Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Most of my brothers and sisters are basically on the same page when it comes to the indigenous people of our lands. We are however aware, to the victor go the spoils of war - sort of - being victorious does not mean being immoral.

We saw this mentality of immorality in how Daniel Cavasos celebrated his terror journalist victory with convicted felon Carlos Quintanilla, Pat Lehmann, Enrique Escobedo, and Caty Presas-Garcia. They each saw the improper use of taxpayer money as a right because they were able to use a terror journalist like Daniel Cavasos to mislead the people. Well it is not.

When a victor uses the victory to justify immoral conduct the victory will be short lived - We saw this last week in Escobedo's and Presas-Garcia's failure in executing what was clearly a criminal conspiracy to use taxpayer money to pay off political debts and in fact a million dollar contract given to Escobedo's brother by Antonio Juarez, Art Rendon,and Pat Lehmann.

This all relates - be patient.

The other day I was reading that Yale University and the government of Peru finally negotiated an end to their dispute over who owns the artifacts taken from Machu Picchu and other Inca ruins. Everything is finally going back to Peru.

I get that in war the victor gets the land - but why do they also get to steal the history and culture of the indigenous people. For the record I do not buy into the notion that the Aztec or Inca were innocent in this war. In both cases the Spaniards won because tribes tired of being dominated by the Aztec and Inca joined forces with the Spaniards to defeat the Aztec and Inca.

My issue is their history and culture. I could never be president because for a variety of reasons I would end all US government relations with the Vatican - hell I would have called for the indictment of the Pope over the child molestation cover-up conspiracy which still goes all the way to the Vatican.

Many people are unaware that within the walls of the Vatican are parts of the Mayan library. The Vatican is, such as is its history, GOD has looked down upon its tyrannical leaders and empowered them to steal and pillage at will with GOD's blessing.

Before I get an earful, the Vatican is not the church, the people are the church. This is not an indictment on the tenets of Catholicism, but an indictment of the Vatican and those within the church who remain silent over this and other acts of immorality.

The history of the Vatican is one of sheer terror on the children of GOD - of judgment - of political corruption - of selling places in heaven in exchange for extreme bloodshed on innocent Muslim women and children, of conquest, slavery and turning a blind eye to the holocaust, of the worst political corruption known to man. If there is an anti-Christ it is the Vatican.

Again this is not a judgment on catholics or an indictment of the tenets of Catholicism. It is an indictment of the Vatican which does not represent its parishioners.

The Vatican will always be seen in this light because it truly believes it defines morality as the so called victor. Somethings are just immoral - such as protecting child molesting priests - or using taxpayer money to settle old political scores.

The Vatican will never save its own soul so long as its walls act as a safe house for everything it has stolen from humanity, including the innocence of children.

The Vatican can begin down its path of redemption by returning to the Mayan people their library and artifacts, while publicly asking for forgiveness for its sins against humanity.

But then the one catholic practice I find most offensive and to be a big part of its endless need for sin, confession, will remain to continue as a weapon of sin against humanity.


Anonymous said...

You know history. You know that most of the wars in history have been fought because of differences in religious beliefs. Believe me; you are not going to win the war against the Vatican no matter how right you may be. Fight the local wars (as stated by BLR). The community will always support you if you fight corruption and the unethical behavior of the greedy politicians.

BobbyWC said...

the use of the vatican was really just to illustrate how people with perceived power seek to define morality to fit their own politics - and it rarely works - hence Escobedo's failure

Of course the issue of the mayan library just gets my goat

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you. However, people may misunderstand your illustration of the use of the Vatican and see it as an attack on their religious believes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe because their religious beliefs need some rethinking? Oh, I'm sorry, Catholics aren't supposed to think for themselfs.
(I whish this sight had spelsheck.)