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Be safe, no drinking and driving and remember, the police will be out in force tonight to protect you - show them the respect they deserve.


Thursday, December 30, 2010



A reader has just informed me of the following:

FIRST MEETING JAN 3, 2011 AT 6:30pm at the All Souls' UU church on Paredes Line across from Oyster Bar and next to Lone Star Bank. 

If you are a parent with a gay or lesbian or transgender or transsexual or hermaphrodite child I strongly recommend you attend.  I can tell you with 100% certainty that you will have a healthier and happier child if you become part of this group. 

I have been asleep most of the day with my fatigue only to wake up to this email from a reader.  A very,  very heart warmed thank you to the reader for allowing me to get this information out.

I started to think about this - and I realized my association with PFLAG goes back to before Clinton was elected the first time.  I was at the first meeting for the FTW chapter and while speaking I warned them for tax purposes they needed to stay on focus with their mission.   I warned them to stay out of the presidential election. 

Sandy who later went on to die of colon cancer, was one of the original Dallas organizers I worked with who then set up the FTW chapter.  She walked out of the room when I made the following comment.

"Politics can get this group in trouble with the IRS, but beyond that do not be duped by implied promises made by Bill Clinton on the issue of gay rights, and in particular gays in the military.  He is misleading you.  If you want the prohibition rescinded then vote for George Bush I. "  You see we knew Cheney's daughter was a lesbian, and the Department of Defense spokesperson Pete Williams was a long time gay  friend of the Cheney family, and had in fact worked for Dick Cheney back when he was a congressman.  We had a commitment the ban would be lifted.

At the time I had been  doing a number of national tv shows and appearances on the issue of gays in the military.  In fact on a DFW talk show I debated US Congressman Joe Barton on the issue.  Joe was determined to believe we were going to force sex on everyone.  When I asked him why it is an issue for two men to have sex in the barracks, but it was okay the endless nights I slept in the hallway because my roommate had a whore in the room - the satellite feed came to a convenient end.  I met his brother several years later who had become a judge.  He was one of the most honorable judges I had ever met.  He, unlike so many others, earned the title.  I was in a difficult case so he agreed to oversee 8 depositions on a Saturday in his courtroom.  Without the other side being allowed to play games I did 8 depositions in just under 8 hours.  The case settled the following Monday of $25,000.00 .  This is the case the State Bar declared to be frivilous.  US Congressman Joe Barton's brother did not see it as frivilous.

Okay, back to the story -

People do not realize there were two, but now only one, anti-gay federal laws in this country.  Both were proposed and signed into law by Bill Clinton.

You see before DADT the ban on gays in the military was via executive order.  This meant Bill Clinton had the legal authority to end the policy with the stroke of a pen.  As Bill Clinton was getting ready to be sworn in I was being interviewed in my home in Arlington by a reporter with Ed Bradley's "Street Stories."  

The reported called Ed Bradley in the middle of the interview and told him I was a bad interview because I was claiming Colin Powell would openly oppose the lifting of the ban and Bill Clinton would have to cave.  He told Ed that I was too biased to understand that as Chief of Staff Colin Powell would not dare oppose the president.

My piece aired a couple of days after Clinton's swearing in.  It went with my claims Colin Powell would oppose Clinton on the issue.  At that point it was an all out war of words in the press between Clinton and Powell.

It is weird how my long term memory is so detailed, whereas  I cannot tell you who has called me on the phone today - no idea - no memory - LOL.

Anyway years later before Sandy of the FTW PFLAG chapter died, we saw each other at a PFLAG event in Dallas and she walked up to me and apologized  for walking out of the meeting when I told her group that Bill Clinton was not trustworthy on the issue.  By this time we had DADT and DOMA - both of Bill Clinton's anti-gay federal laws.  For me it was water under the bridge.  In politics I learned a long time ago, people will only hear what they want to believe - you cannot make them hear what is being said.

For the record I voted for Bill twice - but I did not vote for him on the gay issue - I knew with 100% certainly Dick Chaney and George Bush were going to lift the ban on gays in the military - that is not how I vote - I truly despised George Bush and how he lead the failure of the Savings and Loans, and Banks with a blind eye in the sky.  Without those failures we would have had a balanced budget.  Further he was way too in bed with the radical right - our future on liberty was scary.


This morning when I saw the Herald had an article on a church accepting gays and lesbians I thought - about time. Guys - no comments on what the Bible says - because the same book which says no to gay sex says stone your disobedient children to death. You do not get to pick and choose which versus you like.

I though this was going to be a heyday for the homophobes to post their comments to the Herald and in effect make Brownsville look homophobic. I can say with 100% confidence with the exception of a handful of closeted gays attacking me, I have not seen any real evidence of homophobia in Brownsville.

I went to opening night of "Broke Back Mountain" in Brownsville. The theater appeared to be sold out. The audience received the film with great respect. I was amazed how many couples were at the movie.

So my hats off to the people of Brownsville for how they appear to be receiving the article. It should shock no one that Carlos Quintanilla continues to support the military's old policy of labeling gay troops with non-specific mental illness. He is such a great civil rights leader.   What kind of advocate for children supports labelling gay children with a non-specific mental illness?  A con-artist.

Brownsville needs a PFLAG chapter. I did the incorporation and 501c3 paperwork for both the Dallas and Ft Worth Chapters. They proved key to helping children come out of the closet and in educating the local school districts.

I got away from the Dallas PFLAG chapter when they decided to go political - which was not their mission. Their mission was to bring in parents in a non-political environment and educate them in how to receive and help their child.

Side notes - my first civil rights march was in Dallas - it was an anti-Robert Bork rally. The slogan was "One Justice away from an Injustice." The audience was a gay audience organized by the gay community. The lead speaker got up and opened up with this line "if you are anti-abortion you are anti-gay." People started to walk away - the message was clear - you could not be part of the Dallas gay rights movement if you did not support abortion. That one little line divided and hurt the gay rights movement in Dallas for years. This is why organizations like PFLAG need to be apolitical.

I am more than willing to help any two parents incorporate and obtain the 501c3 needed for the local chapter. In fact I can tell you, things have changed since the Dallas chapter was formed. The national organization is providing a lot more help than in the old days. It would not surprise me if they have standard forms at this time to help parents organize their local chapter.

Parents - your 14 year old son or daughter needs to hear you say - "sex does not make you gay - it is in your heart. I accept you and will support you. But please - do not confuse sex with being gay. You can be gay and abstain from sex until you meet the right person - the person who will help you build a lasting relationship based on love, commitment and duty."   PFLAG teaches this message to the parents - a message which will make for a happier and healthier child.  the reality is, every parent should be teaching this message to all of their  children.


The hardest part of blogging is dealing with all of the false claims. Here is one I believe to be false - you see I do not have to be on the inside to look for indicators a claim is false - you can look to known facts.

The claim is Saavedra was promised to be made superintendent if she voted to pay off Rendon, Juarez, Gonzales, and for dismissal of the Healthsmart lawsuit. This would all culminate in the firing of Springston with the board then hiring Saavedra.

