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If you saw the BISD Board Meeting tonight, you saw a new hero and protector of the children of the school district. Her name is Minerva Pena.


You can skip down to "The School Board" and avoid my personal stuff - sorry but this has a purpose.

Sorry to do this, but something about me so you know what will happen in the next few days - the VA has told all valley veterans that they cannot be seen by their doctors in San Antonio. I have adhesions on my spine which require a caudal raz procedure every six months or so. In December I was to have 2 procedures. I cannot even get the pain management clinic to take my calls. Valley residents are no longer entitled to services in San Antonio. Harlingen has no pain management doctor.

My doctor who I trust has her walk-in clinic on Thursdays. I will be in Harlingen all day Thursday. If she cannot get SA to take me on an emergency basis, I am getting on a plane to DC and suing the Secretary of the Veterans Administration for an emergency order to compel them to hire a pain management doctor and pay for an emergency procedure or have me transported to SA by plane for the procedure.

I have reached the maximum dosage of the medication they use to control the pain and burning sensations. I am at the point that in the morning I feel like I am in the middle of a stroke. I have had to reduce the medication. This means I am waking up with a sensation of a branding iron on my legs, hips, and arms. I am waiting for my neighbor to call the police thinking I am being murdered the pain is so bad.

Why do I tell you this - because I may be delayed in getting things filed in court to remove the new 4 member majority. I do have a meeting on the issue with someone on Friday. I am looking at hiring a law firm. I will have everything filed with the FBI for sure. That I will do Wednesday. Sorry for the personal stuff - but I do not want anyone thinking I am not working as hard as I can on this mess - I am -

I can assure you I am not working with Zayas or Cortez - they never responded to my emails when I would file complaints for parents - only Presas-Garcia and Pena would take the time to respond. I will tell you we have communicated since Quintanilla filed his lawsuit, but it was always the same - a lot of bogus claims and then a refusal to respond when I asked for evidence. So I am on my own - they no longer have power so Brownsville can go screw themselves as far as they are concerned. I guess they got tired of me asking for evidence of their claims.


More tomorrow but for now here we go - Pena and Colunga abstained on the vote to remove Walsh as their law firm. Pena originally voted yea, but changed her vote upon realizing Presas-Garcia was trying to hide the fact they wanted to hire Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, L.L.P. An independent source is telling me that Roerig is the one who was actually to be hired.  The same source is telling me that Roerig is prepared to recommend settlement on the Juarez, Rendon, and Healthsmart lawsuit.  Roerig needs hire a good criminal defense attorney if my source is  correct.  The FBI will not have a problem securing phone and email records between Escobedo and Oliveira and Roerig.

Pena pushed real hard on this issue of no secret deals.  Escobedo finally played his cards, out of shear frustration. He revealed he had already met with Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, L.L.P.  He then made a motion and then withdrew it.  Saldana kept on egging Escobedo to renew his motion - he knew what he was doing.  Escobedo took the bait and hung himself.  The Board then threw him under the bus and refused to second.  Not even his corruption whore, Presas-Garcia would make herself party to such an open deal of back door dealing and corruption.  They all knew I was taking this Escobedo/ Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, L.L.P., deal to the FBI.  They threw him under the bus.  The FBI is still going to look at the phone records and emails of Longoria, Saavedra, and Presas-Garcia.

Remember I said follow the money - a million dollar contract to Escobedo's brother and then he votes to reinstate Rendon.  A $1,000.00 from Rene Oliviera and he votes to give them the contract, a contract which would have made Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, L.L.P., potentially millions.

Escobedo failed to realize that Walsh has a 30 day out.  He along with Presas-Garcia thinking Roerig, Oliveira & Fisher, L.L.P., would be on board by Wednesday morning set for Friday settlement of the Rendon, Juares and Healthsmart lawsuit. 


Saldana will be the lawyer - he will not recommend settlement - I will have a complete copy of all documents along with Oliviera's pay off to Escobedo on Friday morning.  I am asking the federal court of appeals to investigate Oliveira and Escobedo before they approve anything.  I am asking the State Bar to take action against Oliveira and Roerig.

More tomorrow - there is a lot more - the firing of Walsh was bogus - I will explain tomorrow.  Saldana set Escobedo up by forcing him to  disclose Oliviera's firm - now it is public record and Walsh can sue Oliviera without an allegation he learned it in  executive session.  It was brilliant - Saldana shoved a baseball bat up his arse and all Escobedo did was say "nice." 

I am demanding the FBI immediately secure all emails between Escobedo, Longoria, Saavedra and Presas-Garcia.  These people are stupid and will try and settle these lawsuits without regard it could land them in federal prison.

To be continued . .Wednesday morning


BobbyWC said...

Come on guys - email this around - I am about to hit a new record - just email to a hand full of people - the Herald just released its morning stories - nothing on BISD - this is the only place to get the story.

