Monday, November 1, 2010


Convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla working with Escobedo and Lehmann. Lehmann voting contracts to Jamie Escobedo - being in bed with a convicted felon is all the FBI and HUD investigators need to know.

It gets better - Oliveira knowing Escobedo can be bought gives him a $1,000.00 - why?  He is paid by Linebarger to lobby BISD Trustees.  With Escobedo influence peddling is everything.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  Starting at 7 p.m. BV will provide election returns from both the key state wide races, and local which includes Ortiz.  I will return tomorrow with my travels in Peru - tomorrow is the train ride to Machu Picchu.  In the Spring we will do China.


Montoya considers a contract in the amount of $1,057,156.90, orchestrated by Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon, and Pat Lehmann for the benefit of Enrique Escobedo's brother when just 15 days later Enrique voted to reinstate Art Rendon - to be a nothing about nothing.  This is why this photo with Lehmann and Enrique along with their instructor convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla is so important.  These lunatics are so obsessed with themselves it never occurred to them why their picture was being taken at Carino's last  night.  The portfolio on this is real nice.

But Montoya then goes on to say Cortez helping a family member get a summer job is the end of humanity as we know it - now for the record if the latter is true - it was wrong.

Arg Miller quotes the Bible like a child molesting priest quotes the Bible - it makes the shame of her sins go away while breaking Joshua's (aka Jesus) heart on a daily basis.  She knows nothing about Joshua.  She would throw stones at him for not buying her lies.  Her very person is a lie.  In part I believe she dislikes me because when she ran for City Commission I refused to publish her press releases.   She assumed it had to do with malice, because malice is what engulfs her heart.  It was the fact her press releases reflected the inability to form a sentence in the English language.  I did not publish them because I did not want to embarrass her.  This is why I know she did not write the letter she put in her name making false accusations against Mayor Ahumada.  Even claiming the letter as her own was a lie.

Here is a Bible quote  for you Arg - "A false witness will not go unpunished, and he who breathes out lies will not escape."  Proverbs 19:5


According to the press reports - Escobedo was a player in the La Pampa Affair wherein a walking quorum nearly formed at a meeting being financed by a vendor. Otis Powers is the one who reported Escobedo’s conduct to the BISD lawyer.

“I understand that perception is very important. Lets set the record straight: I was never told about the dinner at La Pampa. I called Dr. Enrique Escobedo about a personal matter the evening in question. Dr. Escobedo asked me to come to La Pampa for a few drinks. “

I will publish any claims by Escobedo which contradicts the story in the Herald or Power’s letter.

According to the Herald the La Pampa Affair was about a possible vendor seeking to influence Escobedo, Galvan, and Lehmann on contracts related to the new schools. Escobedo messed up when he invited Powers at the last minute.

“Violations of the act are misdemeanors and can carry jail sentences between one month and six months.

Arthur C. Reyna Jr., a former Democratic state representative and now a lobbyist for a variety of companies, picked up the check for the group.

Reyna was in town representing Vitetta, an architectural firm that specializes in school design.“

When it comes to facts, not pornographic diatribes by a homophobic racist or the lies by a former journalist, between Cortez and Escobedo only one has been caught taking something from a possible vendor while at a possible illegal meeting with that vendor's representative.  Escobedo is his name - deception is his game.

On this issue I did a grand jury referral which the DA and judge blocked. This in itself is a crime, but who in Cameron county is going to enforce the law? Had a grand jury been allowed to review the facts I am certain indictments would have followed.

For the record and not that facts matter - I defended Presas-Garcia's decision to go to the DA over the Joe Rod case.  If as a Board Member she believed there was criminal conduct she had a duty to report it.  Now let's see if she calls for a criminal investigation against Escobedo and the  contract he got for his brother at the BHA - they are laughing from her to Kingdom Come on that prospect.  

On the specific issue of the La Pampa Affair, which new Board member sought to have the matter investigated? Ruben Cortez - and what was Lehmann’s comment to Cortez?

Lehmann made a very telling statement to shut down Cortez when Cortez sought to open the door on the La Pampa affair.

"We are a body corporate, Lehmann said, addressing Cortez directly. We are a team of eight, sir. We work as a team, but this is conspiracy. If you must pass judgment, then we are all guilty, sir."

This cost Lehmann the reelection - according to past posts by Montoya - at least by implication - Zayas stole the election from Lehmann on some 10,000 mail ballots. Montoya made this claim as part of his defense of Ernie Hernandez use of politqueras to steal mail ballots.

At this moment there is only one BISD candidate on the November ballot who has been caught taking a free meal while illegally meeting with a vendor - Enrique Escobedo. There is only one candidate who has been found to have misappropriated BISD campaign money - Enrique Escobedo - The first Board member to use his position to get a friend promoted to a big paying job at the expense of special needs children - Enrique Escobedo.  Now he is no longer friends with the Jimenez family.  If you think he is not going to settle that score you are wrong.

If you use the standards being urged by people opposing Zayas/Cortez, only one candidate is found guilty based on verifiable evidence - namely Enrique Escobedo. I say follow the money -  $1,057,156.90, paid to Jaime Escobedo by Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon, and Pat Lehmann - with a follow-up vote by Enrique Escobedo to reinstate Art Rendon to his position at BISD.

For the record - Antonio Juarez continues to refuse to provide me the names of the three Brownsville Housing Authority board members who did not show up at the October 25th meeting. 

Antonio a word to the wise - now is the time you really go to the FBI and report the abuses of Rendon and Lehmann - but you will not because you are who you are.


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3 of the REAL 'gang of $4'

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The only subject Montoya or McHale handle moderately well is border cultural history. Both truly suck at delivering phony, political propaganda.