Thursday, November 18, 2010



Gary Long of the Herald once again proves that the Herald will not cover BISD based on reality or facts. Pena twice went on record that she changed her vote to abstain on the issue of removal of Walsh Anderson - is it that Gary Long simply has no sense of ethics?

Second why does the article not mention that Presas-Garcia set for Friday at 1 p.m. settlement of the lawsuits? More cover-up by the Herald for sure.

Why does Gary Long not even mention the reason given for releasing Walsh Anderson - the non-compliance issue - which to anyone born alive with a brain was bogus. You cannot fire a vender because BISD administration paid a bill without the Board approval. Daniel Cavasos with his cabin-boy Gary Long in-tow continues with the terror journalism on Brownsville - every lie needed to mislead the people and keep the corruption at BISD covered up.

I also believe on the issue of the lawsuits it was said insurance is paying for the defense up to $50,000.00 so the representation that it was because of Gonzales’ lawsuits is partly false. Also why not tell the readers that Walsh Anderson won and Gonzales lost - again when it comes to Gary Long a lie is always better if he expects to keep his job as Daniel Cavasos' cabin-boy.


Texas is expected to gain between 2-3 new members of the House of Representatives. This redistricting cycle represents the best opportunity for deep south Texas to get its own House District.

The Republicans will control the process. They will feel a legal need to create a Latino district for the one lost to Farenthold. If they keep Farenthold’s district as is, 2012 could see a viable Democrat winning the district back. The best thing to do is to move the district north to more moderate and conservative areas. This means opening Cameron and Hidalgo counties to a new district.

The map on page 7 shows major growth in Cameron and Hidalgo counties.

The other option is, which would be tragic, they move Hinojosas’ district south-east to include Cameron County. If they do this a court challenge under the Voting Rights Act could correct the problem, unless they create a new Latino district elsewhere. This would mean Cameron county does not get a Congressman until 2014.

If you are a Democrat, now is the time to start your campaign. It may seem early but it is not. Hopefully we can find new blood with new ideas to seek office. I will say this, any candidate unwilling to denounce the corruption of the Cameron County Democratic Party should just hang it up now. We are looking for a fresh voice willing to stand up against the corruption.

Today is short - you have done enough reading over the last two days


BobbyWC said...

Thanks for reading - yesterday was my second highest day of readership. Look - I am not in this for money - the BV is a blog which expresses outrage and general opinion over issues important to our community -The Herald has failed our community

It is up to people who believe what the BV is doing to e-mail friends and family and ask them to read the BV.

I have contacted a service to help me find a billboard to advertise the BV. I am willing to spend $2,000 for one month.

If you believe in the BV you need to help to spread the word.


I hate being up this early, but the gabapentin wore off and my body was on fire from the neurapthy caused by the spinal adhesions.

Until the caudal raz tomorrow I will be in bed - the gabapentin puts me to sleep and I just need to keep taking about 800 mg every so many hours. Yesterday was a day spent in bed with lots of burning pain

BobbyWC said...

Another BISD issue - it seems a removal action against Escobedo and Presas-garcia is inevitable at this point - they are going to move forward with using taxpayer money to pay off Rendon and Juarez - Longoria and Saavedra will probably be included - that will be decided in the next day or two after my meeting.

The second any settlement attempt happens I will ask the federal courts to order an investigation and or stay the settlement until the FBI can complete its investigation.

These people are psychotic and nothing I say or do will stop them - these people are sufficiently psychotic that the FBI can look them in the face and say - do it and we will arrest you and they will still do it.

Why? they have the terror journalist Daniel Cavasos running cover for them.

I really want to get my billboard up so that the people can see in clear terms Daniel Cavasos intentional use of the Herald to cover-up the corruption

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Finding a honest, ethical Democrat in Cameron County is like going to a brothel to find a virgin. Cameron County has embraced corruption and the Democratic Party has thrived on that embrace. And, to make things worse, the lawyers of the Democratic Party continue to protect the corruption and the corrupt officials. For the Democratic lawyers of the area, protecting corruption is a "professional courtesy".

Fred Drew said...

I have been hearing little trickles since the last redistricting that a Valley Wide District was in the works that Sen. Lucio could win; in exchange for some support on some issues.
Now that Dad and Son S Ortiz have residence in Cameron County their may be more truth to the rumor.
If the Congressman wins finally he might be unbeatable in a Valley Dist.
Verrry Interesting.