Monday, November 8, 2010



This morning the Supreme Court refused to hear the first appeal related to Healthcare Reform. By all standards the case was premature. Also as to the subject provisions which might face a constitutional question, the appeal is way too premature. There is no urgency because the provisions are not up for implementation.

But facts will never get in the way of ignorance. This morning as I am scanning posts on the issue the ignorant right are posting their comments that the reason is Obama controls the Supreme court - Really - it takes 4 Justices to hear a case - lets see who these Obama puppets are:
Chief Justice John Roberts, Antonin Scalia, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas - all Republicans and solid members of the right - then there is still Republican Kennedy who is a swing vote.

Ignorance is going to kill this country.


Sorola announced that after he and his clan of cowards cost the taxpayers money by forcing the city to hire a law firm to defend the lawsuit related to bonds, he has no money to pay for the law suit. It is all lies and all bullshit. The entire case turned on a brief of no more than 5 pages. The lawyer should have had this ready before the lawsuit was filed. This is not a case involving depositions, or any form of discovery. The case turned on a straight up and down simple question of law. Can the Texas legislature pass a law which weakens the Home Rule Charters? Unless it goes to a constitutional question, my view is the answer is no. I supported this lawsuit.

So why was the lawsuit dropped - because bullshit is bullshit. They ran scared and gave up. They did not have the Herald in a joint enterprise pushing lies and bullshit. It is one thing to play with voters who are easily made into saps, yet another to play an Austin judge. Cowards is why this lawsuit was dropped.

I hope the city pursues its attorneys fees against this group.


It is blowing my mind the comments coming from the White House about the election. Even now they are disconnected. I have commented in the past that Obama is clueless about how his staff has shielded him. They have also taken control of the White House. He has never been more than a front man for his appointees. The reality is he is another Bush II - his staff is running the show. I hope in January a Democrat announces to challenge him in the primaries.

Before the internet I might have understood how a president might be so disconnected and shielded from the people - but with the internet I do not know how this is possible.

The other thing Obama did wrong was to dismiss the Tea Party movement - as I posted here repeatedly on the BISD election - rational minds have nothing to do with how people are thinking or voting. There is an anger which in my mind goes back to years of being lied to by politicians and being made to believe stupid things first becoming mainstream under Reagan.

You cannot have everything and not be taxed. I agree we have to lower spending. I agree we need Draconian budget cuts. But the American people will never agree to this - they will always believe their program can be saved with better government. Yes there is probably several billion dollars of waste every year - but that waste will not balance the budget.

Our problems will not be solved until we find a way to fund government with something other than taxes. As we all know the Republicans will never agree to the government running businesses and making a profit.

In a hundred words or less “we are screwed.” I blame the ignorance of the American people and their willingness to believe whatever supports their ignorance.

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