Monday, December 27, 2010


Approximately 25% of all new HIV cases are women. Latinas are 5x more likely to contract HIV than non-Hispanic white women. I will get into the factors. The most neglectful person on this issue in Brownsville is Rose Gowen. I will not use the title doctor in her name because nothing in her conduct on the city commission indicates she is a doctor.

When she announced for office she said she would bring more medical care to Brownsville. I called her on the mat on the issue because as a city commissioner there is nothing she can do to bring more medical care or improve medical care in Brownsville - BUT SHE CAN EDUCATE

The problem in Brownsville is not simply HIV, it is hepatitis c, and cervical and anal cancer, among women, of which both are caused by the same virus. Then there are the disabilities caused to their children because they had or contracted an STD while pregnant.

Where is Rose Gowen using her position as a city commissioner to empower and educate Latina women on this issue - hiding in the closet - too afraid the issue could hurt her political ambitions.


Brownsville at some level is an incredibly sexually repressed city. Well educated people do not know the difference between intimacy and raw sex. Women, sometimes because of poverty or simply low self esteem use sex as a commercial enterprise. It blows my mind how many women I have met in Brownsville who work their clients during the day while the boyfriend or sap hubby works. Everything has a price - with and without a condom.

Some women are so desperate to be touched, they confuse raw sex with intimacy. The practice only leads to more sexual partners who will never provide them the intimacy they want.

I am a firm believer that by 7th grade the boys should have to sit and examine colored pictures of male genitalia covered in STD’s. They should have to do it whether the parent agrees or not, and do it several times a year until they graduate.

Boys and girls should have to attend numerous lectures at each grade level with specific instruction on the emotional damage done by having many sexual partners for the sole purpose of raw sex. They need to be told the difference between loving someone, and falling in love with the sex, only to learn weeks later they guy only wants to abuse them.

Men are also victims of sexual emotional abuse. In many ways they are more likely to pursue a bad relationship based on confusing love for the sex with love for the person. I know a married man who has at least 10 women on his list he pays for a quicky while he is suppose to be a work. There is nothing wrong with sex, except when it becomes a dangerous addiction.


I know parents do not want to hear this, but your sons and daughters really no longer see things in terms of gay and straight. Culturally, among the under 30 crowd it is a non-issue. But for sure among the under 25 crowd sexual orientation is becoming blurred. On any major campus seemingly straight young men are hooking up with each other for raw sex. They have no hangups over sexual orientation so it means nothing to them to have sex with a gay man or another straight man.

A big problem here is the confusion between sexual relations and sexual orientation.  One has nothing to do with the other.  Many straight men enjoy certain sexual acts which you would think are reserved for gay men.  The sexual act is a consequence of the individual's desires and not sexual orientation.  Straight men assume that because they want their wife you explore their anus it means they are gay - no wrong - one has nothing to do with the other.  There are gay men who will never allow another man anywhere near their anus.

Homosexuality is about intimacy with a member of the same gender and not any given sexual act.  Bisexuality is about being able to be intimate with members of both genders, which includes sexual acts.  Sex in the gay community is no different than in the straight community.  The gambit runs from only being interested in spooning, to doing eveything imaginable under the sun, and the some.  Every straight man out there knows he has met women who only want to spoon.  He also knows he has met women who scare him because they want everything done to them and they want to do everything under the sun to him.

All of these myths about sexuality, intimacy, and raw sex are major contributors to the spread of STD's, and divorce.  I always tell married men looking to explore sex with men - ask your wife if she will explore your desires with you.  You may find she has been wanting to do for you things you thought only a man could do.

This is part of the problem - some of these men are HIV +. The women know what is happening and do not care. They think their straight boy friend is just having a good time so she does not have to be bothered more than a couple of times a week. The problem is, he may actually be bisexual and having unprotected sex with another guy who is HIV+. Or, he may just be a straight guy who enjoys sex without the hangup of whether his partner is a man or a woman.

A friend of mine as one of many hired interviewers just helped with a study done by Texas A.M. to learn the sexual practices among young gays, bisexuals, and transgenders in Dallas. He was blown away to learn that they are not using condoms. When asked why, he is hearing things like - “oh the new medicines keep you from dying,” “only weird people use condoms.” Remember these young kids are going back and forth between men and women.

You then bring this scenario to a sexually repressed place like Brownsville and you have an explosion of STD’s. At the old World gym sex in the stream room was happening all too often. On numerous occasions I left the gym without a shower or steam because of what was happening in the steam room. I would be late for meetings and appointments as I ran home to shower. I knew one guy who would show pictures of his wife and kids around the locker room. I thought it was just a show he uses to cover for the fact he is gay - until one of many nights I saw him at the movies with his wife and three kids, and other places.

In Brownsville the Latina women have no idea that their husbands are hooking up on line for their lunch break. If Brownsville had a bath house it would be packed with married men. Culturally, until Brownsville has a responsible approach to accepting homosexuality, bisexuality, and the growing forms of transgender, HIV and other STDs will remain a growing issue among Latinas.

Unfortunately for Brownsville no elected official cares enough about the epidemic to use their elected office as a bully pulpit to empower women into a healthier life. It is not a safe issue - and inasmuch as there is no virtue in Brownsville politics we cannot expect any leadership on this issue any time soon.


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Sad but true!!

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Bobby do you believe in revitalizing downtown? Is it realistic? What would it take?