Saturday, November 13, 2010


I wasn't going to go see this movie, but circumstances led me to the mall. Keaton, my dog - ate my glasses. It is funny Keaton is the eater of things she should not eat, and Buster is the digger where she should not dig.

A friend of mine was just getting off of work at the mall so I invited him to the movies while I waited for my glasses.

When I heard about this film I thought "really, Hollywood needs another train movie?"  Well I will tell you, I was surprised - I enjoyed the film.  The story is based on real events.  I somehow do not remember this in the news.

Basically a train worker engages in two mistakes which results in a train being left to run on its own at a high speed.  The goal is for Denzel Washington and his costar to try and stop the train.  I am very surprised how much I enjoyed the story.  You should know I am a train fan - if I had the space I would have an entire room with just my trains.  I have trains - just no place to set them up - some day.

What makes this film different is, it revolves around trains and what trains do, and not some dastardly villain trying to destroy humanity.

I will not tell you what happens - you will have to spend your own nickle - but I enjoyed the film. 

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