Wednesday, November 10, 2010


From the Herald:

"A statement released today by the UT System, reads "While we were hoping to forge a new relationship that would propel the UT System and TSC into the future as partners, we have come to the conclusion that the current working situation is untenable, and therefore, the UT System will concentrate on advancing higher education in South Texas and at The University of Texas at Brownsville (UTB) without a partnership with TSC."

This sounds like a rebuke of Juliet Garcia. UT came into Brownsville as racially motivated carpetbaggers and robbed us blind. I have spent years writing Latino oriented civil rights groups asking that they write to the Board and demand an end to the racial discrimination in terms of funding.

I have spent endless hours blogging all over Texas and in fact in major newspapers around the country pointing out UT's racial policies against Brownsville.

It sounds to me UT does not like how it is being portrayed and has decided to throw Juliet Garcia under the bus.

It is time TSC sue UT to get the $10 million they owe us while also suing for racial discrimination in funding. I am 100% certain UT does not want the national attention which would come form such a battle.


Anonymous said...

TSC's legal counsel is one of Juliet Garcia's goons. He marches to her orders. There is no way TSC will sue them, it would put Juliet in bad standing with the UT Regents. Juliet has to keep the Regents happy!

I hate to say she is kissing up to them, but she is.

Anonymous said...

Or Juliet, seeing the writing on the wall, had a hand in orchastrating this so she could jump ship to UT where she would be out of reach of the TSC Board of Trustees.