Saturday, November 20, 2010


Note: No recipe Sunday - I just threw out my 3rd blueberry pie - the first was awesome - the next three are all water - I have increased the amount of cornstarch by 3 tablespoons with no luck - I'm done - maybe by late afternoon I will have the sweet potato pie tested


The Herald has the affidavits of the witnesses alleging wrongdoing by Democratic Party Chair Hinojosa. If true they are astounding. There must be a quick investigation of Rodger Ortiz to determine if they are true and correct. Ortiz needs to admit to his role in the abuses or face criminal prosecution if the allegations are determined to be true.

When you read these affidavits you know for sure Villalobos tried to cover the entire think up. He will live with that decision. It was a rush to clear Ortiz and Hinojosa. He is now caught.


In my original post election night or the day after I noted the mail ballots were close enough that an investigation on that issue would not matter. Now I am not so sure.

I think the true number of mail ballots was intentionally withheld from the people to hide mail-ballot fraud. They figured they did not want anyone to investigate to see if the law had been broken. Remember even the Judge in the Pena/Hernandez election contest found the law had been violated, but Villalobos found nothing to investigate. Really? there was enough testimony in that trial to indict at least one politiquera and Villalobos found nothing to investigate.


He now needs to pull all of the mail ballots which favor Wood and compare names to those who violated the law in the Pena/Hernandez case. I am certain this will bring this matter to an end.

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Anonymous said...

Channel 23 covered the recount irregularity claims A couple of days before any other local news outlet picked up on the story. How weird! A giant story of Cameron county dem party violating the election code is broken by the newbie and the other tv stations and newspapers ignore it, at first, at least. It almost seems like a newsmedia conspiracy to protect the local dem party...