The first problem with this bogus plant of a story is - you cannot go from being a board member to being superintendent. You must be off the board for a year. But then of course they did not know about the 30 day out for Walsh Anderson so maybe they did not know about the one year rule.

As the story goes Saavedra went nuts when she learn about the 1 year rule. I do not buy it - beyond that my sources are telling me she does not have the proper certification.  So between the one year rule and the certification issue, I can assume the story is bogus.

The point here is, you can look at external facts to determine an alleged story is bogus. That is what I did and why I never went with the story.

Now the Presas-Garcia/Escobedo rift is real. Escobedo will throw Rendon, Juarez, Lehmann, Gonzales, Presas-Garcia, Longoria and Saavedra under the bus faster than any of them will know what hit them. He is about self preservation and power. Switching sides makes him look good - it makes him look like the hero.

In understanding this rift - Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra left him hanging looking stupid when he proposed Oliveira as interim-counsel. Then at the next meeting Escobedo left the three hanging as he voted for the construction projects.

Escobedo has confirmed the TEA is actively looking at the Board. He knows that Presas-Garcia may be the dumbest person to ever serve on the BISD Board. Week after week she just make things up to use as evidence against Springston when they fire him. She has yet to prove anything. The TEA is well aware of her conduct.

Here is the problem - Springston is already collecting all of the false claims. He will bury BISD in a TEA hearing over his discharge. Escobedo knows this which is why at the all night meeting he kept on intervening to protect Springston from Presas-Garcia and her endless lies.

Escobedo is about power - raw corrupt power. He cut a deal with Springston to get Jimenez hired and he has now cut another deal with Springston.

Escobedo may be incredibly unethical, but he is not stupid - having the TEA reinstate Springston ends his career in politics and back door deals for his brother and other compadres.

Scoundrels are as scoundrels act. Presas-Garcia on camera has created such an obvious bogus conspiracy to make Springston look bad, that the conspiracy has backfired.

What kind of scum ball for personal gains based on retaliation  attacks a hard working Latino man who has successfully managed his department at BISD, namely the director over maintenance? Presas-Garcia and her convicted felon LINO Carlos Quintanilla that's who.  They are prepared to attack and destroy hard working Latinos so they can fire Springston.

I was raised to praise successful Latinos - not destroy them for political gain.

Presas-Garcia is one very very evil person, but then of course her spiritual advisor is a con-artist convicted felon..


With my testosterone level dropping to 155, and a lump on my right testicle, the decision was made for an ultrasound. I will tell you only you can do the examination. The initial doctor I saw did not feel the lump. I do not fault him - it is a challenge.  The best doctor in the world can miss a small lump.

Anxious to get cleared, I immediately went to Valley Baptist to schedule the exam only to learn they are no longer accepting VA vouchers. The VA will not provide a separate written order signed by the doctor, and without it Vally Baptist has decided to turn veterans away. The reality is, everything, save the doctor's signature, they are requesting is in the voucher. It is what happens when paper pushers get in control.

Anyway, Valley Regional was all too willing to accept the voucher. The tech who did the procedure was very professional. I wasn't sure how I felt about a woman doing the procedure, but it was pure medical. I was made to feel very comfortable.

The results are in - it is a cyst. This information will still be helpful next week when I see a local endocrinologist. She will know it is not being caused by testicular cancer. I have multiple hormone deficiencies. This is the source of the disabling fatigue. I am hopeful that she will put me on the testosterone patch. It is not a cure all. If it will help to control the hot flashes and some of the fatigue I will be happy.


Do not panic if you find a lump - I knew upfront that in all likelihood it was a cyst. Apparently by age 50 it is not unusual to have cysts on various internal organs. In fact I have one on my kidney.

Guys, if you do not know how to check yourself - ask your doctor to show you how to do it.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This story is so sad.  It is obvious that Mexico cannot fix this problem alone.  But the other reality is, Mexico will sink into chaos before it asks for international help.  Short of an international force to control Juarez, the city is lost.  I have such great memories of Juarez during my UTEP days - 76-80.  What a sad, sad story.


Here is an interesting fact from the BISD election.

All the numbers added up together - 25,092 voters voted against Escobedo, Longria and Saavedra - 23,945 voters voted for Longoria, Saavedra, and Escobedo. The majority of Brownsville voted against the PAC.

Playing with numbers to mislead people does not take anything more than an idiot who assumes people will not see the flaw.

Today's original post had two purposes - to put the story out there on Rusteberg - which is a real story and
needs to be out there and two to draw out Quintanilla.  Lehmann and Escobedo tried to shut him down.  In fact he has been told to leave.  He has nothing in Dallas.  I know every latino lawyer in Dallas who gets in involved in civil rights and no a one will help him.  He is all too well known as a con-artist.  This is why he is trying to jump start a new organization in Brownsville.

In February he will be in an 8 hour deposition in front of a judge.  This is where today comes into play.  I needed to end his silence - if he speaks he lies.  What I have learned in Chicago is going to amaze people.  He keeps on pushing the lie that the PAC won the election for Escobedo, Longoria and Saavedra by 9,000 votes - lie - this guy is so pathological that he believes no one will check the official returns.

In the case of Saavedra - the super majority voted against her - For Saavedra 6,224 - against Saavedra 10,376.  For Escobedo 8, 660 for Cortez 7,369 - that my dear friends is a win by about 1,300 votes not 9,000.  And last - for Longoria 9,061, for Zayas 7,347. 

No one won by over 9,000 votes - in fact only Longoria passed a total of 9,000.

All the numbers added up together - 25,092 voters voted against Escobedo, Longria and Saavedra - 23,945 voters voted for Longoria, Saavedra, and Escobedo.  The majority of Brownsville voted against the PAC.

Quintanilla lies like it is a moral commandment from god.  He cannot find a lawyer in Dallas or Brownsville to give him the time of day.  He has shot his wad for the last time.

You see people I need to create enough evidence of habitual lying by Quintanilla that the judge will shut down the deposition by claiming it is redundant and the witness has no credibility.

So every so often I will have a post which in part has as its purpose to draw out the liar and get Lehmann back on the phone with him telling him to get out of town.

Position 2 - 4 Year Term BROWNSVILLE ISD
Enrique Escobedo, Jr.  8,660

Ruben Cortez, Jr.         7,369

Position 4 - 4 Year Term BROWNSVILLE ISD

Luci B. Longoria        9,061

Richard "Rick" Zayas 7,347


I went back to his lies to verify something, and  I realized he is still claiming the maintenance department is corrupt.  It was established at the meeting on camera with Presas-Garcia sitting their humiliated forcing to face her lies that the maintenance department comes in under budget even after being tasked to do the job of other departments.  When Presas-Garcia was put to the fire to produce any evidence to support her lies which were designed to justify the firing of Springston she had none.  In fact the Board found itself praising the maintenance department for coming in under budget.

Who is William Rusteberg?

