Tuesday, December 28, 2010


I posted this in April before the TSC election - "As to the TSC election, no candidate has called for Juliet Garcia’s ousting, no candidate has called for suing UT over the breached partnership agreement, no candidate has called for restoring TSC tuition levels to what should be the lowest in the state, no candidate has called for the end of construction projects at the expense of the local taxpayers."


The same bullshit happened in the BISD election - the PAC candidates never answered any questions or honestly addressed any of the issues. They just attacked the incumbent with lies and deception, while never addressing the key issues.

I forget which TSC candidate claimed he was going to use his engineering education as an asset to help with the construction of UTB, but I noted he was being honest. I also noted that although he was being painted as anti-Juliet Garcia - he in fact was in support of her policies. How can you be for ending the spending and increasing fees when you support more construction? You cannot - but the hate for Juliet Garcia was enough for the people to ignore the plain words of an honest politician and believe he was saying something other than what he was saying.

A dislike for someone is not enough to assume a particular candidate is going to do what is right.

The current Board has killed TSC - it is time to face reality. This Board is not going to sue UTB for racial discrimination or recovery of the $10 million owed to the taxpayers. This Board is negotiating an agreement which serves the political and financial ambitions of this Board.

I fully support the selling of TSC to UTB and restarting TSC at old Amigo Land mall. Houston Community College has courses on the campuses of the high schools - or at least they did during the three years I taught at Houston Community College.

I have penned several times that the way you teach government at a community college is not how you teach it at a university. These two distinct institutions can never be merged. Independent of the fact the instructional process is different, you cannot have a university wherein the freshman and sophomore tuition are significantly lower than tuition of the regular university courses.


I have said this many times, and to no one's surprise the racist LINO and convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla has attacked me for it, it is time to sue UT for the racially discriminatory policy created by Juliet Garcia and UT.

Sometimes a lawsuit is not about whether or not you can win on the legal issue - it is about sending a message. A taxpayer lawsuit, since we now know the TSC board will not do its job, filed against UT in Austin alleging racial discrimination and seeking recovery of the $10 million will embarrass UT. The injury to its national reputation will be significant enough that Juliet Garcia will be fired immediately along with key officials at UT.

The lawsuit must include a claim to end TSC taxing authority on the allegation that UT has stolen the campus along with all the assets. The lawsuit must seek compensation for the assets.


The lawyers in Brownsville suck - not a one would ever take up such a community lawsuit - that would require virtue - and as we know it does not exist in Brownsville. If you think the great Tony Martinez would ever speak out on the issue and support the people and children you are wrong. His son may be a priest but the concept of virtue still eludes him. His firm has the ability to bring such a lawsuit, but it will not. It does not serve his political ambitions.  Translation, the the needs of the people are never served within the realm of political ambition.


We have no choice - we just have to take it - we will be taxed - we will pay - we will bitch - and then we will vote for people not based on what they are really saying, but on a lie which goes like this "you hate so and so and so do I so vote for me." "The Eternal Play of Brownsville."


Anonymous said...

The slash and burn comment about UTB-TSC reflect continued ignorance and impatience from this community. Since Juliet has transfered everything (faculty, staff, administration and facilities) to UTB, the new board of trustees needs to take some time to sort out the future of TSC and UTB. It seems that the TSC board should hold Juliet's feet to the fire before they fire her. If they fire her, she will be UT Systems greates advocate in Brownsville. The new board has been in place for about 7 months and they have taken the right direction. The infestation inflicted upon the community by previous TSC trustees, to include David Oliviera, Dr. Robles and Dr. Lozano...who continue to kiss Juliet's ass and carry her polluted water on the board. Throwing up our hands and calling in Houston Community College is a surrender. We need to fight for this communities college...TSC.

BobbyWC said...

I agree we need to fight - you missed understood my comment on Houston - all I was saying is, a new TSC could use BISD high school classrooms for some night classes.

My problem is you seem to believe that the two can coexist together - they cannot - there can never be a community college in partnership with a university - never - it cannot work

so if you support a community college you support a complete divorce from UT - if you do not support the divorce you do not support a community college

Bobby WC