Tuesday, December 14, 2010


BV will be back tomorrow with a post on BISD's Special Services.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it seems so hopeless, to appeal to the reasonable, objective side of humanity. But, I'm glad Brownsville Voice keeps on trying. Not judging whether you are right or wrong, but grateful for the discussion.

Anonymous said...

In order to know if Brownsville Voice appeals to all the citizens they would need to have the same acess to it as they do to the local newspaper.

BobbyWC said...

"grateful for the discussion" is my measure of success - I have said a thousand times this is my goal.

I have worked out the plan for a one month advertising plan at a cost of $3,500.00 My only question is do I do it.

Right now I can tell you I am tired. We know the problem - but the VA will not treat it - well known medical institutes disagree with VA policy - I am waiting on a voucher to see a private specialist - if the specialist agrees to treat the VA will pay for it - it is not a cost factor - the medicine is actually cheap - it just requires monthly blood work for toxic poisoning.

Anyway I am thinking about it - financially I am okay, but the idea of using retirement money to pay for the campaign seems stupid - I do work but not much - fortunately my rate is high enough that on a couple of hours a week I can live comfortably.

We shall see

But for now - all it takes is for people to email around my blog -

smart people know the difference between garbage and critical commentary mixed with facts and documents

It is up to the people

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

The idea is good but not with retirement money.

Anonymous said...

The new board may not want to hire retired staff. A newly hired counselor at Garza approved by the old board may have been fired by the new board. Never mind BISD is in dire need of counselors.

Also, the new board may have also fired a newly hired assistant principal at Lopez who had previously retired who was also approved by the old board.

Does the district have some kind of probationary policy that allows it to fire someone within a certain time period without cause?

If so, can we apply that to the board president? LOL!

Anonymous said...

The new Board has not fired anyone, it should though and it should beging with Springston, fuller and Susan Fox and for Bobby we should throw in kathleen Jimenez.

BobbyWC said...

people should be fired for one reason and one reason only - on the merits - I know of nothing related to Fuller or Fox which merits their discharge - endless bogus accusations which never include evidence is not a basis to fire either of these people.

The use of human resources for political purposes is the norm at BISD - Lehmann used it as a weapon to get what he wanted - Saldana was a very willing participant in working with Lehmann

I want it stopped - but to simply get rid of Fox so that the 4 have their own lemming to run the show is not an option.

If evidence of wrongdoing comes out - not mere allegations - I will be the first to call for their discharge

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, you know that the new board majority does not act on facts of wrong doing, they merely act on allegations. They do not appear to be too concern with how the Majority of BISD employees feel. So Sad!!!!!!!!!!!

BobbyWC said...

I have agreed to not discuss a lot of what I am learning - well not yet at least

Administrators have been to the TEA with concerns - there is real fear of a blood bath -

beyond that I cannot speak to the issue - we just have to see what happens.

I will say this if the administrators who are talking to me are being honest, given a choice they would remove Presas-Garcia from the building for good -
The Herald will not be able to keep the rebellion covered up much longer

I will tell you what I am telling everyone who calls me - get 5 pepole together with specifics and march over the NBC 23 - it is going to happen and the three board members refusing to go public will be judged for their silence

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby, you know that Mrs. Presas-Garcia is blogging on your blog. Pretty cool that you can get her to state her plan of action here on your blog. Interesting, to say the least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank god she is not teaching any kids at Bisd!!!