Risk Managers is the web page which has been attacking BISD, calling the audit against Healthsmart wrong, and attacking Gary Looney of Alamo Insurance Group - a San Antonio Company.  Why hide behind a name if you have nothing to fear.  William Rusteberg is Risk 


Bill is an independent insurance agent; he is currently the Employee Benefits Consultant for numerous governmental entities. He has over 34 years of experience in the insurance industry. Bill also holds a license in Risk Management (among others) issued by the Texas Department of Insurance with reciprocal licenses in Illinois, Alabama, Colorado, Florida, Mississippi, and Louisiana."

Is Bill concerned that his clients will not be happy to learn he is attaching BISD for dumping Healthsmart?  If he is so proud of his work, why not identify himself on his web page? - disclose his credentials.   If you search for his name in the search you will find it, but he does not identify himself anywhere as the author or owner of

This is from his blog.

"Looney is BISD’s insurance consultant, hired June 2 for an annual fee of $48,000. He is responsible for analyzing proposals from companies that want to serve as the district’s third party administrator. The TPA oversees the district’s health insurance plan, in an effort to provide the best value to district employees.

BISD’s previous consultant, Lance Pendley, of McGriff, Seibels, and Williams of Texas, in February recommended going out for TPA bids after BISD’s costs increased under HealthSmart. The Aug. 12 meeting at which MAA was named third party administrator was the end result of that process."

You will note even in this post it was in fact Lance Pendley who recommended BISD review its contract with Healthsmart.  This is important because it means Gary Looney had nothing to do with some so called conspiracy against Healthsmart.  Looney was brought in after the fact.

Presas-Garcia has a score to settle and is liable to get BISD sued if she continues down this path of false claims and idiotic investigations.

But what got me going is, my anonymous sources are telling me I need to stay on this investigation about who Presas-Garcia and Escobedo want as the new insurance provider for BISD.  They have someone in mind - but who?  I have been told that if this new company gets the contract a family member of the board is guaranteed a job.  Remember  I gave my readers the name of Oliviera a week  before Escobedo found himself without a second when he tried to hire Oliviera as interim-counsel.

I want to be clear - while Bill Rusteberg puts no identifying information on his web page for, the information is readily available on the web.   I found one entry wherein he complains about security at the Harlingen airport.  If you click on his name it links to 

But the question remains, if he is so proud of his work, particularly against BISD, why not just put his name out there.  Now he does posts documents which are addressed to him, but it still remains unclear that he is

I will follow this name as the BISD story develops.  Something is not right - his stories against BISD are flawed and unprofessional - there is a clear bias.  The questions is, why? - is he simply being petty or does he expect something in return?  Either way anyone who hides their name has something to hide.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A reader asks if this is possible. I say yes - but we have no leadership to make it happen. I have said people need to look at the West End model in Dallas. You begin with a parking garage. Money is cheap right now - I would support a bond issue wherein the city borrows the money needed to build a parking garage. But we cannot go cheap. It should be at least as big as the garage in the West End of Dallas.

Why would I open a piano bar downtown, which I would like to do, if my customers have no place to park? I am not going to ask my customers to walk down side streets which may not be safe.

The situation in Mexico will change soon. Colombia is becoming a tourist country again. It was a long war, but it appears well under control. I would have no problem going to Colombia on business. In fact I would welcome the opportunity.

The weir dam needs to go forward as part of our water policy. In time as things change in Mexico the river will develop.

My anger towards our elected official is their failure to see the greatness in Brownsville. I hate to no end the racists who blame Mexican culture for Brownsville's problems. Corruption in Brownsville began with the Anglo control of the city. The techniques of corruption were taught to local politicians by their Anglo predecessors.

Does this mean I think Anglos are the problem - no - a lack of virtue is the problem and this problem is seen in all races, genders, and political affiliations.

I have pushed this deal with Pan Am because it represents a different time in Brownsville's history. The leaders failed us through their short sightedness. Now, I know enough when all is done Brownsville will not be Pan Am's hub - other than for cargo. In terms of commercial flights the most we can hope for is a flight to Houston or Mexico City. Either of these cities will be their real hub in terms of commercial flights to Latin America. We are not going to have Pan Am flying non-stop from New York for a connection to Lima, Peru, through Brownsville. We are going to have commuter flights to Houston or Mexico City for connection to Lima. Peru and beyond.

Sorry for the diversion - but the point is - Pan Am represents a different time - a time when Brownsville was on the map.

To answer the question originally posed - if this city commission is willing to borrow the money to build a good size parking garage downtown the developers will come. The question is, does Brownsville have the leadership needed to see the need for a parking garage?


I posted this in April before the TSC election - "As to the TSC election, no candidate has called for Juliet Garcia’s ousting, no candidate has called for suing UT over the breached partnership agreement, no candidate has called for restoring TSC tuition levels to what should be the lowest in the state, no candidate has called for the end of construction projects at the expense of the local taxpayers."

The same bullshit happened in the BISD election - the PAC candidates never answered any questions or honestly addressed any of the issues. They just attacked the incumbent with lies and deception, while never addressing the key issues.

I forget which TSC candidate claimed he was going to use his engineering education as an asset to help with the construction of UTB, but I noted he was being honest. I also noted that although he was being painted as anti-Juliet Garcia - he in fact was in support of her policies. How can you be for ending the spending and increasing fees when you support more construction? You cannot - but the hate for Juliet Garcia was enough for the people to ignore the plain words of an honest politician and believe he was saying something other than what he was saying.

A dislike for someone is not enough to assume a particular candidate is going to do what is right.

The current Board has killed TSC - it is time to face reality. This Board is not going to sue UTB for racial discrimination or recovery of the $10 million owed to the taxpayers. This Board is negotiating an agreement which serves the political and financial ambitions of this Board.

I fully support the selling of TSC to UTB and restarting TSC at old Amigo Land mall. Houston Community College has courses on the campuses of the high schools - or at least they did during the three years I taught at Houston Community College.

I have penned several times that the way you teach government at a community college is not how you teach it at a university. These two distinct institutions can never be merged. Independent of the fact the instructional process is different, you cannot have a university wherein the freshman and sophomore tuition are significantly lower than tuition of the regular university courses.


I have said this many times, and to no one's surprise the racist LINO and convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla has attacked me for it, it is time to sue UT for the racially discriminatory policy created by Juliet Garcia and UT.

Sometimes a lawsuit is not about whether or not you can win on the legal issue - it is about sending a message. A taxpayer lawsuit, since we now know the TSC board will not do its job, filed against UT in Austin alleging racial discrimination and seeking recovery of the $10 million will embarrass UT. The injury to its national reputation will be significant enough that Juliet Garcia will be fired immediately along with key officials at UT.

The lawsuit must include a claim to end TSC taxing authority on the allegation that UT has stolen the campus along with all the assets. The lawsuit must seek compensation for the assets.


The lawyers in Brownsville suck - not a one would ever take up such a community lawsuit - that would require virtue - and as we know it does not exist in Brownsville. If you think the great Tony Martinez would ever speak out on the issue and support the people and children you are wrong. His son may be a priest but the concept of virtue still eludes him. His firm has the ability to bring such a lawsuit, but it will not. It does not serve his political ambitions.  Translation, the the needs of the people are never served within the realm of political ambition.