A nickel to whomever can guess why I used the bear and my close friends call me yogi or bob-oso

Bobby WC

BobbyWC said...

Thanks guys - I just blew through the previous record readership

I have already looked into getting a billboard with nothing more than Brownsvillevoice.com

Brownsville's News Source

I will do it if I can afford it - If I can hit 10,000 readers then I can afford to take non-polical ads and ads from companies without an interest in politics. this will allow me to hire a reporter.

I am not saying I can do this - I have to get the billboard and then spent a few months shooting for 10,000 readers.

I can promise you my motto will be - "do not give a crap where the axe falls."

If I can get the billboard the first post will be about the Herald's Terror Journalism and cover-up of the BISD mess since day one three years ago when it protected Gonzales and Rendon.

I will keep this post for a few weeks with a link to the blog.

Again it is all contingent on me getting a well placed billboard, I can afford.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting by comment in the opening of your article. Pena was brilliant and Saldana displayed such beautiful tactics and professionalism in setting up Escobedo. There is hope for the children of the district.

Saavedra, the community believes in you but you need to open your eyes. Do what is right for the children of the school district.

Anonymous said...

Wait, your' sueing for removal of some of the recently elected trustees? Good, that's what we need, more democracy by legal fiat. I think from now on we can skip the election. I mean, we apparently can't count votes anyway. I suggest that candidates announce for the position they want and do their campaigning as usual. Politiqueras will be okay. Then, on election day, we ask a judge to decide who wins. This will be a much "greener" way to select a candidate, too. No driving to the polls, no printing ballots, no late nights burning electricity while we wait for the results. No thinking involved for most of us.
Or we could just stick with the candidates the people choose (however misguided the "people" are)like a real democracy. Sure, sometimes greedy, unprincipled people will be elected (usually, in my opinion) but nobody ever said democracy was neat and clean and voting in assholes is often the nature of the beast. Then, if their unprincipled and greedy behavior leads to crimminal acts, let the crimminal justice system step in. If convicted, remove them from office.
I can't help but notice that people seem to appreciate democracy more when their candidate wins.

BobbyWC said...

the proof that Escobedo has cut deals with Rendon, Juarez, and Oliviera is solid - you do not wait for someone to rob the bank when you have them on tape admitting they are about to rob the bank.

removal is a harsh remedy - I feel confident I have what I need to remove Escobedo and Presas-Garcia - I believe I have what I need to remove Saavedra and Longoria -

Saavedra and Longoria knew I had the goods on the Oliviera con job and threw escobedo under teh bus - there may be hope for them -

You watch how fast once they have the law firm they want on board how the new majority vote to pay Presas-Garcia's defense in the Joe Rod defamation law suit.

Just how much money should they be allowed to cost the taxpayer before we are allowed to use the remedy created by our State Legistature to remove at least Escobedo and Presas-garcia - give me a number and I may reconsider my position.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

I don't know. How much does democracy cost?

BobbyWC said...

Democracy includes its laws - the law says for this level of public corruption an elected official can be removed from office.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

You would think that she would make a good President but her attitude stinks, she lacks professionalism and integrity. She has a motive and personal agenda. She will not put BISD (students, staff and teachers) first. She will put revenge first.

Anonymous said...

The people saw a display of professionalism and integrity from Minerva Pena at the board meeting last night which we can truly say the other members failed to display in their efforts to bring about their hidden agenda. If anonymous claims that Pena has "a motive and personal agenda." Spell it out. Do not make claims without evidence.

BobbyWC said...

I agree with you 100% abour Minerva - the post above yours is not clear if "she" is Pena or Presas-Garcia

I just hope Longoria and Saavedra saw the light when Presas-Garcia went off on Pena - Although I thought Longoria tried to play some Owellian Double Speak to get Pena to vote to hire an interim firm

Bobby WVC

Anonymous said...

Hey Bobby,

Did you notice that not even Presas-Garcia seconded Escobedo's
motion on Oliveira's Lawfirm. She smelled trouble and pulled back. Remember all night long she was making and seconding motions. Why panic with Escobedo's motion on Oliveira? I believe Escobedo let the cat out of the bag tooooooooooo soon and all his buddies ran scared. I am sure after the meeting they called him and yelled at him. You are right these board members are nuts. I just can not believe a true and blue PHD would follow Presas-Garcia like a puppy and believe everything she has to say. One of two things is happening, either PHD has a debt to pay or she is just not very bright when it comes to common sense. Oh well, only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Bobby good morning. Are you telling us that the Herald reporter lied about the Walsh law firm being fired? It clearly states in the paper that Springston was given 30 days to come up with some new law firms, after a 6-0-1 vote.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Saavedra does not have a PHD she has an ED which is a lot different. Most BISD employees have that as it is designed for educators.