Wednesday, December 1, 2010



Like I said a sitting judge leaving the bench for an interim job makes no sense unless a back door deal has been made to have the interim attorney hired by the real firm you want the job to go to.

The name raised was Judge Elia Cornejo-Lopez - we begin with a rumor which makes no sense, then we have the claim she is in Rick Zayas' back pocket, then we have the claim she is attacking Rick Zayas's cousin - get it - BS at its best. The entire anony post to several blogs may have been as a distraction. I am certain that Aguilar, Colunga, and Pena will keep the people informed of any back door deals by Escobedo and Presas-Garcia.


This is the game plan - Escobedo and Presas-Garcia want to use your tax dollars to pay off Rendon and Juarez. BISD has insurance. Why use taxpayers dollars to settle the lawsuits when right now they are costing the taxpayers nothing? - they are political payoffs - plain and simple.

BISD has zero exposure in these lawsuits. They are covered by insurance. In fact the law protects BISD if a jury awards more than the amount covered by insurance. It is called the Stowers Doctrine. The law is pretty black and white on this issue - if Rendon and Juarez present properly written settlement offers to the insurance company within the policy limits and the insurance company rejects the offer, they become 100% liable for the entire judgment.

So if BISD has zero financial exposure, why use taxpayers money to pay off these political hacks of Escobedo, Presas-Garcia and yes Longoria? - the issue of Saavedra is unclear. There is no reason.

It is reckless for any elected official to recommend taxpayer money be used to pay off political allies when in fact the public entity has zero exposure. If we were in any city other than Brownsville the newspaper would be taking the lead on this out right theft of public dollars. Unfortunately we have Daniel Cavasos at the Herald leading the battle cry for the theft of tax dollars.

If Escobedo and Presas-Garcia are allowed to continue down this path, services will be cut to students and teachers will not see a raise any time soon.

How do they justify spending taxpayers dollars to settle lawsuits covered by insurance at the same time they tell teachers - sorry no raises - "these failed and incompetent former employees need the money which should go towards your raises."

To the special needs children neglected under Art Rendon, Caty Presas-Garcia and Enrique Escobedo say "fuck you - it is your fault Art Rendon is out of a job - we are going to use the money which should go to you the special needs children to compensate Art Rendon for you causing him to lose his job."

People - the picture depicts BISD's future - Longoria is a lost cause - but Saavedra - continue down this path of supporting Presas-Garcia as the Board president and you will be held accountable by the voters, if not by he Department of Justice.


BobbyWC said...

I am holding posts which I do not believe to be posted for the intent of getting to the truth - but I will say this - If I find any board member has engaged in back door dealings as to who is hired as the interim counsel _ I will denounce it - I will not tolerate back door deals regardless of the source.

My sources are telling me what is in these posts - all of which were posted by the same person - which makes it suspect - is false - it is a distraction - but I will say this - I will openly denounce any back door dealing by anyone - these things must be done in the open

if the person hired does not have clear experience in education and special needs - I will not be polite in my post and call anyone voting for such a person as engaging in reckless conduct

Anonymous said...

fyi Minerva Pena, Aguilar and Colunga are pushing Elia Cornejo.

BobbyWC said...

This is total bs being poushed by Escobedo and Presas-garcia junky friends - the meeting is over - she was not even on the list of law firms seeking the job, and would not have met the qualifications - these stupid posts tell me how desperate escobedo and Presas-garcia are

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Judge Cornejo-Lopez did applied for the postion as posted...

Anonymous said...

Presas-Garcia looks to be 0-3 when it comes to hiring a new attorney.

Couldn't get the dog to hunt at her very first meeting, second time was the 1st special meet which fizzled, and now tonight's meet was a non-starter.

Pena made a good point that all that info seems to have been kept from the board members until just before the meeting.

And who were the other four firms that Presas-Garcia deemed unworthy?

And why were kept from the other board members?

This keeps getting better and better.