We have no choice - we just have to take it - we will be taxed - we will pay - we will bitch - and then we will vote for people not based on what they are really saying, but on a lie which goes like this "you hate so and so and so do I so vote for me." "The Eternal Play of Brownsville."

Monday, December 27, 2010


Approximately 25% of all new HIV cases are women. Latinas are 5x more likely to contract HIV than non-Hispanic white women. I will get into the factors. The most neglectful person on this issue in Brownsville is Rose Gowen. I will not use the title doctor in her name because nothing in her conduct on the city commission indicates she is a doctor.

When she announced for office she said she would bring more medical care to Brownsville. I called her on the mat on the issue because as a city commissioner there is nothing she can do to bring more medical care or improve medical care in Brownsville - BUT SHE CAN EDUCATE

The problem in Brownsville is not simply HIV, it is hepatitis c, and cervical and anal cancer, among women, of which both are caused by the same virus. Then there are the disabilities caused to their children because they had or contracted an STD while pregnant.

Where is Rose Gowen using her position as a city commissioner to empower and educate Latina women on this issue - hiding in the closet - too afraid the issue could hurt her political ambitions.


Brownsville at some level is an incredibly sexually repressed city. Well educated people do not know the difference between intimacy and raw sex. Women, sometimes because of poverty or simply low self esteem use sex as a commercial enterprise. It blows my mind how many women I have met in Brownsville who work their clients during the day while the boyfriend or sap hubby works. Everything has a price - with and without a condom.

Some women are so desperate to be touched, they confuse raw sex with intimacy. The practice only leads to more sexual partners who will never provide them the intimacy they want.

I am a firm believer that by 7th grade the boys should have to sit and examine colored pictures of male genitalia covered in STD’s. They should have to do it whether the parent agrees or not, and do it several times a year until they graduate.

Boys and girls should have to attend numerous lectures at each grade level with specific instruction on the emotional damage done by having many sexual partners for the sole purpose of raw sex. They need to be told the difference between loving someone, and falling in love with the sex, only to learn weeks later they guy only wants to abuse them.

Men are also victims of sexual emotional abuse. In many ways they are more likely to pursue a bad relationship based on confusing love for the sex with love for the person. I know a married man who has at least 10 women on his list he pays for a quicky while he is suppose to be a work. There is nothing wrong with sex, except when it becomes a dangerous addiction.


I know parents do not want to hear this, but your sons and daughters really no longer see things in terms of gay and straight. Culturally, among the under 30 crowd it is a non-issue. But for sure among the under 25 crowd sexual orientation is becoming blurred. On any major campus seemingly straight young men are hooking up with each other for raw sex. They have no hangups over sexual orientation so it means nothing to them to have sex with a gay man or another straight man.

A big problem here is the confusion between sexual relations and sexual orientation.  One has nothing to do with the other.  Many straight men enjoy certain sexual acts which you would think are reserved for gay men.  The sexual act is a consequence of the individual's desires and not sexual orientation.  Straight men assume that because they want their wife you explore their anus it means they are gay - no wrong - one has nothing to do with the other.  There are gay men who will never allow another man anywhere near their anus.

Homosexuality is about intimacy with a member of the same gender and not any given sexual act.  Bisexuality is about being able to be intimate with members of both genders, which includes sexual acts.  Sex in the gay community is no different than in the straight community.  The gambit runs from only being interested in spooning, to doing eveything imaginable under the sun, and the some.  Every straight man out there knows he has met women who only want to spoon.  He also knows he has met women who scare him because they want everything done to them and they want to do everything under the sun to him.

All of these myths about sexuality, intimacy, and raw sex are major contributors to the spread of STD's, and divorce.  I always tell married men looking to explore sex with men - ask your wife if she will explore your desires with you.  You may find she has been wanting to do for you things you thought only a man could do.

This is part of the problem - some of these men are HIV +. The women know what is happening and do not care. They think their straight boy friend is just having a good time so she does not have to be bothered more than a couple of times a week. The problem is, he may actually be bisexual and having unprotected sex with another guy who is HIV+. Or, he may just be a straight guy who enjoys sex without the hangup of whether his partner is a man or a woman.

A friend of mine as one of many hired interviewers just helped with a study done by Texas A.M. to learn the sexual practices among young gays, bisexuals, and transgenders in Dallas. He was blown away to learn that they are not using condoms. When asked why, he is hearing things like - “oh the new medicines keep you from dying,” “only weird people use condoms.” Remember these young kids are going back and forth between men and women.

You then bring this scenario to a sexually repressed place like Brownsville and you have an explosion of STD’s. At the old World gym sex in the stream room was happening all too often. On numerous occasions I left the gym without a shower or steam because of what was happening in the steam room. I would be late for meetings and appointments as I ran home to shower. I knew one guy who would show pictures of his wife and kids around the locker room. I thought it was just a show he uses to cover for the fact he is gay - until one of many nights I saw him at the movies with his wife and three kids, and other places.

In Brownsville the Latina women have no idea that their husbands are hooking up on line for their lunch break. If Brownsville had a bath house it would be packed with married men. Culturally, until Brownsville has a responsible approach to accepting homosexuality, bisexuality, and the growing forms of transgender, HIV and other STDs will remain a growing issue among Latinas.

Unfortunately for Brownsville no elected official cares enough about the epidemic to use their elected office as a bully pulpit to empower women into a healthier life. It is not a safe issue - and inasmuch as there is no virtue in Brownsville politics we cannot expect any leadership on this issue any time soon.

Friday, December 24, 2010


Joshua is a message, not a man
Joshua is Peace, Compassion, and Love
Joshua is empowerment to be as we were meant to be
Peace, Compassion and Love

May you find the message of Joshua in this holiday season regardless of your faith, cultural background or beliefs. Peace, Compassion and Love can be found in all faiths and in the hearts of all mankind - so let Christmas be a celebration of that which unites the faiths and mankind whether you have a faith or not, and not of a man. It is time Christmas becomes a celebration of faith and mankind - faith which promotes Peace, Love and Compassion - ideals universal among all mankind.

What better gift to Joshua than to celebrate his message. a message which unites all mankind regardless of faith or beliefs.

Happy Holidays from the BV

Thursday, December 23, 2010


As is the tradition at BV, I will post numerous videos which reflect the holiday. The holiday is not about a man, but a message which should transcend all faiths.


the following is a post from who appears to be Commissioner Atkinson - I do not know what frightens me more his ass kissing of Arg Miller and her talibanic junkies, or that he wants to run for BISD Board of Trustees - against whom? Presas-Garcia, Aguilar, Colunga or Pena?

The post is a clear attempt at ass kissing in addition to a reflection of his total lack of knowledge of reality - THERE IS NO MORE MONEY

We have a school board poised to cost the taxpayers upwards of $20 million dollars and Sorry Charlie Atkinson's response is to kiss ass rather than denounce the mess. Like I said their is no virtue in politics - No elected official should excuse lies, deceit or corruption - this simple concept eludes Sorry Charlie Atkinson.


