanilla is a LINO who has never given a rats ass about anyone or anything other than using his last name to con people out of money.

The 3rd document is a letter addressed to me from the lawyer. It is dated July 12, 2010. It says as the tenant I have 90 days from the date of the letter to move out. On August 9, they nonetheless filed suit. I know the felon Quintanilla may not be the smartest person in the world, but as someone who cons people out of money you would think he could calculate 90 days past July 12, 2010.


The convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla has asked that I reflect on my life because in his opinion it is worthless. Let’s see, I help pay the rent for a disabled Latina who lost her housing after Art Rendon, Pat Lehmann and Antonio Juarez retaliated against her for successful complaints against Art Rendon as the former Director over Special Services at BISD. Carlos Quintanilla works with these same three people who put this disabled Latina on the street.

When his so called ally in Dallas Diana Flores could not find anyone to help after she was sued by convicted felon Quintanilla’s arch enemy Domingo Garcia’s law firm, I gave her nearly $100,000.00 in free legal services and won multiple appeals and mandamuses to keep her in office. Now Quintanilla gets in bed with Garcia and claims his bogus claim against me with the State Bar was valid. Quintanilla is in for a shocker when he sees Velasco’s deposition wherein he testified under oath Garcia fabricated the claim and that I in fact never directly communicated with him after he hired Garcia.


I represented a Frank Sharpe who was the whistleblower in the case against State Bar pro bono counsel Darryl Jordon. Darryl Jordon along with Republican judges met with the Dallas Bishop in what is commonly known as the Tower Meeting. They conspired to remove the sitting judge in the case Ann Ashby and replace her with a judge hand picked by Administrative Judge Pat McDowell who would void the $119 million judgment. The story broke because of Frank Sharpe and Pat McDowell lost his job as the administrative judge. After I won a mandamus for Mr. Sharpe after Judge Ashby conspired with the same people who tried to remove her, and the plaintiff’s lawyers to steal some 42 boxes of documents from Mr. Sharpe, I sued the key players who tried to protect these child molesting priests. A judgment would have destroyed the reputation of Darryl Jordon, an attorney representing the State Bar before the US Supreme Court in what was known as the IOLTA litigation.

The State Bar took a complaint which was dismissed as an inquiry and filed it anyway in district court. I was sued on day one, served on day seven, and summary judgment was granted on day 10. They stopped the trial which would have destroyed Darryl Jordon.

I was told in no uncertain terms my career would end if I represented Frank Sharpe. It was like - what does that have to do with allowing these people covering up for these child molesting priests? I known I did the right thing and would do it again. Quintanilla calls my actions in protecting children evidence of lunacy.

Where is Carlos Quintanilla in this mess - defending those who sought to cover-up for the child molesting priests and attacking me for giving up my career to expose these people. What is convicted felon Quintanilla’s interest in protecting child molesting priests? Does he have a side agenda? Or is it a matter he is scum of the earth and will endorse the abusive conduct of anyone even if it is the molesting of children if that helps him to promote his cons.

One of the key documents Frank Sharpe had against Dallas Diocese was the memo alleging a particular priest had an affinity for Latino boys. We stopped the transfer of this priest to a predominately Latino parish. This is the type conduct in my life Quintanilla calls worthless. Why is convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla so mad at me for going after child molesters? Only he can answer that question.



Anonymous said...

Uneducated, obviously mal-read or has not read anything even akin to the National Enquirer, a total goof, yet there she is,in the limelight. It's like her dream has come true.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, Why do you think, in your professional opinion, Presas-Garcia is teaming up with Quintanilla? People in Brownsville BEWARD of these two people.......................