Thursday, November 11, 2010


All morning I have been debating this morning's post. I thought about a hodgepodge because I want to address some BISD issues, but decided BISD can wait until tomorrow.

This morning while surfing the news programs, I heard Obama tell some military personnel in South Korea that American will take care of them when they get home.  LIAR!

On the very day this country allegedly thanks its veterans, the US government closes the VA hospitals for everything except emergency care.  Veterans wait months for appointments only to have to wait many more months for follow-up.  It is only one day, but the least the VA can do for its veterans is remain open for regular appointments on Veteran's Day.

If you are suicidal or intend to kill someone, the VA's policy is to tell you to hang-up the phone and redial another number.  Yes - you are ready to blow your brains out, and the best the VA can do for you is tell you, you must redial.  I guess it would bankrupt the country if instead of redialing veterans had the option of pressing option 1.

Veterans remain hostage to quacks who because they teach at a medical school are  considered above judgment.  Until the VA ends its relationship with the medical schools quality medical care will not be an option for veterans.  Not all teaching hospitals are bad - some are actually quite good - but the VA has a policy of abandoning its oversight obligations and simply turns everything over to the doctors in training.

Congress and the White House use veterans as political tools.  Ortiz would still be heading back to Washington in January had he not been so consistently contemptuous of veterans.  Every veteran who ever interacted with his office knew - complaints were trashed and never investigated.  You cannot treat people like shit and expect them to reelect you.  If Farenthold understands nothing, he better have a strong - very strong  veterans advocate in place to deal with the VA and veterans issue.   He needs to insure that our new clinic does not become a place where quack medical school instructors take control of our care.

APPLEBEES - has their annual free meal today for veterans with proper ID's 


Anonymous said...

Caty, Luci, and Saavadra sold the souls to Rendon and Lehmann. Mrs. Pena was voted out as president 3 to 4. Escobedo made the motion for Caty and lied to Pena about supporting her. PAC was form since August with Caty, Luci, Escobedo, and Saavadra. This will be the worst board ever at BISD. You can take that to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Tony Juarez, Art Rendon, and Hector Gonzalez will be on the agenda for discussion and action. Just watch and see. Pat Lehmann is in charge.