"Arge Millar is not the culprit in this boondoggle of what caused Zayas, Cortez, and my brother-in-law Otis Powers to lose. The simple fact is that no incumbent is safe. People want change and they know if they get the incumbents out then it just might happen. I'm part of the new wave of politician that wants to hold city government, federal government, and state government accountable. Come on Bobby, the federal government allowing DHS agents to surf your web and gather info about a blog post just shows how politics is played. Unless you don't know, even federal agents get political and try to destroy candidates and/or politicians who question their system of doing business. As a former Union President for the federal government, I'm used to be being a target. It's funny how with so much corruption going on along the border they find the time to try to discredit me and try to taint my integrity. I laugh at it all. It's funny that my own government will stoop to the lowest level to attack my right to hold office. Bobby, what is going on with BISD still remains a mystery. The majority isn't what it seems anymore. At the end of the day, good hard working board members will fall back to the middle and do what is right for the children. If not, they will lose their next election. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas. Maybe one day you can write something thanking us for volunteering our time to serve this great city. I don't take or steal from taxpayers. I want what you and everyone else wants, honest politicians working for the common good. I am thinking of leaving the city and running for BISD so I can help teachers and kids. I need to close the gap on BISD and the city working together to make sure children have access to facilities for extracurricular activities. Currently there is not a method of understanding where the schools open up their green areas for the youth to utilize after school. This includes gyms and theatrical buildings. The city and BISD need to come together and provide a method for children to tap into these resources after school is let out. We are so far behind the times."


BobbyWC said...

On the issue of voting incumbents out you are right - that was the mood in the country, county and city - but it is easier when you have liars like Arg Miller buying ads to promote her talibanic mentality - it jades people into making mistakes - is allows for worse government not better - it allowed for three very bad people to hold office

Your comments about BISD show you really have no idea what is happening at BISD, the state or the country-

THERE IS NO MONEY - By the next election after school programs may not exist at all - We are looking at nearly $20 million or more in cuts at the same time this nut job board you refuse to denouce is looking at costing BISD $20 million in dismissed lawsuits, pays outs and debt incurred from future lawsuits.


Wednesday, December 22, 2010


In addition to the CPAP mask I wear at night so I do not stop breathing I wear this. I am cool with it - what is funny is how the marketing team writes it up.

"Tiara Medical Systems has designed a comfortable, easy to use, and effective extra large adjustable chin strap for CPAP patients. A snug and secure design ensures that the patent's chin will be held in place while the patient enjoys a comfortable sleep experience. This attractive CPAP chin strap comes in a muted tan, and is completely adjustable and universal. All the same benefits of Tiara Ruby chin strap, with the convenience of velcro, adjustable straps."

Yes I am sleeping with an oxygen mask and chin strap and my interest in the product is, it is attractive."  Yes, it is an accessory to make me more sexually attractive when I sleep.



"The high court on Wednesday upheld a lower court's ruling dismissing Miller's claims of impropriety in the state's handling of the election and ballots for Murkowski, who waged a longshot write-in campaign after losing her primary to Miller. It found "no remaining issues raised by Miller that prevent this election from being certified."


This federal judge after finding the federal courts had not jurisdiction over the lawsuit issued an injunction nonetheless claiming Miller had submitted significant questions for the state courts.  Now that the state courts have found there are no questions, the activist federal judges gives Miller even more time.

"A federal judge, who had put a hold on certification to give the state courts time to rule on Miller's claims, said he would give Miller 48 hours to plead any outstanding issues to him once the high court had ruled."

Miller has lost at every level and now this federal judicial activist wants Miller to use his court to keep the case going.  If Miller were a Democrat the Teabaggers and Republicans would be yelling judicial activism - but is now their turn to overrule the will of the people so judicial activism is acceptable.

At the end of this post I am including links to a number of articles which addresses this mess. Remarkably both Florida and Illinois have now filed class actions on behalf of their citizens to get their homes back. In the Illinois case what is truly remarkable is a judge was an active participant in the fraud to help the banks wrongfully foreclose on and evict people.

JP Linda Salazar is a major player in the wrongdoing in Cameron County. Constable Sal Cabrera is also a part of the problem. If neither of these public employees are interested in doing their job, then they need to resign and get off the public tit.

One of the most valued rights of any American is in their property rights. We do not need lazy judges unwilling to do their job taking away people’s property without due process of law.

My regular readers know I had to move because the home I was renting was foreclosed on by Wells Fargo. Under the current law the tenant has 90 days to move out after proper notice. I blogged about how hard it was for me to find a place to rent. Mexican nationals were renting everything in sight thereby making the process more difficult. I only found the place I am in because a friend knew the owner. I love where I live - my dogs love the fenced yard over the pen they had at the other house.

My regular readers know that weeks after I moved JP Linda Salazar signed an eviction ordering the tenants out. While I am not named in the order other than current tenant, I was named in the lawsuit. Just weeks earlier she dismissed Wells Fargo lawsuit after they failed to appear and I produced the documents which showed Wells Fargo had not given me the 90 days notice to move out. On that particular day August 9, 2010, I had to stop my packing to attend court. I had signed a lease on August 3, 2010, with my new landlord. Wells Fargo was fully aware of this.


After Wells Fargo received written notice that the house was empty and the electricity was turned off, they filed yet another eviction. The Constable filed with the court a notice that the house was empty and the electricity was turned off. This was given to JP Linda Salazar and Wells Fargo. It was August 24, 2010.

That afternoon knowing full well the house was empty JP Salazar signed an order authorizing alternative service under Rule 742a on me and all other tenants at 4202 Ruben Torres Blvd Ste E, Brownsville, Texas 78526. JP Linda Salazar signed the order without reading it - had she read it she would have realized her incompetent, unprofessional and rude staff put the wrong address on it.

Real quickly, I say this about her staff because they are lazy - court records are public records - I had to make multiple trips to her court because if the clerk assigned to evictions is not in then according to the other clerks the court is shut down. They will not get out of their chair and pull the file. This is a reflection of how Linda Salazar runs her court. It eludes Linda Salazar that she and her staff serve the public - we do not serve them.

In addition to authoring service on the wrong address, the order clearly states that the service must also be done by mail. It was not. The burden of service is on the constable. Nothing was ever mailed to me at the home, or my new home. Wells Fargo had full knowledge of my new home address and the address of the former owner.

This constable decided he was going to serve at an address other than authorized by the court and not mail a copy of the citation to the tenant at the address of the subject home.


JP Linda Salazar would sign her own death warrant and or eviction because she is just signing away without any regard for the law or her professional duties.

