Sunday, November 14, 2010


Those with authority to fire Roger Ortiz need to meet next week and fire his ass.

Every election cycle it is something - we need an Elections Administrator who is not incompetent.

While I hope the new numbers hold because I think Casco's has proven himself to be less than honorable, I also want an honest and fair result. If Casco has any evidence of wrongdoing in the recount the BV will go with it. The final result must be based on the will of the people - nothing else matters.

I do not see a mail ballot challenge - the numbers were close - 328, 346, favoring Wood. Anyway, the BV will run with any story which shows wrongdoing by anyone. The integrity of our election is always more important than any one candidate.

On that note, I just came from the Knights of Columbus BQ - Ernie and his daughter were shoving food down their throats - while Ruben Pena was serving the people - just an observation and a telling one at that.


Anonymous said...

so u oppossed Cascos, that's why this doesn't make you sick?

BobbyWC said...

can you even read English?

Anonymous said...

As for the famous Mr. Trump, you are fire!!!

Anonymous said...

I too have been unhappy with Mr. Ortiz after waiting all night long for election results for years BUT before you fire someone you should understand what happened. After two marathon days of recounting over 40,000 ballots. After two marathon days of arguing with people on both sides and making calls that sometimes didn't make either side happy. A mistake was made. It was an oversight that will cost the county lots of money and he should be held accountable but I don't think people should be fired for making an innocent mistake. If that were the case no one would be working. He needs more help and better resources to run that office. That's all.

On the other comment on the hernandez's and Ruben Pena. Are you kidding. Have you ever met Ruben Pena? I know how passionate you are about those write in votes and fraud that may be associated with it but don't let that cloud your judgement. Pena never does anything without getting something out of it. Come on Bobby.

H. Melvin said...

(can you even read English?)

Can't spell, that's for sure.

BobbyWC said...

I concede - just because you serve people at a BQ does not mean you do not have alterior motives

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Ortiz didn't just make a single mistake. He made a mistake on election night when the votes were canvased and then he made a mistake during the re-count (if indeed a mistake was made). This is a reflection on the integrity of this election and every election he has supervised in Cameron County. If Wood had not asked for a recount this little mistake would have subverted democracy in Cameron County. Have there been other mistakes that remained uncorrected because no one asked for a recount? I guess we will never know the answer to that. If there was a mistake, that is.
I have found it increasingly hard to stomach voting in this county due to the quality of the candidates and their general lack of honor. I'm thinking it is pointless now to vote, at least until we have a new elections administrator.

Anonymous said...

Hey Melvin, If i mispelled ( misspelled on purposed) is because I want u to think I am an uneducated thug. If u only new. lol

Just T. Seen

Anonymous said...

That is why there is sooooooooooo much voter apathy.

Thre will alwayas be that doubt, unless Roger is removed and someone that knows what needs to be done takes over.

The intgrity of the Voting system will be tainted.

Anonymous said...

Got an idea! Let's get Roger out and elect Bobby! He knows how to do everything just right under the law!