Saturday, November 20, 2010



Key to any community's freedom and integrity in politics is the moral character of the publisher and editor of its local newspaper.  Danel Cavasos and Marci Caltabianco are immoral unethical terror journalists who are key players in the corruption which is Brownsville and Cameron County.

In the last week we have seen what happens to a community when its leaders know the publisher and editor of the local newspaper are immoral unethical terror journalists.  Yesterday, in almost an after thought post they told the people that BISD was going to review pending lawsuits.  Where was the back story?  Where was the story that Escobedo and Presas-Garcia were seeking to use taxpayer money to pay off Antonio Juarez and Art Rendon because the insurance company and the lawyer hired by the insurance company were unwilling to settle?  What is the point of the taxpayers paying for insurance if elected officials can simply then use taxpayer money to pay settlements?

Where is today's story about the result?  Where is the story that Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon, and Pat Lehmann orchestrated a million dollar contract for Jaime Escobedo, brother to BISD trustee Enrique Escobedo, whereupon 15 days later Enrique voted to reinstate Art Rendon to BISD?  Where is the story that Escobedo had a duty to recuse himself from the vote, and chose not to?

The Herald allowed a PAC to repeatedly lie in its ads to influence an election. Why? Daniel Cavasos and Marci Caltabiano needed to send a message that our elected officials better do as they are told or else.  This is terror journalism.  Elected officials represent the people and not terror journalists.


It does not end there - This with the country judge's race exists because Hinojosa, Wood, and Villalobos know the Herald cannot be trusted to report the full story.

First Villalobos declares in a faster than a speeding bullet investigation he investigated the office of Roger Ortiz and how the recount was handled, and nothing was to be found.  The local TV stations exposed the story.  Where was the Herald?  No where to be found.

Even today the Herald refuses to report the entire story.  Why did Villalobos call in the Texas Rangers?  Is he hoping Hinojosa will spare him one testicle by not doing the investigation himself?

A first year law student can conduct this investigation, so why call in the Texas Rangers?  Villalobos is sucking up to Hinojosa - plain and simple.

Here is the scoop - the affidavits are quite specific - all Villalobos has to do is look at the ballots and decide if the facts alleged in the affidavits is supported by the ballots.  This can be done in a few hours - yet another cover-up by Villalobos and the Herald is nowhere to be found on the story of Villalobos refusing to that which can be completed in a few hours.  Meanwhile, while we wait 6 months to a year for the Texas Ranges to give a rats ass, guess who gets sworn in as county judge? - Wood.

Villalobos needs to stop this nonsense of trying to be a Congressman.  Cameron county will not get a new district.  A decision has already been made to make the 27th a safer district for the Republicans by putting the northern end of Hinojosas' district in Farenthold's district, and then putting Cameron county in Hinojosa's district.  The deal is done.  [This is not the same Hinojosa of the Cameron county Democrats]


While I am glad the majority of 4 kept Rendon on as the leader, I am not happy with some of the comments by the board.  One of them noted that UTB and TSC is like Siamese twins sharing vital organs - I had been using a similar statement but instead of vital organs I said brain.  You can transplant a liver, but you cannot transplant brain.

UTB without TSC does not exist. The brain is on the TSC side of the twins. It is time the TSC board realize they have total control and sue UT for the $10 million owed to the people of Brownsville and then for equal funding under a claim of racial discrimination.  This board with a little courage can restore TSC while securing a fully funded UT campus.  The only question is, will they blink?  The decision to renew discussions concerns me that they are blinking - this is not leadership - this is being a coward.


Anonymous said...

The other thing that bugs me about all this is trying to figure out when Hinojosa was hired as county elections administrator. I though it was Roger Ortiz but all the information regarding what is going on and what is planned is coming from Hinojosa. Hinojosa and Ortiz are not doing themselfs any favors by allowing Hinojosa to essentially be the spokesperson on this issue. It just makes Ortiz look even more like he takes his orders from Hinojosa. I guess he remembers who hired him. Will he ever tire of being Hinojosa's poodle? Not likely.

Anonymous said...

Base on the data, a new election should be granted. The election has been tainted with no trust. Mr. Ortiz should be fired after Monday.

BobbyWC said...

You may be right, but I first think we need to make sure the vote is not clearly for Cascos - giving wood a second bite at the apple because of irregularities cause in his favor is not justice

but for sure Villalobos does not want to take the 2-3 hours to review the ballots which are part of the affidavits because he fears Cascos will have his finding as a basis to declare victory - which is why he is using the Texas Rangers as a delay tactic

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

2-3 hours? Those ballots would have to be set apart from the rest of the ballots to tell which ballots the affidavits are talking about. There was no paper trail to point the investigators in the right direction they weren't set apart in stark contrast to election law mandates.

Anonymous said...

Check out the 2nd sheet of the Burns Precinct!!! Is this a valid form? Fire Roger, get rid of Hinojosa as Dem. Party Chair, and Villalobos as our DA. They are a discredit to their so-called profession. Wouldn't it be nice if the Texas Rangers find there is really something wrong, including the spineless DA? Ha! Bring in Walker and Travet - the real Texas Rangers!!!