Had she looked into the file she would have seen there was no evidence that the constable had complied with her 742a order. She would have seen that the lawyer who filed the eviction committed aggravated perjury by stating Wells Fargo had met the statutory 90 day notice before they could evict a tenant. The lawsuit contained their letter from their lawyer stating I was given notice on July 12, 2010. They sued me twice - July 27, 2010, (just 15 days after the 90 day notice) and August 19, 2010. You will remember I gave them notice on August 3, 2010, that I had signed a lease with my new landlord. Either way the lawsuit was not filed 90 days after I was given notice.

The people rely on competent judges to protect them. JP Linda Salazar is lazy and has no interest in doing her job - namely protecting the people and enforcing the law.

Had she simply read the lawsuit - hell the file - she would have seen the house had long been empty and the constable failed to serve the lawsuit as authorized by the court. She would have seen her incompetent staff put the wrong address on the 742a notice.


Wells Fargo and I have worked it out. Before going public with this I decided I needed to try and meet with her and see if I could get her to listen. This is beyond me - when we have entire states suing the banks to stop the abuses we have a problem. JP Salazar was polite at all times, but unprofessional. Although incredibly polite she had no interest in learning what went wrong and how it is a national crisis. There is no lesson learned. She will continue to wrongfully evict people. She is not going to read the pleadings. She is not going to insure proper service has been done on the defendants.

The banks know this about Linda Salazar - she is their advocate through her laziness. I do not doubt any local attorney looking into the eviction files can make good money by filing wrongful eviction proceedings against the banks and their lawyers.

While entire states are filing class action lawsuits to stop the abuses, Linda Salazar is not interested in learning how to do her job. She is truly a friend of the banks and their lawyers.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010


The BV does not  charge campaigns to announce events or link their web page.  the BV  will be creating a general campaign link for all campaigns.  The BV will reserve the right to deny access to the BV any candidate who intentionally uses lies or misleading claims to injure another candidate - just make the case why you are the best candidate.  If you believe another campaign is putting out false information about you or your campaign and can prove it - I will do a special post calling out the other campaign.

The BV will also give an individual post to any an campaign events you may have. To either post the web link or a campaign event on the BV all the candidate has to do is contact the BV directly. If you cannot access the BV's email just post anony with your email and I will contact you, but not post through your post.


(He says his name is Columbus, and he came to discover us.)  People will believe what they need to believe to get what they think is best for them.  Remember virtue has no place in politics.  I know  I am harping on this virtue thing, but I am hoping if I discuss it enough, people will better begin to see what is really happening in politics.

The most I can tell people is, ask questions.  I has attacked for opposing Pat Almighty - I gave him the name because when he was running for office he was promising the world to everyone.  I blogged about how the economic downturn which was developing made the promises worthless.  It has been four years people since we first saw a decline in bridge revenues.  People did not want to ask the questions and look what happened.

There is a reason why none of the candidates for mayor will answer the questions I am proposing - they fear the answers - or they even have not thought about the problems.  Their goal is power and then self preservation.

Troiani, Longoria, and Atkinson may be the biggest saps in Brownsville at this 11th hour before the  election.  They continue to buy into this nonsense that they must remain silent about what is happening over at BISD because as community leaders they must all get along - even in the face of overt corruption.  Meanwhile those responsible for the corruption at BISD are working with Arg Miller and her talibanic junkies to defeat Troianis, Atkinson, and Longoria.  Chris Davis hates Arge Miller and her clan or talibanic junkies. but now that it serves his agenda on Atkinson he is salivating over how they will attack Atkinson.

At some level politics is not perspective - it is what it is.  Whether or not Imagine Brownsville is good for Brownsville or not, may be perspective - but whether you support it or not is not perspective.  It is not for the politico's perspective to dictate how I feel about Imagine Brownsville. It is for the politico to answer my question - do you support Imagine Brownsville or not?

Back to Troiani, Atkinsoon, and Longoria - to get along they will do nothing about the corruption at BISD.  Their mantra on corruption within other political entities is simple " If we remain silent about them, they will remain silent about us."  Meanwhile the "them" at BISD are working with Arg Miller and her talibanic junkies to destroy the three of them.

Imagine Brownsville has only taken this problem within politics and made it worse.  Imagine Brownsville must be exposed for what it is - a con on the people to extract money from the people as a tool to control the politico into silence even in the face of overt corruption.  Imagine Btrownsville is enforcing this blind faith into the notion that if they all protect one another Brownsville will some how be a better place.

As to Pat Almighty he has already seen in the Herald Daniel Cavasos' willing to allow Arg Miller to point blank lie about his position on PUB money and the budget.  Even with black and white evidence before him as to what is about to happen, this self serving unrighteous man remains silent about the over corruption at BISD.

There is no place for virtue in politics.

Monday, December 20, 2010


There is no place for virtue in politics - just self preservation and corruption. Without virtue the interests of the people are never served. Self preservation is the opposite of virtue - it is dishonorable and cowardly. All politics is dishonorable.

It is true the people are to blame - but the people by themselves will never be enough to bring about meaningful change.  The Press has abandoned its role in preserving the Republic.  It exists  for its own agenda with newsworthiness defined as only that which serves its agenda.

CNN once a powerhouse in news reporting is dying a slow painful death.  One by one its anchors are removed in favor of less news and more nonsense.  This weekend it was announced John Roberts and Tony Harris are toast.  CNN would rather go under than report the news.  Its journalists expect the story to come to them rather than they going out to get it.  Think about it, 24 hours of news which can be summarized in a half-hour.

The people will watch the news and read papers if the news media would simply report the news in an unbiased way -

Officially, I know of no one running for mayor.  There are a lot of rumors.  If anyone has proof of anyone actually announcing for mayor, I will cover it from the perspective of virtue versus self preservation or outright corruption.


Pat Lehmann is known for many things - during the La Pampa affair he said they were a body of 8 and they had to work together - translation - cover-up  for one another to keep the corruption going.  This is the real  con in Imagine Brownsville, because now every politic entity has a duty to cover for the other.  My decision to denounce Pena, Aguilar, and Colunga for refusing to meet their fiduciary duties to the BISD by exposing what is happening has gotten me an earful - It has been made clear to me I do not understand that as Board Members they are taught they must find a way to work together.


No - their duty is to the people and children - not to the Board - under this ignorant philosophy this Board is no different than the Vatican when it decided it must cover for the child molesting priests -

Virtue demands they lead and take the message to the people - Pena, Aguilar, and Colunga are so concerned with self-preservation that they fail to see their actions will form the cornerstone for their removal in 2 years.  Escobedo, Longoria, Presas-Garcia and Saavedra will have already been labeled with a scarlet letter for whoring the district to corruption. 

The story is coming out - but the story will include Pena, Colunga and Aguilar's complacency in the corruption.  You cannot remain silent and then claim you were not a co conspirator.  I get virtue eludes these three - but this is not my problem - it is theirs.


There is a truth behind the Rendon/Colunga mess.  When I make inquiries all people will tell me is to keep digging - the  story is out there.  (Note:  you know Joe - people understand a parent protecting his disabled son - telling the entire story will only help you while destroying those who violated your son's rights.)

