Tuesday, November 23, 2010



If you read what I am about to say in the context of the church and molesting priests you are missing the point.  It is the corruption and inability to get people to look at facts and reality that keeps this problem alive.  The Dallas Morning News to its credit some 9-10 years ago covered extensively the part played by the criminal enterprise known as the State Bar of Texas and its lawyers.  Darryl Jordon was a key player in the Tower Meeting wherein my former client Frank Sharpe as the whistle blower exposed the conspiracy to void the $119 million dollar judgment against the Dallas Diocese. [you can go to DallasNews.com and do an archive search on Tower Meeting.  Several years later Brooks Egerton the reporter did an interview with a journalism magazine maybe at NYU and spoke candidly about how the Editor tried to shut him down as he got too close to very powerful people.]  Did anything change - no - because the people who want to believe it is all lies and the priests are innocent will never allow reality to get in the way.  The majority of parishioners within the Catholic church do not want to hear it or demand the Vatican take responsibility for its cover-up.

This is politics real - no matter what happens in the County Judge race the other side will never believe the results to be honest and fair.  You will not be able to show them evidence - even a guarantee from GOD will not change their minds.  They must believe what they need to believe. 

I do know this, Roger Ortiz messed up big time - was there a  criminal conspiracy, or just a lot of arm twisting and an Elections Administrator too cowardly to stand-up to both sides? I  suspect the latter.  The Herald as is always the case has mislead the people into a frenzy that only the Dems are guilty of wrongdoing - yea not true - but because of my bias against the local Democrats I am inclined to believe they are the more guilty party.  This is not how rational minds decide issues. 

The corruption continues because both sides know they can get their supporters all crazy to believe anything - the only hope for this race and this county is for both sides to sit down and look at all of the ballots and agree on a number which results in a  clear winner. 

The lesson in this post is not molesting priests - the lesson is the inability of the people to deal in reality and  facts and how that inability results in continued abuses. 

Beyond Roger Ortiz messing this election up royally - I know nothing and trust no one - both sides are playing the people for fools, and my bias against the local Democrats is not a basis to form a final opinion one way or the other.

Neither side has acted in a way which shows me they care about true and meaningful transparency.  The election belongs to the people and not the candidates.  All that matters to me is the will of the people wins out - this being Cameron County I suspect what I want is only a pipe dream.


Anonymous said...

Do people really understand the meaning of the two political parties system? Look at Mr. Cascos; one day he is a Democrat running for office. Unsuccessful on Election Day he changes his political party and runs as a Republican. Do the people understand or care if the political parties have a political platform? Local politics in my opinion is in the ugliest stage of corruption and we the voters are to blame for allowing unethical individuals to control it. However, political “Bosses” have always existed and so has corruption. Not to take anything away from the candidates, both Mr. Cascos and Mr. Wood are fine gentlemen who deserve better.

BobbyWC said...

Do fine gentlemen not speak out against their supporters on both sides who are not interested in a just result, but just the result they want?

Neither man has shown an ounce of leadershp in how this has been handled

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Democracy is getting exactly what it deserves. Put up with corruption and you end up with survival of the fittest. Get ready to hire your own Zetas.
From personal experience with both of the candidates, they are both sneaky politicians who hide behind the letter of the law, and exploit voter apathy and ignorance. They care more about the next election than they do for the citizens of this county.