Tuesday, November 23, 2010


UPDATE:  I just read the Herald's numbers and it is any one's guess what the final numbers are - the 299 v. 366 appear correct, what appears to be all over the place are the numbers before the recount of Precinct 54 - even with the recount Cascos could be the winner - it is simply any one's guess.

Precinct 54 has Wood up by 67 votes - 299 v. 366. Given yesterday's numbers this would put Wood up by 3 votes. This is not ending soon - with the claims in the affidavits Cascos is certainly entitled to an election contest.

What I have not seen is the final numbers for the mail ballots - remember some mail ballots were originally listed as early voting. I would like to see the difference between Wood and Cascos on the real numbers. It is highly likely that Cascos can pick up at least 4 fraudulent mail ballots. But then is it possible that Wood can pick up at least 4 fraudulent mail-ballots based on the wrongful conduct of Cascos' people.

This may come down to an election contest over mail-ballots - which in the end will make the Democrats the loser as the full extent of this fraud is exposed.

Cavaet - based on everything we know at this time - these numbers may have changed while I am typing this - so do not hold me to anything - hence the graphic


Anonymous said...

Wood isn't up, Bobby. The 299 v. 366 is the same numbers as the midnight tally that showed Wood up by only 5 votes. You would be double counting the same numbers if you say Wood is up by 67. What you do is take the 5 votes margin and you only add in the extra 69 votes that Cascos has bring Cascos to a win by 64 votes.

BobbyWC said...

I think you are right which is why I did the update - I did not realize that the old numbers did not include the 69 - there are so many numbers

Wood clearly did not want to give a final number before camera - I found that odd - but I think you are 100% right

I hope you are because it then brings it to an end - it is time to move forward

again I think you are right - or at least I hope you are right

Bobby WC