The decision to attack Colunga's son was a calculated one by evil people.  I will never fault a parent for protecting their son.  Anyone who would not have done exactly as Colunga  did to protect his son's interest is not much of a parent.  On this issue Colunga is clear in my mind.

The problem is - he is compromised on the issue.  Something happened which caused someone in the BISD to release confidential information to Juan Montoya on the issue.  The reality is, it was probably sent to another party who then gave it to Juan Montoya.  I believe I know who that person is, but cannot publish my views until I have written proof or deposition testimony.  I am told it exists, but they will not give it to me out of fear of retaliation.

The difference between Juan Montoya and people giving for his children is, something I have officially encouraged people to do, we understand you never ever use children as pawns in politics - children are not weapons to destroy politicians because your friend Ben Neece represents a the man. Art Rendon, who failed the special needs children of Brownsville.   But then drinking numbs the pain.

The decision to release that information was a warning to Colunga that he could be destroyed if he did not play along.  There is more to this story than we already know - it is the unknown, which has Colunga compromised.  I will stay on it in hopes that the fear which has people refusing to speak will eventually turn to virtue.


Mark Sossi represents Joe Colunga in the above mess.  A key player in the mess is Ben Neece.  The BV has published two articles which prove Ben Neece has no ethics - he used his position as a judge to try and force Pery Ramirez to use her workers organization to work against Zayas and Cortez.  He used his  position as a judge to protect his friend Juan Montoya, who has been sued by Joe Colunga. 

Ben Neece has represented Art Rendon who oversaw the alleged privileged benefits received by Joe Colunga's disabled son.  It is no great secret that once Art Rendon realized he lost the support of Joe Colunga and the other Board Members as the Director of Special Services, that Joe Colunga found himself under attack for protecting the interests of his disabled son.  Who but the scum of the earth attacks a man for protecting his disabled son?  I cannot even imagine the evil which is Juan Montoya which would allow him to believe this is acceptable.   People drink for a reason - it numbs the pain.

My question is, why did Joe Colunga not call for a civil rights investigation into those at the BISD who disclosed this information on his son? - answer, he is compromised.


Mark Sossi knows Ben Neece is squarely in the middle of the Joe Colunga lawsuit - this is why as the city attorney he has failed to recommend Ben Neece be suspended as a municipal judge while an investigation is conducted into his abuse of office.  In any other city Ben Neece would have been suspended upon Pery Ramirez signing the statement accusing Ben Neece of wrongdoing.

Not in Brownsville - Mark Sossi is serving himself and Joe Colunga while throwing the people of Brownsville and the City Commission under the bus.  This city commission must put on the agenda the hiring of an independent counsel to investigate Ben Neece and Mark Sossi.  We know this will not happen because virtue has no place in politics.

Jim Goza would have resigned before he made himself party to this mess - this is why he was fired - he tried to show virtue and they fired him -

There is no place for virtue in politics - just self preservation and corruption. Without virtue the interests of the people are never served. Self preservation is the opposite of virtue - it is dishonorable and cowardly. All politics is dishonorable

Sunday, December 19, 2010


These were really good - give it a try for something different

Friday, December 17, 2010


Imagine Brownsville is the single greatest threat to Brownsville's future because this million dollar con on the people will be used as a weapon against any mayoral candidate unwilling to denounce the con.     The campaign of thieves, cheats, liars and convicted felons is already in place to use this wedge issue to divide Brownsville into disaster.  

The difference in this election and the BISD election is, if they try and pull this con on Tony Martinez they will feel the wrath of god.  The Herald is not going to play this time.  The Herald knows that they stand to lose their major advertisers over the issue.  Without TV commercials or the Herald the odds are they will go nowhere in their campaign of deception

But it does not change the fact Imagine Brownsville will be the Achilles heel of any candidate who does not distance themselves from Imagine Brownsville.  Imagine Brownsville has done nothing except make money for the con artists running the show.

While I  agree with the concept of Imagine Brownsville, in the end it is bad.  It forces all of the political entities to get along, even in the face of overt corruption by entire entities or key elected officials.  Imagine Brownsville serves two groups - the con artists making the money at Imagine Brownsville, and the most corrupt political entities in Cameron County, and corrupt politicos. 

I hope the mayoral candidates who have the skills and poise to lead Brownsville will put Brownsville first over Imagine Brownsville.  It is time to let that horse die.  But I somehow doubt this will happen.  The candidates supported by the business community will continue to bed down with the con which is Imagine Brownsville, thereby giving the most evil and corrupt forces in Brownsville a legitimate issue which could allow them to win the election.


The weir dam - "oh yea right people are going to sit in an outdoor cafe on the river dodging bullets - idiot."  It is this mentality which keeps Brownsville down.

The weir dam is more than development of downtown - it is development of Brownsville.  New businesses look at a variety of factors before relocating to cities like Brownsville.  On the issue of transportation Brownsville gets an A+ - air cargo, rail, ship cargo, and trucking - but we get an F on educational resources and water.

Brownsville and Cameron county have no water policy.   We are officially in a drought.  Brownsville would be in big trouble had the Spring hurricanes not brought so much water.  A city cannot grow without water.  This in my view should be the number one issue in the mayoral campaign.  What will be Brownsville's water policy?

If years from now developers choose to develop the river front so be it - it will be good for Brownsville - but the dangers in Mexico do not form a basis for Brownsville to not develop a coherent water policy which will take it into the next hundred years.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Homeland Security looked at this post in the BV today.

Centreville, Virginia, United States

Department Of Homeland Security ( [Label IP Address]

I have no idea what it means - it is just interesting and evidence of what bored people do when they have nothing better to do


I love the $5.00 bin at Walmart. I found a 2-pack of Ving Rhames films. "Animal" and "Shooting Gallery" - both were excellent films.

"Animal" was written around the real Willie Lynch speech. He was a slave owner who came up with a method for controlling slaves.

Here is the speech. There is nothing really new here - just the frankness of his words somehow brings home the reality of how easily evil plays people against one another.

"This speech was delivered by Willie Lynch on the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia in 1712. Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies. He was invited to the colony of Virginia in 1712 to teach his methods to slave owners there. The term “lynching” is derived from his last name.

