Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The big story is coming - just be patient - before 11 am promise.

I am watching this and the Alaska senate race play out and am amazed we cannot seem to get elections right. The game playing in Alaska is sickening - Miller is prepared to do what ever it takes to subvert the will of the people. We will not tolerate such conduct in Brownsville.


The will of the people is all that matters. If Ortiz cannot get the parties to agree first on how many votes were cast, then all bets are off and one or both parties need to go to court and ask that the court declare no true winner can be determined and therefore a new election is needed. This of course will mean a Cascos' victory. The people will not think twice about blaming Ortiz and Hinojosa for this mess.

If a true count can be determined than all votes need to be accounted for - plain and simple. The parties need to agree which votes count and which do not. The county then needs to incur the cost of yet another recount. When I hear Hinojosa say "only one recount." It sickens me. When I hear Cascos saying "sorry, you cannot count the missing tally sheet because I was already declared the winner." It sickens me. It seems neither side gives a rats ass about the will of the people - there is a shocker.

Cascos should have shown some respect for the law and sued early on for the removal of Wood as County Commissioner once he started his campaign in 2009. Under Texas law this became an automatic resignation. This means Wood has been stealing from the taxpayers since then - this would be a crime. Of course we all know our esteemed DA would block the grand jury from ever considering such action as indicting Wood.

What I would personally like to see is Wood declared the winner and then a grand jury indicting him thereby forcing his resignation and a new election with new faces - from both parties - but I guess that is the coca tea talking.

The true colors of Cascos and Wood will come out as this is played out. Either way I think Cameron county is screwed - dirty politics is its future.


Anonymous said...

What a fiasco! Both men are not to blame for the ineptness of the elections office. I will say that I am sure that Mr. Cascos is refined enough to ethically settle this situation. As I see it, this situation "smells fishy" and the only way it can be resolved is by having another election. Roger Ortiz should have the cost of the new election taken out of his paycheck. Why won't he answer questions? Is he waiting for Hinojosa to dictate what he is to give as an explanation? If there were two pages of totals for the Burns precinct, why were they not stapled and a note made at the bottom of the 1st page that a second page followed. How about having a section on each page that states Page 1 of 2 or so forth? That is too simple for Browsnville politics. How embarrassing!

BobbyWC said...

I basically agree with you about the process - there is no competence - but also - Casco and Wood both need to remove from their respective organizations whomever were in charge of the recounts - If I am to believe the story three people failed to notice the total number of votes did not ad up.

I do not agree that Casco will act ethically - the Herald has him quoted as not giving a rats ass about teh missing sheet and that it should not count - that is not ethics - it is win at all costs.

Every vote must count - if they cannot find all of the votes, which is a pending allegation, then a new election needs to be held - but first Ortiz needs to be fired.

I would also suggest both sides meet with the new election administrator and decide who the votes will be counted and create a process which insures it accuracy. We can be assured this will never happen with Ortiz as the Elections Administrator.

Anonymous said...


There is no way to tell that the missing sheet that turned up in the middle of the night was authentic. None of the recount committee was present to verify the legitimacy of the missing tally sheet and signatures, only the candidates, Democrats celebrating outside who found out hours before anyone else did, and Hinojosa and Hockema. And you are right both sides noticed the discprepencies in the numbers, but votes were being thrown out left and right. These were not being documented in violation of Election Code, nor were they kept separate from the other ballots, also a violation. Numerous violations of the Texas Election Code and these complaints have already been forwarded to the appropriate people. What people should be concerned about is not only the missing tally sheet and why Ortiz staff found it after hours while alone in the building and why they were having contact only with Hinojosa and Hockema. What people should also note is that an additional 252 mail in ballots were added to the recount totals. This was not done at the recount tables. It was done by election staff on their computers. No one could see this til the very end when the numbers didn't make sense. You can verify with the document Roger Ortiz released at 8 pm and the number of mail in ballots that were canvassed before the recount started. The tally table verified this number or came very close to it (off by one, I think). Then these were turned into the elections staff who had the computers turned around, denying access to both sides to see the running tally. It was the inclusion of non-existent ballots (252) that when you tally that with the "missing" unverified tally sheet that gives Wood the win by 5. If you include the missing tally sheet from Burns and exclude the non-existent mail in ballots, Cascos wins this by 29. It normally takes some time to process how bad the numbers were off. While everyone else was gone and the building should have been locked up and tally sheets secured, it was only a certain few that were trying to crunch numbers in the middle of the night. I'm sure much more will surface as an investigation is launched.

BobbyWC said...

I agree that everything should have been locked up once the initial results were released. Ortiz having discovered the problem should have taken no action until the morning when all parties and their representatives appeared.

Again unless everyone can agree on the numbers this election needs to be thrown out - plain and simple - there is nothing more important than the will of the people - unfortunately I know the process - I am 100% convinced that whomever is over the FBI for Brownsville is on someone's payroll - Brownsville is immune from investigation when it comes to the FBI - something is wrong and it needs to be investigated - but no one will - the DA is too busy hiding his junk to do his job - I would say he cannot find it, but "I know better" there is no missing it - so he is hiding it.

The Texas Rangers have a book of excuses the size of the library of Congress for not doing its job - so who is there? No one

Now a citizen's group can sue FBI Director Mueller with a district court mandamus to compel an investigation - but who thinks either of the Democratic federal judges in Brownsville will ever grant such a Petition and expect to see any hopes of a promotion to the federal court of appeals?

They could file it in DC to avoid the near guaranteed corrupt ruling which would come from both of our federal judges.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Bobby, after all this time, why do you insist on calling County Judge Cascos "Casco"? Is this a sly way of insulting him?

If so, stop it, because it makes you appear childish.

BobbyWC said...

It is a typo I just keep on making the same mistake - I will correct it - if I were after Cascos I would not be calling for a new election to fix the problem and saying a new election probably means he wins.

BobbyWC said...

This is a redacted post - the last part did not feel right in terms of bringing in 3rd parties

"Exactly, why were there people with excess to the ballots and the total sheets when the election had already been called by the so-called election administrator? He should have collected all material related to the election and locked it in his office (and probably have a guard stand there overnight). If there was a question, it could have been brought up in the morning - if they could find Ortiz anywhere! Now Benavides, the self-appointed Wood politique- suddenly comes up with the bright idea that she, and the other 2 commissioners should decide who will be judge. who gave her that authority? She and Evelyn walked with Wood like buddy guards throughout the campaign. How do you think her vote will go?"