[beginning of the Willie Lynch Letter]


Gentlemen. I greet you here on the bank of the James River in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twelve. First, I shall thank you, the gentlemen of the Colony of Virginia, for bringing me here. I am here to help you solve some of your problems with slaves. Your invitation reached me on my modest plantation in the West Indies, where I have experimented with some of the newest, and still the oldest, methods for control of slaves. Ancient Rome would envy us if my program is implemented. As our boat sailed south on the James River, named for our illustrious King, whose version of the Bible we cherish, I saw enough to know that your problem is not unique. While Rome used cords of wood as crosses for standing human bodies along its highways in great numbers, you are here using the tree and the rope on occasions. I caught the whiff of a dead slave hanging from a tree, a couple miles back. You are not only losing valuable stock by hangings, you are having uprisings, slaves are running away, your crops are sometimes left in the fields too long for maximum profit, you suffer occasional fires, your animals are killed. Gentlemen, you know what your problems are; I do not need to elaborate. I am not here to enumerate your problems, I am here to introduce you to a method of solving them. In my bag here, I HAVE A FULL PROOF METHOD FOR CONTROLLING YOUR BLACK SLAVES. I guarantee every one of you that, if installed correctly, IT WILL CONTROL THE SLAVES FOR AT LEAST 300 HUNDREDS YEARS. My method is simple. Any member of your family or your overseer can use it. I HAVE OUTLINED A NUMBER OF DIFFERENCES AMONG THE SLAVES; AND I TAKE THESE DIFFERENCES AND MAKE THEM BIGGER. I USE FEAR, DISTRUST AND ENVY FOR CONTROL PURPOSES. These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the West Indies and it will work throughout the South. Take this simple little list of differences and think about them. On top of my list is “AGE,” but it’s there only because it starts with an “a.” The second is COLOR” or shade. There is INTELLIGENCE, SIZE, SEX, SIZES OF PLANTATIONS, STATUS on plantations, ATTITUDE of owners, whether the slaves live in the valley, on a hill, East, West, North, South, have fine hair, course hair, or is tall or short. Now that you have a list of differences, I shall give you an outline of action, but before that, I shall assure you that DISTRUST IS STRONGER THAN TRUST AND ENVY STRONGER THAN ADULATION, RESPECT OR ADMIRATION.

The Black slaves after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self-refueling and self-generating for HUNDREDS of years, maybe THOUSANDS. Don’t forget, you must pitch the OLD black male vs. the YOUNG black male, and the YOUNG black male against the OLD black male. You must use the DARK skin slaves vs. the LIGHT skin slaves, and the LIGHT skin slaves vs. the DARK skin slaves. You must use the FEMALE vs. the MALE, and the MALE vs. the FEMALE. You must also have white servants and overseers [who] distrust all Blacks. But it is NECESSARY THAT YOUR SLAVES TRUST AND DEPEND ON US. THEY MUST LOVE, RESPECT AND TRUST ONLY US. Gentlemen, these kits are your keys to control. Use them. Have your wives and children use them, never miss an opportunity. IF USED INTENSELY FOR ONE YEAR, THE SLAVES THEMSELVES WILL REMAIN PERPETUALLY DISTRUSTFUL.

Thank you gentlemen.”

This is reality today in American politics. 

Tomorrow, "Imagine Brownsville."  conned twice - we will be conned 3 times.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Reflection, a mirror without depth
Reflection, the abyss of the soul
Reflection, infinity lost
Reflection, the essence of self


For some nearly four years now I have been pushing the issue of Special Services.  Any board member who tells you they care about this issue is a liar - bold face liar - plain and simple.  When I had the evidence in hand to file a formal complaint against Springston over his mismanagement of Special Services, Escobedo along with Presas-Garcia lead the battle cry to protect his then boss's wife Kathleen Jimenez.  Other board members simply decided opening a door on Kathleen Jimenez could cause problems given the failure of her predecessor, political appointee Art Rendon.  Such was Kathleen Jimenez's appointment - it was political.  In one of his many back door deals Escobedo got his boss's wife the job in exchange for Escobedo voting for Springston as superintendent.  This lesson is lost on the likes of Presas-Garcia, Longoria, and Saavedra - they do not get Escobedo is loyal only to his need for power.

Again every board member blocked my desire to file the complaint.  Not one would respond to my requests on how to formally file a complaint.  Had Presas-Garcia not played her dirty politics on this issue, the new Board would be sitting on a complaint with documents, dates, and disturbing events.  Now with no evidence on the issue, Presas-Garcia chooses to go down a path of outright lies, and deception which is going to get BISD sued.

I do not doubt Art Rendon inherited a nightmare in the same way Kathleen Jimenez inherited a nightmare.  But this does not justify incompetence. 

For years I have talked about how BISD and other school districts give athletes the necessary label to keep them from having to take the regular TAKs.  As we have known for some time BISD is top heavy with the number of students not taking the regular TAK.  Saavedra, who never met a child she did not see as a political pawn, has no interest in the reason or solving the problem - she simply wants to use the disability of the children as a tool to humiliate Springston - as they say evil is as evil does. 

If Saavedra had any sense of connection to the children or their parents she would know Brownsville has a big problem with mental retardation and border line mental retardation with the parents and grandparents of BISD children.  the learning disability rate of these parents and others is very high.  The more I get to know Saavedra I have  come to learn she is the person who simply has no need for humanity.  She has no connection to the problems because her purpose is to dictate what people need instead of listening and observing people in hopes of better identifying the problem with hopes of then finding a solution.

The other night while showing my video of Peru to a friend, his high school son asked if Peru is near Wisconsin.  So much for teaching world geography in high school. 

I suspect, but cannot prove, that one reason for the high level of mental retardation or border level retardation or other learning disabilities among the parents is all of the high level of home births by mid-wives.

I do not doubt a big cause for the high number of students exempt from taking the regular TAKs has to do with falsely labelling athletes so they can still play football, or example.  This is an outright fraud which should get the coaches and teachers fired.

But I am 100% convinced that the major problem is real learning disabilities which in some cases are inherited from the parents, caused during the pregnancy because of poor nutrition or use of alcohol or recreational drugs, and a lack of proper early childhood development.  Until we get a better handle on the disabilities of the parents, we are not going to address the disabilities of the children.

It is pure nonsense and dirty politics at its worst for Saavedra to simply demand she wants the number reduced of children taking one of the various modified TAKs.  If Brownsville for the reasons I mentioned does have a higher number of special needs children than allowed by the state, then Brownsville needs to justify the number and go to the state and federal government and demand more funding - not just remove the children from the rolls.  Yes, I agree some of the children are there for fraudulent reasons - but using those children as political pawns to humiliate Springston at the expense of the children who have real learning  disabilities is evidence of child abuse - assuming a BISD board member as a Board member could be found guilty of child abuse, which they cannot.

Until BISD has a Board, which it does not, a superintendent which it does not, or a director over special services, which it does not, who are going to begin with the question - why are so many BISD children learning disabled, nothing is going to change for these children.  After school help with homework is not going to fix the learning disability or its causes. 

These children all the way through high school need smaller classes and a lot more individual attention.  They need the proper diagnosis of their problems.  They need teaches who understand learning disabilities do not equate to a diminished intelligence. 

BISD needs to find grant money which will allow them to start testing the parents of the children entering 1st grade if the teachers suspect a problem.  I would personally like to see testing for all parents who dropped out of high school.  If we can identify the learning disabilities of the parents, it may be easier to identify them in the child.  It will also allow for the creation of a plan which incorporates the parents' limitations when it comes to being a partner in their child's education.

None of this will happen because Escobedo, Longoria, Presas-Garcia and Saavedra  want to use the special needs children as pawns, and Colunga, Aguilar, and Pena are unware there is a problem, or see a cover-up as a necessary evil to protecting Springston. 

Like I said, there is no place for virtue in politics - just self preservation and corruption

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


BV will be back tomorrow with a post on BISD's Special Services.